Ramaphosa allow Ace Magashule to help Zimbabwe

Ramaphosa allow Ace Magashule to help Zimbabwe

Black First Land First (BLF) calls on Ramaphosa to give the SG of ANC, Ace Magashule, access to state aircraft. We call on Ramaphosa to stop his nonsense with the opposition parties and take the task of ending the Zimbabwean crisis seriously.

Ace Magashule is trying to help the country and he is being vilified by a stupid President. Half of Zimbabwe is in SA right now, and being used by white monopoly capital (WMC) to distort the labour market and burden the public sector because of a worsening economic and political crisis in Zim. This debacle is threatening the South African societal stability, yet President Ramaphosa jumps when the noise poodles of the racist Democratic Alliance barks.

Ramaphosa must designate a military aircraft specially for Ace to travel as and when he wants to be in Zimbabwe.

Let’s stop this nonsense and stupidity and save Zimbabwe

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)

13 September 2020

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