Shut up Rupert, we are coming for our land!

Black First Land First (BLF) will intensify its attack on Johann Rupert, who remains the primary land thief and colonial master.

Rupert is an arrogant, racist, land thief who has built his wealth on apartheid and the enslavement of black people. He was among the thieves who stole R26 billion from the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) at the latter stages of apartheid. Rupert and the Oppenheimers represent 50% of black people’s wealth collectively. Rupert more recently summoned leading bankers and white captains of industry to hatch the plan to remove R500 billion from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in order to collapse the South African economy and force President Zuma to remove Des Van Rooyen as Minister of Finance.

BLF has since its inception worked tirelessly to expose the invisible face of white crime, and today black people know the face of the land thief Rupert. BLF has charged Rupert several times and has taken the land struggle to Rupert’s farms, resulting in him running to the white courts to obtain 10 interdicts.

BLF warns the black majority that the current bid for land expropriation without compensation through parliament is a lie controlled by Rupert, hence he agrees to it. He has instructed Malema and Ramaphosa to manage the process to ensure not a single white owned property is taken.

BLF warns Rupert, in 2019 white capital will have no free ride in parliament, the black army will be there to defend the black majority! Finally, no courts, no parliament, no economic sabotage, fear mongering and buying of politicians will stop us, we are coming for every square metre of stolen land!



05 December 2018

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