BLF calls on parliament and ANC to take action against Ramaphosa

BLF calls on parliament and ANC to take action against Ramaphosa

It’s becoming a joke, really. Is money that powerful? All the political parties and civil society organizations that supported the Zuma Must Go campaign have gone silent. Julius Malema is dead silent in the face of mounting evidence that Cyril Ramaphosa is an illegitimate President who bought his way to the Union Buildings. Black First Land First (BLF) believes that the silence of all the major political parties is because of the money. We now know that in fact Ramaphosa gives money to even the opposition parties like the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). Who else has Ramaphosa given hush money to? The media? What about civil society? What about the Judges?

We call on society to stop the silence in the face of this colossal subversion of democracy by money. The suspicious deaths of those who had evidence of how Ramaphosa bought the African National Congress (ANC) conference, should embolden us to speak out and call on him to step down. No, he can’t buy us all. And yes, we can’t all be intimidated into silence.

BLF agrees with Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng when he says; “[i]f I’m a multi-millionaire and I give you R1 billion as party to run your campaign and you win; are you based on the will of the people as government or on Mogoeng’s will? And once you are there, do I even have to remind you? Mine is just to come and greet you.” Today South Africa (SA) is under the rule of money.

We ask again, why is there so much silence in the face of so much evidence? Have all our leaders been silenced by their love for money? Who doesn’t know that Ramaphosa became President of SA because of the money he got from land thieves to buy the ANC Nasrec Conference?


Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)

1 September 2019

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