The coffin racists are out, we are not surprised

The coffin racists are out, we are not surprised

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Victor Mlotshwa was abducted, shoved in a coffin, threatened to be set on fire and told it’s his last day on earth by two racist bullies, namely Willem Oosthuizen and Theo Jackson. He was subjected to untold terror to show that whites are in charge in South Africa (SA).

The High Court sentenced Oosthuizen and Jackson to a term of imprisonment of 11 and 14 years respectively after convicting them each of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, attempted murder, kidnapping, intimidation and defeating the ends of justice in 2016.

The coffin racists then took the matter on appeal and the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) set aside their convictions of attempted murder and intimidation and reduced their sentences to an effective five years’ imprisonment each.

The SCA was evidently offended by the High Court’s findings and sentences, It was like it asked: “Did the High Court lose its mind? Why would it sentence white men for a mere case of torturing a black man?”

So the appeal court set aside the convictions on the serious offences of attempted murder and intimidation and reduced the sentences to shockingly low terms of imprisonment of 5 years each. Moreover the two racists showed no remorse. Today they are both out because they have met the “minimum requirements”.

Black First Land First (BLF) is not surprised. This is how South Africa (SA) has treated black people since 1652. By the time the Marikana massacre occurred, the white power system had established a pattern of its own truth. Basically there is no accounting for taking black lives. It was true with Steve Biko as well as with Andries Tatane. FW de Klerk is a mass murderer who is allowed to live in peace. He murdered black people.

The South African criminal justice system remains anti black. That’s why it’s after Jacob Zuma but absolves whites who have committed atrocities. Blacks are not free.

The promise of freedom enshrined in the Constitution is a pledge of betrayal. It doesn’t speak to black lives. We know that Victor Mlotshwa was lied to. He believed that he too deserved justice. His belief was based on a lie. He was betrayed. We blacks are not free.

We feel the pain of brother Mlotshwa. His words steer our emotions:

“I did not even know they were released. I went through a lot. A lot has happened and I just gave up on everything. Just last year their sentences were reduced and now they are out of prison. I really don’t know what to say.”

We vow to avenge the long list of injustices against blacks. It shall be done – if not tomorrow, the day after, or even by the next generation. We refuse to forget the 350 years of hell!

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)

2 March 2020

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