BLF applauds opening of Zuma Bridge with its interlink from Kosi Bay to Maputo

BLF applauds opening of Zuma Bridge with its interlink from Kosi Bay to Maputo

Black First Land First (BLF) applauds the revolutionary living legacy of President Zuma. Part of this  legacy is President Zuma‘s work in strengthening relations with African countries, including Mozambique, that played a role during the struggles against slavery, apartheid and colonialism. He ensured that South Africa (SA) and Mozambique benefit from their geographical proximity and put effort into growing their historical relationship.

President Zuma’s work – via the Bi-National Commission (BNC) which was in furtherance of bringing Mozambique and SA closer so as to facilitate the development of their relations in all areas of mutual cooperation – is indeed unprecedented of a president post 1994. To this end with his counterpart in Mozambique, a BNC structured and chaired by the two relevant Heads of State, was signed on December 13, 2011, and inaugurated in October 2015. This led to a number bilateral agreements being concluded including a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Transport, Tourism, Communications, Maritime Security Cooperation, and Frequency Bands. As at the end of 2017 there were about 300 South African entities operating in Mozambique in various fields including financial services, retail, hospitality, and energy.

President Zuma’s efforts has again born beautiful fruit via the various MoUs especially on transport. In this context the opening of Africa’s longest suspension bridge stretching from Catembe to Maputo and the new interlinked road which runs between Kosi Bay in KwaZulu Natal and Maputo, is warmly welcomed and applauded. What used to be a four to six hours drive from South Africa to Mozambique has been shortened to a 90 minutes journey via the two roads which interlinks with the great Zuma suspension bridge.

The West as we know via the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) – which furthers the agenda of western imperialism in cahoots with settler white monopoly capital – suspended its programme with Mozambique around 2016. This caused the donors who previously supported the Mozambican state budget to stop their contributions. In this context we are proud of the efforts of the SA government, led by President Zuma, which together with China intervened in furtherance of the mutually beneficial BRICS agenda that was aimed at implementing measures towards economic transformation and developing relations with strategic international partners. Zuma as we experienced was seen to be problematic to white capital in that he was too close to BRICS which poses a serious threat to western dominance over the world. He was subsequently removed from power via a Brazilian like coup and replaced by the imperialist puppet, Cyril Ramaphosa.

We give thanks to President Zuma for his successful efforts in shortening the distance between SA and Mozambique. This is a huge step towards uniting Africa on a program of Radical Economic Transformation (RET) and dissolving the colonial borders. While the Ramaphosa government is hellbent on reversing every revolutionary gain made during the Zuma tenures and to a large extent have succeeded, BLF as the custodians of the Zuma bequeathed baton of RET is determined to continue the struggle including via parliamentary means.


Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)
11 November 2018

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