USA, Germany and UK Hands Off Zuma!

USA, Germany and UK Hands Off Zuma!

Let’s speak straight. United States of America (USA) President Donald Trump, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and British Prime Minister Theresa May want the people’s President Jacob Zuma in jail like they have unjustly locked up President Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva of Brazil.

Zuma like Lula has committed no crime, yet they are both criminalized for wanting Radical Economic Transformation (RET) for their people. The report that the imperial powers – USA, United Kingdom (UK) and Germany – have written to their trusted stooge Ramaphosa to lock up people they consider to be crooks, is a cause for deep concern.

The USA, UK and Germany must not interfere in the internal affairs of South Africa (SA). SA is not their colony. Black First Land First (BLF) knows that Ramaphosa is their poodle and shall run around doing their dirty work. Imperialism is afraid of Zuma, even though he is no longer the SA state president. They fear that President Zuma can still unite the poor and landless for RET.

Imperialism stands to lose too much if RET is implemented. BLF calls on all those who support RET and the African National Congress (ANC) 54th national conference resolutions (NASREC resolutions) to be alert. Imperialism wants to use Ramaphosa to carry out its vendettas against Zuma. This is not speculation. Imperialism wants Zuma out.

What must be done?

Firstly, there is a need to safeguard the RET votes. A vote for Ramaphosa is a vote for imperialism. Only BLF is loyal to RET and has demonstrated its capacity and commitment to defend President Zuma . Therefore, RET forces must agitate for the vote to go to BLF.

BLF shall never sell the RET forces out!

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)
3 February 2019

Black First Land First Email:[email protected]

Zanele Lwana
(Deputy President)
Cell: +27799867225

Lindsay Maasdorp
(National Spokesperson)
Cell: +27 79 915 2957

Brian Tloubatla
(Head of Media & Communications)
Cell: +27 82 216 7664

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