Note from the President of BLF on Tlokwe rally comments

1. Its six days since our revolutionary comments on self defence at the #MngxitamaHomecoming rally in Ikageng, Tlokwe.

2. I’m not arrested.

3. Black First Land First (BLF) is not banned by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). We received a letter asking us to refrain from making our self defence remarks. We have written back asking for a meeting.

4. I repeat, BLF is not deregistered from the IEC. Also, there is no process underway to stop BLF from contesting the 2019 general election.

5. Multiple so-called hate speech cases have been opened against us but none has since passed the stage of the appointment of an investigating officer.

6. Again, its now 6 days. I’m not in jail and would not be going there.

7. I remain suspended by Twitter. The period of my suspension expires in two days.

8. Facebook has imposed a ban on me for 30 days.

9. Thousands are joining our movement.

10. The Bambatha Self Defence Unit is at an advanced stage.


Andile Mngxitama
Black First Land First (BLF): President
Cell number: +27 82 678 3200
14 December 2019
Contact details

Black First Land First Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Black First Land First
Twitter: @black1stland1st

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