BLF condemns the blatant racism at San Souci Girls School

BLF condemns the blatant racism at San Souci Girls School

Black First Land First (BLF) condemns with the highest contempt the violent assault of a young black girl by a racist white teacher at San Souci Girls School.

BLF is outraged by reports that the student has been preliminary suspended. This is an outrageous travesty and it proves that the school is extremely complicit in the gross racism, dehumanization and violence inflicted on this young girl who is now being denied an education.

In the video that was shared with BLF, the incompetent racist bigot stands over the child and verbally assaults her, then goes further to dehumanize her by violently slapping her. This racist white woman in no way deserves to be called a teacher.

BLF is highly incensed and outraged. The racist settler is heard screaming at the pupil, “you won’t speak that language here”, alluding to the African language, IsiXhosa. This attempt to erase this black child’s cultural identity is a gross human right violation.

BLF further notes the subdued reaction from the students that were present. This can only imply that a racist-abusive environment has been normalized at San Souci Girls School. In 2016, black students protested for weeks calling for the resignation of the principal of San Souci Girls School over racist policies and ill-treatment. It is clear that presently, the children have been conditioned to accept and expect such violence and violations of their bodies.

BLF calls for the complete termination of the teacher in question, the child must immediately be returned to class and the Department of Education must hold the school accountable. BLF will demand a meeting with the school to ensure that they undertake transformation and further apologise to the child and her family for the trauma she experienced.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)

08 February 2019

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