BLF to represent the landless in AfriForum’s bid to stop land expropriation

Black First Land First (BLF) notes with disdain that AfriForum is approaching the High Court on an urgent basis to stop land expropriation without compensation. Today, AfriForum will be seeking an order from the court “suspending the decision of the Constitutional Review Committee taken on 15 November 2018 to adopt the “Report of the Joint constitutional review committee on the possible review of Section 25 of the Constitution, dated 15 November 2018””.

AfriForum is a criminal racist organisation which wants to stop black people from getting back the land that was stolen by the colonial settlers. The political roadshow on land expropriation was nothing more than a lie to deceive black people into believing that they will get land hence they must vote for the lying African National Congress (ANC) and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in the 2019 general election.

The truth remains that although Ramaphosa’s ANC and Malema’s EFF jointly enjoy two thirds majority in the National Assembly (NA) there is no intention on their part to effect real land expropriation without compensation. Also the content of the ANC-EFF parliamentary motion does not mean the return without compensation of all land to the black majority. It means blacks will get reject, unproductive land while whites retain all the productive land. If the CRC process is ultimately realized into a Bill, it will take at least 410 days for it to be made an Act of Parliament. The ANC and EFF have, through the unnecessary and bogus CRC roadshow, given the racist AfriForum ammunition to fight the landless.

Evidently AfriForum is opposing the political process on land expropriation which is a sham. Together with the ANC and EFF, AfriForum will work hard to ensure there is no land expropriation without compensation for blacks – only more promises in exchange for their votes in 2019 general election.

BLF repeats the call to the landless – if the ANC and EFF, who together hold the overwhelming majority in the NA, do not amend the constitution before the 2019 general election, Do Not Vote For Them! They are betrayers of the landless.

AfriForum, ANC and EFF are colluding to maintain land in the hands of land thieves, while stealing the votes of the landless. BLF will represent the best interests of the landless in this respect.

BLF will in due course apply to be admitted as amicus curiae (a friend of the court) in the matter between AfriForum NPC and The Chairperson of the Joint Constitutional Review Committee of the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa & two others, (Western Cape Division of the High Court, case number 21367/18).



26 November 2018

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