BLF Elections Battle Plan



Dividing Blacks with elections:

We start with a warning! The white system has given black people elections so that we stay divided through unnecessary political contests. This has gotten to a point where black political parties give back political power to land thieves, calling them “better devils”. The white system sponsors political parties – just see the expensive billboards, massive posters and helicopters during election time.

Black people who want real liberation must refuse to be part of a disunity campaign aimed at weakening us. We must use our votes not to compete against each other, but to advance a black agenda. That is why it’s important that Black First Land First (BLF) adopted Radical Economic Transformation (RET) which was adopted by the African National Congress (ANC) in Nasrec but abandoned by the leadership of Cyril Ramaphosa. The ANC has failed us for the past 25 years. What we need is to force the ANC back to blackness through voting for BLF. We shall use that vote not to destroy the ANC but to help liberate it from London and Stellenbosch which has captured it through its current president.

BLF is not in competition with other black people. We are all oppressed by the same enemy, even though some choose to side with the enemy. We say to black people: use your vote to advance black unity. Vote BLF!

What has BLF achieved thus far?

BLF was officially launched in May 2016. Since then, the movement has taken up numerous actions to defend black people against white settler oppressors.

BLF is clear that the most urgent task today is to clarify who the primary enemy of black people is. The ANC’s 1994 rainbow nation project has confused many black people as to who the enemy is. This has led to confusion in the objectives of the struggle. According to BLF, the enemy remains white power which benefits all white people and disadvantages all black people. More concretely, the enemy remains White Monopoly Capital (WMC).

To say the enemy is WMC is still too abstract. That is why BLF has been struggling to make visible the invisible hand of WMC. Part of these struggles includes:

1. Exposing the massive corruption of the Oppenheimer family in parliament.
2. Participation in the Fees Must Fall movement
3. Exposing the agenda of Pravin Gordhan as agent of white monopoly capital.
4. Marching on the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) to demand nationalization of the bank.
5. Exposing apartheid era corruption of R560 billion.
6. Demanding ABSA must pay back the money!
7. Participation in the cleansing of the Cape Town beach – #CliftonShutdown
8. Opening cases against apartheid murderer, FW de Klerk
9. Opening cases against Helen Zille’s pro-colonialism tweets.
10. Land occupations and building communities e.g. Veliview, Ivory Park
11. Marching to President Zuma to demand a commission of inquiry into all corruption!
12. EPWP struggles

To vote for DA is to vote for land thieves

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is unapologetic about being a party of white monopoly capitalists. The leaders of the DA praise both apartheid and colonialism. The father of Tony Leon, who is the founder of the DA, sent Solomon Mahlangu to the gallows.

To vote for the ANC of Ramaphosa is to vote for white monopoly capital

Cyril Ramaphosa was sponsored through unlawful means to be president of the ANC. He was groomed by the Oppenheimer family from a young age. Ramaphosa’s New Dawn is a program of white monopoly capital to entrench its hegemony over the economy. The ultimate plan is to sell off state owned entities through self-created crises.

The blood of the workers of Marikana are still in the hands of Ramaphosa. All they wanted is a living wage. They were given bullets in service of the profits in Lonmin. Ramaphosa has no plan for black people.

To vote for Julius Malema is to vote for Helen Zille

Julius Malema is on record saying that he would give the DA political power again! The DA is pursuing a racist agenda in the metros given to them by the EFF. Alexandra is burning because of the coalition. Furthermore, to vote for EFF is to vote for further corruption, like the one that collapsed VBS bank. An EFF Member of Parliament, Thembinkosi Rawula, has confessed that Malema and the EFF leadership were involved in the corruption that collapsed VBS. He said, “the political overview of Julius Malema in the most recent CCT meeting admitted to EFF taking VBS money to finance the revolution. In fact [Malema] said, ‘sometimes we are forced to kiss dogs or devil to get funding’. The VBS money was done under the full knowledge of the leadership.”

Only BLF is the real answer!

Here is our invitation to a new fight: Black people must fight or submit! Twenty-five years after democracy, we are still not free! Now we must use our votes to assist in the battle to achieve our total liberation.

The year 2018 was a year of great betrayals. This year must be turned into a year of great strides for black people in our country. We are not helpless victims. We can change the course of history. The immediate task facing our people and country is how to use the 2019 election to advance Radical Economic Transformation (RET) and to return land to the landless while providing jobs to the unemployed.

In 2018, we saw the consequences of the defeat of the Radical Economic Transformation Agenda in December 2017 in Nasrec. The implementation of the anti-poor and anti-black New Dawn program of Cyril Ramaphosa was swift – from the removal of President Zuma to the signing of the IPPS worth R1.4 trillion.

We see the speed with which state-owned entities like Eskom, SABC and SAA are being prepared to be sold to the sponsors of the so-called New Dawn which captured the top leadership of the ANC. There is no debate that the leadership of the ANC is captured by land thieves and white monopoly capital. They can’t serve both the land thieves and the landless. They have chosen to serve land thieves.

There is no argument that the Nasrec agenda has been abandoned. The return of white power as the ‘New Dawn’ under Ramaphosa has emboldened racists and the enemy of black people known as white monopoly capital.

There are three main events which confirm the restoration of white capital hegemony:

1. Land expropriation political fraud
2. Steinhoff corruption
3. IPP fraud

1. Land expropriation fraud

In February 2018 the ANC of Ramaphosa and the EFF agreed in parliament that they will amend the constitution to allow for land expropriation without compensation.

It is clear the ANC of Ramaphosa has no answers to the triple challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment. A year after Ramaphosa said ‘Thuma mina’, the condition of our people has gone worse instead of getting better and there is no hope in sight. We need not repeat that after Ramaphosa took over:

i. VAT is up!
ii. Petrol is up!
iii. Unemployment is up!
iv. Poverty is up!
v. Violence in the townships is up!
vi. Racism against Africans is up!
vii. Corruption is up!
viii. Cost of living is up!
ix. White arrogance is up!
x. Youth exclusion is up!
xi. Nyaope, war against the black youth is up!
Ramaphosa’s ANC has no answers to these challenges. They said the ANC under Ramaphosa would solve the economic stagnation. This has proven a lie.
A new vision to take our people out of these horrors is urgently needed. BLF takes upon itself to provide a pro-black radical agenda to end the crisis created by the colonial structure of the economy and society.

BLF doesn’t make promises. BLF won’t lie to you to get your votes. We are offering you a plan to fight. Nothing will be gained without an organized struggle based on clear objectives. Instead of an election manifesto full of empty promises for votes, BLF is offering the oppressed people of South Africa a Battle Plan. This plan indicates what’s wrong and the solution is. More importantly, it indicates how to get the results we desire. It’s an invitation to a new liberation struggle. The second phase of our struggle. This is a call for black unity!

Herein is the BLF Elections Battle Plan 2019. We are inspired by Muammar Gaddafi and guided by Thomas Sankara, Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and Chris Hani.

What do we fight for?

In the next five years these are the priority demands we shall fight for together, both inside parliament and outside. These priorities are divided into short term and medium-term priorities.

Short term priorities:

i. Jobs or livelihoods now!
Government must, without delay, answer the urgent problem of unemployment. There are 9 million unemployed people in South Africa today. Where do they get the means to live? This is one of the main drivers of hopelessness and violence in the black community.

The ANC of Ramaphosa says it will only create 275 000 jobs a year for the next five years. That means only 1.3 million jobs in five years!

BLF, together with the unemployed, shall fight for jobs for all by organizing struggles to demand:

i. That government train all the unemployed youth. Failing which;
ii. Government must provide employment for all the unemployed. Failing which;
iii. Government must pay R5000 a month basic income grants to all the unemployed!

These demands shall be pursued inside parliament. If parliament refuses to listen, then a national shutdown for jobs and livelihoods shall be embarked upon. The white-owned economy shall be brought to its knees.

Creating jobs through Transformation: Construction, Mining, Agriculture and Manufacturing!

The first area of job creation is through addressing the developmental needs of our people like housing, roads, hospitals etc. The return to labor intensity as opposed to TLBs digging furrows consumes the largest portion of infrastructure development.

We must demand full employment with benefits for construction workers. No more tenders. No more machines! Feed the nation, employ the unemployed.

BLF’s BLACK AGENDA says: “The first thing to be done is to end the current tender system that drives the building of the anti-black RDP houses. In South Africa right now, we have a problem of unemployment, lack of skills, lack of housing and a lack of proper community amenities. The problem of unemployment and lack of skills shall be addressed amongst other interventions through building houses for our people.

Firstly, a layer of housing development officers shall be trained through the universities, and other institutions of higher learning. We have to get Azanians inspired enough to get involved in a massive reconstruction campaign which shall get “Azania working!”. These reconstruction and development officers shall serve as guides to facilitate the massive work of rebuilding houses and new homes for the people. They shall be trained in the philosophy of black consciousness and also in technical skills of serving the community through collective work. The people shall, with the help of their government, build their own houses. From there, a national movement of resolving the developmental needs of all shall be kick started.

What our country needs is to unlock the creative energies of our communities and allow the collective genius of the people to manifest within a framework of a government that does not hamper but rather encourages people’s solutions. Within a decade the colonial and apartheid housing horror shall be something of the past as new Azania rises and blacks live in dignity in their own country. It can be done!”

The other areas of jobs creation are RET driven Transformation of both the mining and agricultural sectors. Right now, each sector contributes less than five percent to the GDP and each employs less than 500 000 workers. This alone makes these sectors ripe for nationalization and socialization!

The implementation of the Mining Charter as announced by former Minister of Mines, Mosebenzi Zwane, is critical. Zwane wanted 30% black ownership within 12 months! Cash payments of 10% of turn over to beneficiaries of the Mining Charter.

The agricultural sector needs urgent transformation through mass land redistribution through land expropriations without compensation. The first beneficiaries must be farm workers.

Manufacturing is the other important sector. We must manufacture all the essential goods and services we need to sustain ourselves. All knowledge production sites must be focused on addressing our own needs through our own efforts. We must import only goods we can’t manufacture ourselves and these must never exceed exports. No one must be unemployed!

Education Crisis

Our children are cannot read and write. They can’t do basic mathematics at end of the schooling 12 years! In all the continental evaluations of literacy and basic numeracy, South Africa is almost always at the bottom.

The BLF Black Agenda states:

“Education must be for liberation! The current education system is designed to create slaves and slave keepers on behalf of the colonial and white supremacist project. This very colonial anti-black education is driven by the exclusion of the majority.”

It also states that, “every learner by grade 12 should know how: the national and local budgets work; the planning system of the state and community work; how a basic house is built, and; how to plant basic foods and take care of the soil. Furthermore, every learner shall be aware of the process of how to assess people’s needs and in this regard give critical feedback to the state. All learners/students shall spend time in community development outside their own provinces and towns. This is to foster the spirit of national awareness and unity.”

Bring the Zimbabweans!

In the short to medium term, there is a need to turn around the colonial education crisis through a four-year extraordinary intervention which would put the whole education system on a new footing. As a commitment to Pan-Afrikanism and recognition of the generally sound Zimbabwean education system, a four-year process of co-teaching with the Zimbabwean O and A levels graduates in the public schools which have shown the most negative results must be embarked upon. This call must go to build capacity in all the schools in villages, as well as the squatter camps.

Fix Eskom, provide free electricity now: End load-shedding, bring back Brian Molefe and Matshela Koko

BLF calls on Ramaphosa to stop load-shedding and bring back Brian Molefe as the Chairman of the Eskom board and Matshela Koko as its CEO. These two have a proven track record in managing Eskom efficiently. They ended load-shedding when they were at the helm of Eskom.

Ramaphosa must end the treasonous self-inflicted load-shedding episodes. BLF is aware that load-shedding is part of strategy to hasten the selling off of Eskom to white monopoly capital. It’s part of accumulation by crisis. There is a known and proven solution to end load-shedding. Three competent black managers ended the first episodes of load-shedding; that is Dr. Ben Ngubane, Brian Molefe and engineer Matshela Koko. They did it before, they can do it again.

Load-shedding is causing havoc with the lives of ordinary citizens and in particular black small businesses. Cyril Ramaphosa must bring back Koko in the capacity of CEO and Brian Molefe as Chairman of the Eskom board.

Stop eviction of the poor now

All the cities are evicting the poor instead of housing them. Farmers continue to evict farm workers daily. Evictions of the poor must end! Build housing for the poor, don’t evict them!

End Afrophobia (xenophobia): Avoiding populist rhetoric, finding African solutions.

The ongoing Afrophobic violence, incorrectly called xenophobia, is a direct consequence of colonialism and apartheid. The white colonialists created the African borders and the poverty we experience. Furthermore, triggers of the violence are directly linked to the anti-black economic system which starves the poor for profits.

Crime in South Africa has been a great challenge in our society for decades. Increasingly, it looks like the authorities and the communities most affected have been fighting a losing battle against it. The ANC government as well as the DA have seen it fit to lay all the blame for their failures in arresting the growing issue on undocumented, and mostly indigent black foreign nationals from across the African continent. The notion that crime in South Africa is the result of African foreign nationals is not only false but is part of the anti-black agenda that seeks to maintain division and distrust among Africans so as to ensure its continued colonization and plunder. BLF does not dispute that there are some criminal elements that exist amongst our neighbors from the continent who have settled here, but we refute, without reservation, the claims that the presence of black foreign nationals is the sole, or even main, cause of South Africa’s crime woes. The continued colonization of South Africa, it’s plundering by WMC, the internment of blacks in townships, informal settlements and prisons via the dispossession of blacks, capitalism and the ineffective criminal justice system are the main causes of our current Black condition, not the approximately 1.5 million African immigrants (about 3%) living in SA.

The revamped Nationalist Party, aka the DA, has, in true Nationalist Party style, called for the closure of South Africa’s borders, mostly to our brothers and sisters from the rest of the African continent, as a “solution” to addressing the issue. The DA goes even further and demands the martial execution of African foreign nationals attempting to cross into South Africa without documentation by demanding a greater SANDF presence at border sites. BLF rejects without reservation this proposal to close borders along with the increasing of the number of soldiers stationed at borders; a call that is tantamount to inciting a genocide against black people. Instead, we demand the South African government keeps borders open but tightens their regulation as a short-term solution to the crisis of undocumented immigrants and potential criminal threats. We propose that the South African government documents all who enter South Africa for free, with less restrictions as there currently are to minimize the necessity to try and slip under the radar for those seeking refuge from political and economic unrest in their own home countries but do not possess some or all of the requirements precisely because of the conditions they are fleeing. To curtail the access of criminal elements, South Africa must strengthen its relations with criminal justice agencies in other countries, as far as possible, as well as with Interpol. Additionally, the current backlog in Home Affairs must be cleared and necessary measures must be taken to prevent it ever occurring again. The DHA must keep an up-to-date record of all people in the country as this would enable the government to better monitor threats/potential threats as well as allocate resources sufficiently. A better enforcement of existing punitive measures for those who remain undocumented is a necessary and justifiable response to those who still prefer to slip under the radar, however, it is important to put in place a mechanism to assess each case individually on its own merits to make a determination.


i. Document all people entering the country for free without insisting on immigration status.
ii. Minimum wage for all employed people irrespective of immigration status.
iii. No employer can employ more than 30% non-South Africans.

In the long term, we need economic stability through economic integration. South Africa must show in figures what contribution we are making to the front-line states.

We must immediately advance conditional financial support to Zimbabwe!

i. Transitional Government of National Unity
ii. Amnesty to all and let the exiles return.
iii. Release all political prisoners

Pay Banyana Banyana = Bafana Bafana

Banyana Banyana’s players earn about 10 times less than their male counterparts when it comes to match bonuses.

Banyana Banyana’s players receive a match bonus of R5 000 for a win in an official match, and R4 000 for a win in a friendly match.

Bafana Bafana players earn as much as R60 000 for a win‚ R40 000 for a draw.

This is a disgrace and shameful conduct which is symptomatic of how South Africa treat its women. We give SAFA a month to solve this anomaly or we shall take the matter up with the Equality Court and the commission on gender equality.

We must end the war against women and children in the black community!

20 000 black people are murdered annually in SA! It is 1000 children, 4000 women, the rest is young black men killing each other. Who is to blame? We must stop blaming the victims.

It’s not our war. It’s a war created by colonialism and apartheid. As Steve Biko has explained, “township life alone makes it a miracle for anyone to live up to adulthood.”

Nyaope: biological and chemical warfare

The white system has unleashed a biological and chemical warfare against the black youth. Drugs like nyaope are calculated to destroy the next generation and chooses the more intelligent amongst our youth. Despair and alienation lead to the creation of shadowy, dead-walking black youth.

There is no response from government and political parties. Everyone pretends we don’t have a nyaope problem in South Africa. Herman Mashaba has decided to push nyaope addicts out of parks and force them to live by the roadside. Abandoned and erased. Parents don’t know what to do.

We must fight the conditions that drive the youth to drugs. We must rehabilitate and give hope and a future the black youth can fight for. Let’s start by acknowledging that drugs like nyaope are a national crisis. Let’s start by talking about this because we care. Our sympathy goes out to the mothers who are forced to give up on their children or even wish them dead. It’s a deep sense of despair and pain. We must do something. There are no easy solutions. BLF cares enough to experiment with the unpopular. Shall we choose the Philippines method or the Portuguese route? What about the African route?

Action points:

i. Decriminalize drug use and possession
ii. Shelters and centers of wellness
iii. National dialogue on combating the scourge
iv. Learning from international experiences

“Communities and police know nyaope dealers but they say and do nothing. Cops take bribes. It’s a zombie apocalypse out here. We just waiting for them to die. It’s sad.” – Themba Mnguni

“Nyaope contains Heroin. That’s the deadly shit in the crap! Heroin doesn’t grow in South Africa let alone anywhere in Africa. Some rich motherfucker is bringing heroin here from Afghanistan. Cut that head of the snake and we can solve this one for good. Cos at the moment, Nyaope withdrawal has a 90 to 99% mortality!” – Dr Mohale

Send the mass murderer, FW de Klerk to Senegal

The leaders of the apartheid regime have not accounted for the atrocities committed under their authority. Now is the time to get justice for the wronged. The successful prosecution of the former Chad dictator, Hissène Habré, sets a precedent South Africa must follow when dealing with the crimes committed by FW de Klerk and the likes of Adrian Vlok. The example set by the extraordinary African chambers in Senegal – a special tribunal created in 2013 by the 54-member African Union (AU) under a deal with Dakar, is important. The successful prosecution of Habré in another African country for human rights crimes committed at another is a significant development.

BLF opened a case of murder and conspiracy to murder against FW de Klerk and his Minister of Police Adrian Vlok in May 2017. This case involves 22 criminal charges against FW de Klerk and 16 criminal charges against Adrian Vlok. The case was opened at the Hillbrow Police Station and then transferred to the Sebokeng Police Station. There has been no progress in the case since. This is surprising given the fact that BLF provided the police with a detailed statement on the crimes against our people committed by de Klerk and Vlok. There is even video material that corroborates the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) testimonies against the de Klerk regime.

BLF calls on the Minister of Police, Bheki Cele to intervene and make sure that the former President of SA, an apartheid mass murderer, and his then Minister of Police are brought to book. It makes no sense to put the black former president, Jacob Zuma, on trial and let the white mass murderer, former president de Klerk, enjoy all the perks of a former State President in peace. This is what increases white arrogance and individual acts of racism.

FW de Klerk killed over 5000 blacks in just 3 years! Between 1990 and 1993 over 5000 black people were murdered by de Klerk’s police.

We remember the 17-year-old twins, Sadat and Samora Mpendulo, their 12-year-old cousin Mzwandile Mfeya, 12-year-old Sandiso Yose, and 17-year-old Thando Mthembu who were cowardly murdered by de Klerk in their sleep in Mthatha on that unforgettable day of 8 October 1993. Their deaths will not be in vain. FW de Klerk must be arrested for these atrocities.

BLF has written to the Noble Peace Prize Committee to demand that it revokes the peace prize given to a mass murderer in 1993. We have asked the committee if it considers murdering black people part of its understanding of peace. FW de Klerk was a master of massacres! All his massacres were committed in defense of apartheid. BLF demands action now! Makabotshwe uDe Klerk!

De Klerk and Vlok must be subjected to the special tribunal in Senegal.

Employ the EPWP workers now!

Government must stop abusing the Expanded Public Works Program workers. All must be employed on a full-time basis irrespective of qualifications or experience.


i. National shutdown for EPWPs!
ii. National struggle fund!

10 Medium Term Priorities

1. Land to all who need it

2. A new Constitution and Economic Plan

3. Farm workers get reparations

4. All unemployed get R5000 monthly

5. Pension is increased to R5000 & child support grant to R2000

6. Full employment or subsidy for graduates

7. Subtract land price from value of bond

8. Black bank & interest free loans to blacks

9. The township economy belongs to the township

10. All EPWPs must be incorporated

1. Land Expropriation without compensation

The parties currently in parliament failed to amend the constitution despite promising to do so and despite them having the required two thirds majority. These parties are controlled by land thieves.

Ramaphosa and Malema where is land expropriation without compensation?

BLF said right from the beginning, both the ANC of Ramaphosa and EFF are not serious about land expropriation without compensation. Ramaphosa and Malema lied to the landless in February 2018 when they said there will be land expropriation without compensation. They wasted a full year without using the two thirds majority they have to amend the constitution. This is because both parties are in the pockets of white monopoly capital and land thieves.

Only BLF is serious about returning land to black people. That is why political parties of land thieves such as Freedom Front Plus (FF+) are in a panic mode and are trying to stop BLF from participating in elections. They know that BLF would have ensured that both the ANC of Ramaphosa and EFF do not lie without accounting for it.

BLF will not allow these parties to expropriate the votes of the landless without compensation. Today BLF takes national action to expose these parties for what they are.

The ANC of Ramaphosa and EFF of Malema have made fools of the landless. First they avoided amending the Constitution by instituting meaningless national “public hearings” which were not according to the requirements of amending the law. It was a sinister ploy to dupe the landless.

After 12 months there is not even a Draft amendment Bill. There is nothing to show for the big celebrations for the parliamentary resolution to amend the constitution to ensure that there is land expropriation without compensation. The resolution was adopted in February 2018.

These two parties had the two thirds majority and have failed to use it to effect land expropriation without compensation. Parliament dissolved without these two parties ensuring that our people get land. What more do these parties need except to expropriate the votes of the landless without compensation.


BLF shall fight for parliament to do the right thing and amend the constitution within 6 months. If parliament refuses still to amend the Constitution, then; BLF shall call for a national strike and shutdown for land expropriation. Also, BLF shall lead a people’s land occupations program because the land is ours!

2. Pro-Black Constitution

2.1 Firstly, South Africa needs a new pro-black constitution. The current constitution is pro-white that’s why after 25 years we remain landless and poor in a country with massive wealth. The current constitution gives legal cover to colonial and apartheid dispossessions of black people.


1. South Africa belongs to Black People

2. Land return is the foundation to nation rebuilding

3. Equality means actual redress guided by the Sankara Oath also recognizing that the People’s Parliament is the supreme law of the land.

4. Basic needs are not commodities, they must be given to all for free (housing, healthcare, water, electricity, education, data etc.).

5. Whites must pay reparations for colonialism and apartheid

6. African legal precepts and indigenous knowledge systems must trump any foreign jurisprudential practices and epistemologies.

7. No discrimination on basis of gender, religion, ethnicity etc.

8. Africa is one and Afrika for Afrikans.

9. The mineral wealth belongs to the people and must be enjoyed by all.

10. Poverty is a crime against the people.


These Constitutional principles are the proposed framework from which to develop a pro-black constitution for our country. BLF shall undertake a wide-ranging consultation to develop the constitution and then fight for a referendum to realize a new constitutional dispensation which is pro-black.

3. New Economic Plan

South Africa doesn’t have an economic plan to address the historical injustices and to realize economic justice for the majority. Multiple neo-liberal and neo-colonial measures adopted since 1994 such as GEAR, ASGISA and the National Development Plan are all programs that put profits before people.

Now we must fight for an RET driven New Economic Plan (NEP) which puts black interests first! The NEP must destroy the current colonial and racist monopolized economic and ownership structure.

BLF adopts the proposal of Professor Chris Malikane for a New National Economic Policy. This forms

the basis of developing a fully-fledged NEP based on national consensus.

Prof Malikane has advanced as follows, “A new National Economic Plan (NEP), which outlines how the following key demands can immediately be realized:

I. Expropriation of white monopoly capitalist establishments, such as banks, insurance companies, mines and other monopoly industries, to industrialize the economy.

II. Establishment of a state bank, which will consolidate all the state-owned financial institutions to facilitate affordable credit to the progressive class forces.

III. Nationalization of the SA Reserve Bank.

IV. Expropriation of all land without compensation to the ownership of the state, and the state uses the rent collected to support expenditure for the well-being of the progressive forces, and for the use of the land in line with the new NEP.

V. Provision of free quality social services as:

a. Free, quality and decolonized education.

b. Free and quality healthcare National Health Insurance.

c. Improved quality housing, community infrastructure, etc.

d. Affordable and safe public transport.

e. Affordable and reliable basic services such as water, sanitation and electricity.

VI. Wide-ranging audit of employment equity and labor law compliance by all establishments, with a view to penalize non-compliance.”


1. National Reference Group for NEP consisting of experts, practitioners, community leaders, the poor and elders.

2. A NEP conference in six months.

3. Push for parliament to adopt the NEP.

Sankara Oath

Our hospitals are places of death. We go to hospital to die. This need not be so. The elected representatives do not use the services they give to the people. We say we can change it all. All public servants, from the president to municipal councilors, should be forced by law to use public services starting with hospitals.


1. Table private members Bill Sankara Oath

2. All BLF Members of parliament to adopt a public hospital and use public hospitals.

3. Force parliament to make this a law.

No to GMO’s and Round Up!

The food we eat is the main source of our ailments, from sugar diabetes to cancer. The government has allowed white farmers to poison the nation for profits. Over 90% of the maize in South Africa is genetically modified. We eat GMO’s daily!

Round Up is proven to cause cancer. Many lawsuits have been instituted. It remains readily available and is used widely in agricultural production.


1.Educate the people
2. Stop GMOs!

3. Ban Round Up!

BLF’s Energy Policy

BLF views the energy sector as a core national sovereign interest and thus calls for it to be owned by the state, with no private entity carrying the ability of private ownership. Energy is a right and thus no household should be without energy. All citizens and business entities carry the communal duty to enrich the energy circuit and ensure its success. BLF supports a mixed energy solution, underpinned by baseload energy generation. BLF supports the immediate implementation of nuclear energy generation of up to a minimum of 30% of the national energy grid within 10 years. Nuclear energy should directly seek to offset the growing need for industrialization. BLF equally supports the development of renewable energy, with primary focus and an implementation in the local energy consumption community and agricultural sector.

BLF does not support the Paris Agreement as it burdens developing nations with responding to the problem of climate change, while the West refuses to take responsibility for their role in continually destroying the planet, through looting of minerals without care for the oppressed which they have colonized. The latter can be seen in the decision by US president, Donald Trump, to withdraw the United State of America from the Paris Agreement, sighting it “as an agreement that disadvantages the United States”. The West wishes to continue its looting and decimation of the planet with impunity, while ensuring the burden falls yet again on the oppressed.

Carbon Majors Report (2017) revealed that since 1988 only 100 companies, majority white-owned, produce more than 70% of the world’s greenhouse gasses. Of those 100 companies, you will also see the following on the list: Total SA – 19th, BHP Billiton ltd – 20th, Anglo American – 31st, Glencore – 43rd and Exxaro Resources – 69th.

BLF supports the fight against climate change and thus calls for the utilisation of clean energy, of which the cleanest sustainable possibility, is nuclear energy. BLF further aims to burden white monopoly capital corporations, including those in the mining and energy sector, with the responsibility to fight climate change.

BLF thus calls for the following:

1. Scrap the Carbon Tax Bill which is informed by the Paris Agreement, and this will see the cost of climate change carried by the poor directly. Products such as petrol, oil, and paraffin will be subjected to this tax and they, together with the knock-on food and goods costs, will drastically impact the poor.

2. Make it a crime to generate private energy for profit, and thus Scrap IPP’s. At a cost of R1.4 trillion they are too costly, they produce a third of the energy on a good day compared to nuclear, and they don’t solve the climate change crisis.

3. Bring back Brian Molefe, Matshela Koko & Dr Ben Ngubane in order to end load shedding.

4. Urgently increase nuclear energy generation, catering for a minimum of 30% of SA energy needs within 10 years. This will be the cheapest way to ensure energy sovereignty and because it is the cleanest energy source it will be the most meaningful method in fighting climate change.

5. Pursuit of new coal, together with nuclear and gas should ensure 100% of South African energy needs are met.

6. Redistribution of stolen land in the hands of 35 000 white families to black people, creating at least 1 million new farmers, and this together with implementation of Alternative Renewable Energy Model alone could see a 42% reduction in emissions target met within 5 years.

7. Alternative renewable energy model which directly benefits the poor as well as black emerging business. To this end all new homes, black owned farms and industrial projects should be assisted with renewable energy generation and incentivized where surplus energy is produced compared to home or industrial project usage.

8. Nationalization of the mining sector will offset the cost of nuclear energy generation, as well as balance out the emissions produced through mining and together ensure the possibility of industrialization and thus quality job creation.

Policy on corruption

White Monopoly Capital has recruited corrupt political leaders to be champions of anti-corruption. This is a strategy to manipulate these compromised figures who have dirt in their closets to undertake regime change programs. These corrupt politicians, some of which have collapsed the Limpopo province and the VBS bank, have been used to undermine black leadership which is not in the pockets of white monopoly capital.

In South Africa, the biggest and main corruption remains that of white monopoly capital. Black politicians are generally corrupted by white monopoly capital. Blacks have some political power but do not have economic power. So, to enter the economy these politicians trade their nominal political influence to white monopoly capital. This is the root cause of corruption in South Africa. It follows that so long as blacks have no real access to the economy they shall continue to fight and even kill each other for the crumbs falling from the corrupt table of white capital.

The main answer to ending corruption is Radical Economic Transformation. Secondly, it is a strong and ethical law enforcement process which is not captured by white monopoly capital and foreign forces. Such an anti-corruption process must target white monopoly capital as the main drivers of corruption. Furthermore, anyone found guilty of corruption shall be excluded from public office, including elected positions.


i. Follow up on the Oppenheimer criminal family which has obtained a private international airport at OR Tambo through corrupt means.
ii. Submit over 20 matters to the Zondo Commission including the R4.5 billion corruption implicating Pravin Gordhan.

iii. End De Beers Unlawful Tax haven:

BLF to submit to the Public Protector a request to investigate National Treasury’s omission to recover tax from the private sector listed diamond mining company, De Beers, to the value of US$ 135 million, liability arising from taxable diamonds exported, to the value of US$ 900 million, that occurred in 1993.

Precedent was set by the Public Protector’s investigation of the Amalgamated Banks of South Africa’s unlawful bail out by the South African Reserve Bank prior to the enactment of the concurrent RSA Constitution of 1996. The BLF’s application to the Public Protector, will be in terms of Section 182(1) of the RSA Constitution & Section 6(1) & (2) of the Public Protector Act.

BLF wants the Public Protector to additionally determine whether there was undue delay on the part of SARS and/or National Treasury officials in recovering the aforementioned tax bill. The Public Protector should subpoena the Office of the Auditor General (AG) to furnish her office with the AG’s report presented to SCOPA on the 11th of September 2007, detailing the differential in Diamond export duties in 1992 from the preceding 10-year period. This will allow the Public Protector to take appropriate remedial action to:

1) recover the $135 million tax debt liable for by De Beers, including penalties that may arise.

2) curb any future of similar incompetence by National Treasury to act against private sector tax evasion, by issuing recommendations to strengthen National Treasury’s internal revenue collection controls.

3) Life style audits of judges and all elected officials. Judges to declared interests on an annual basis.


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