BLF observes Biko Day by visiting family of late Jabu Baloyi

BLF observes Biko Day by visiting family of late Jabu Baloyi

Steve Biko, through his own example, teaches us that true leadership is selfless. Black First Land First (BLF) regards the actions of the late taxi driver, Jabu Baloyi, as revolutionary. Mr Baloyi is an unsung hero of the oppressed and forgotten. He stood up at the time when our leaders are absent in the midst of a deep crisis in the black community.

BLF shall pay its respect to the Baloyi family as part of our commitment to the ideals for which Steve Biko was prepared to lay his own life for. Love for black people, to the point of sacrificing one’s own life for others, is dear to the black consciousness ideal. Mr Baloyi embodied this value. It’s not by accident that he is not held up as a national hero. The values that he displayed threaten the self interested political leadership of South Africa (SA).

There are attempts to deflect attention from the fact that the state has abandoned the poor. The scourge of drug abuse, human trafficking, inner city open lawlessness, and abuse of the immigration laws by white monopoly capital to exploit and marginalize South African workers, are part of the decay that Jabu Baloyi stood up against.

Today is Biko Day. BLF says: remember the teachings of Steve Biko, remember the heroic sacrifices of Jabu Baloyi.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)

12 September 2019

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