BLF-KZN Stands with all affected by flooding

Black First Land First – KwaZulu Natal (BLF-KZN) sends heartfelt condolences to the families that lost their loved ones in the recent floods that ravaged the province of KwaZulu-Natal. We would further like to express solidarity with the families that lost their homes and have since been displaced by these floods.

BLF-KZN blames these floods on the continued plight of landlessness of the black majority. The black majority continues to dwell in inhumane settlements. These hell-holes often termed “townships” are a result of colonialism and the racist system of apartheid spacial design. These townships are not and have never been conducive for black people to build lives and families.

BLF-KZN asks, why is it only black people and their settlements that continue to be affected by these weather conditions? Why are black people still squashed in townships in a so called post liberation society? Indeed as always maintained, ‘1994 changed fokol’.

We reiterate that these are not natural disasters but man-made disasters by white people. It is only the return of the land to its rightful owners that will change the conditions of black people.

BLF-KZN further calls on the government to help these families and communities to rebuild their homes and bury their loved ones with dignity.

Return the land and end black suffering!

Issued by Black First Land First – KwaZulu Natal Provincial Coordinating Committee (BLF-KZN PCC)

24 April 2019

Zizamele Zah Dlamini
(Provincial Chairperson)
Cell: +27 72 978 6962

Vusi Mhlaba
(Provincial Secretary)
Cell: +27 73 098 3009

Thobani Zikalala
(Provincial Spokesperson)
Cell: +27 74 246 7848

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