BLF says NO to exit point for schooling at Grade 9

BLF says NO to exit point for schooling at Grade 9

BLF denounces government’s plans to promulgate the exit point for schooling at the end of Grade 9; and the introduction of numerous qualifications that can be obtained by learners before completing Grade 12.

With this as a defining measure the quality and efficiency of education can only go on a further downwards spiral as it consolidates and perpetuates the vision of Verwoerd for the education of blacks. The fact that a learner who exits upon completion of Grade 9 will receive a certificate, makes no difference.

A failing education system cannot be glorified, nor can virtue be made out of adversity. Out of the 1 million children who start school, less than half of them reach Grade 12. So instead of answering this high level of attrition, the government chooses to glorify the act of learners leaving at the end of Grade 9.

This scheme will be good for artificially pushing up the Grade 12 pass rate as the struggling learners would be culled at Grade 9. The discarded learners will have nowhere to go; quality training at technical schools won’t be possible; and our universities will continue to produce graduates who are not functional and self sufficient.

The ANC led government is providing an alibi for neo apartheid for the destruction of the black child. We have a national crisis amounting to the educational genocide of the black child. Piecemeal solutions won’t do.

BLF maintains its position on the education crisis in the country. Zimbabwe has the strategic advantage of education. We are in deep trouble in South Africa (SA) in critical areas in mathematics, Physical Science and English. We need to turn the colonial education crisis around through a four-year intervention so as to put the whole education system on a new footing. In furtherance of Pan-Afrikanism and recognition of the excellent Zimbabwean education system, a process of co-teaching with the O and A levels Zimbabwean graduates must be embarked upon in the public schools that have shown the worst results. We need to build capacity in all the schools including in villages and informal settlements. These are things that we can do almost immediately so that we can ameliorate the education crisis.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)

27 September 2019

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