SABC, reinstate Pastor The DJ now!

SABC, reinstate Pastor The DJ now!

Pastor The DJ

The SABC must reinstate the Umhlobo Wenene Breakfast show host Phiwe “Pastor The DJ” Nozewu without any further delay. It allowed itself to be bullied into acting without thinking. The muzzling of Pastor the DJ is a direct violation of freedom of expression and also sets a bad precedent where members of the media will be too terrified to lampoon certain political parties. This is bad for media freedom.

The comment made by the host was in bad taste but not a lie nor anything close to violating protected speech. The SABC has jumped on the populist bandwagon out of fear. This shows lack of leadership on the part of the SABC.

The fight against racism cannot claim black victims. Not one white teacher from the racist Brackenfell High School has been suspended. Why is it the black person who must suffer when racism is perpetrated against blacks?

The white hooligans who assaulted those who were protesting are themselves not in anyway punished but a black man is suspended from work.

We further note the apology from Pastor The DJ. We believe it’s both unnecessary and a result of bullying. A more constructive engagement amongst blacks is required about racism and how to fight it.

Black First Land First (BLF) notes the bizarre situation where blacks get punished for acts of racism perpetrated by whites. These fake warriors against racism are too quick to punish black people and strengthen whites.

BLF calls on the SABC to stop the cowardice and let the host go back to work immediately

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)

15 November 2020

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Zanele Lwana
(BLF Deputy President)
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