BLF appalled by loadshedding created by white engineers at Eskom

BLF appalled by loadshedding created by white engineers at Eskom

Eskom’s Medupi power station. Image credit: Bosveld Review

Black First Land First (BLF) is not shocked but appalled by the revelation that white engineers have been allowed by Eskom to profit from loadshedding. This is state capture.

Eskom is being run down to justify privatization through loadshedding. Now it appears that the Eskom leadership has been incentivizing white engineers to facilitate loadshedding.

The loadshedding, which exposed Pravin Gordhan as a liar, was partly an outcome of the strategic breakdown of conveyor belts at the Medupi Power Station. The broken conveyer belts were built and designed by Rula Bulk Materials Handling, which is a company owned by Roelf Odendaal, whose brother Danie Odendaal is Eskom’s engineer general manager.

The very same Rula Bulk was again called to repair the belts that were shoddily produced by them. This is like allowing someone to break all the windows of your house and then paying the that person to fix the same broken windows. It is said that Rula Bulk has to date raked in over R2 billion from Eskom contracts.

BLF will be laying complaints of state capture at the Zondo Commission in this regard. We can’t allow such systematic looting to continue any longer. Eskom is a national asset and it must be protected

20 January 2020

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