Ramaphosa’s and Mkhize‘s Covid-19 policy of mass deaths

Ramaphosa’s and Mkhize‘s Covid-19 policy of mass deaths

The logic of the South African government’s policy on Covid-19 is expressed by the Gauteng government’s preparation of over 1 million open graves. The government’s policy is to prepare for mass deaths instead of stopping them. Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize says the “storm is here” – evidently a self inflicted storm. Since day one this government has followed the “herd immunity” policy without saying so. Dr Mkhize has been telling the nation to prepare for over 60% of Covid-19 infections. It’s obvious that such a high prevalence of infections would lead to mass deaths.

Following the lead of national goverment the Gauteng goverment is proudly preparing for our deaths, even conjuring them up. In African cosmology open graves are an invitation to death. This goverment is committed to death instead of preventing it. There is a reason for this – death is profitable for capital. With a nation afflicted by death white monopoly capital (WMC) shall impose its agenda of profits and take over without resistance. Already during this “storm” the the South African Airways (SAA) is gone and the Unions have given up! WMC is also stealing Eskom to the ground in broad daylight. The Zondo Commission of Inquiry is exposed as toothless political poodle unleashed against political opponents. Members of Parliament are hiding under their beds on full pay.

The people are on their own. Even the promised help for the poor is not coming. The poor are still waiting for their paltry R350. Instead of delivering a real people centered response to the Covid-19 crisis, the government is preparing for mass death. This in turn will lead to no resistance to the programs of capital, including imposing monster vaccines on the nation. Furthermore, pharmaceutical companies will make a killing with their untested drugs they claim to be cures. We would do well to remember that Cyril Ramaphosa was put in power by Big Pharma like Aspen, amongst others.

There is little doubt that the South African government follows a policy of mass death. Ramaphosa and Mkhize are preparing for a mass funeral for the nation. South Africa (SA) is already comparing badly with countries which have taken a stand against death. With a population of about 58 million, SA has reached the death toll of 3600. China with over a billion people has only 4000 deaths! Madagascar, our neighbour, has only 28 deaths. Other stats include Cuba with 86 deaths, South Korea with 287 deaths, Venezuela with 74 deaths, and Vietnam with 0 deaths!

Covid-19 can be managed but it requires a goverment that puts people before profits. SA under Rsmaphosa is driven by profits at all costs.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)

9 July 2020

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