Ramaphosa has silenced EFF with money

Ramaphosa has silenced EFF with money

Today President Ramaphosa is expected to answer questions in parliament. This is a prearranged show to whitewash the great #RamaphosaLeaks. Opposition parties will pretend to ask tough questions only to deceive the people and remove focus from the shocking revelations that the State President is a bought man. The revelations that Ramaphosa was given money by white monopoly capitalists like the Oppenheimer family have not been denied. Evidence that Ramaphosa is a “prepaid” president is overwhelming, but there shall be no disruptions or calls for Ramaphosa to go.

The nation now knows that the money flows to Ramaphosa from white monopoly capital (WMC) to control him, and he then channels it to the opposition to control them. Today in parliament money shall do the talking and the opposition shall dance to the sweet tune of cash. Ramaphosa has no legitimacy at all. He is exposed as a hired gun of those who stole our land. Yet, there shall be no clear principled call for him to step down from parliament today. President Zuma was called to step down for much less than what Ramaphosa has done. However, because Ramaphosa has bought the opposition parties nothing will happen to him.

What will happen in parliament today is make believe akin to the WWE SmackDown wrestling theatrics. The roles are rehearsed. The outcomes are predetermined. This is why Black First Land First (BLF) has been saying that there is in essence only one political party in parliament – and this is the political party of WMC controlled from London and Stellenbosch. Our people are being lied to because of money. In fact, today Ramaphosa will be given the platform to reject land expropriation without compensation and embrace the pro land thieves Motlanthe report.

We warn you, don’t say we didn’t say so!

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)

22 August 2019

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