Failure to unite is to betray Biko

Failure to unite is to betray Biko

Steve Biko died literally in his quest for the unity of the liberation movement.

The apartheid government feared nothing more than the power that could come with black unity. Biko was in talks with the exiled ANC. This has been confirmed by Thabo Mbeki who was a close advisor of O.R. Tambo. Reverend Mayson had a small aeroplane in which Biko was to be flown to Botswana and back under the radar.

As part of this quest for unity Biko risked all and defied the apartheid banning order and drove all the way to Cape Town to meet with the leader of the New Unity Movement, Neville Alexander.

It is possible that the apartheid spy Craig Williamson was privy to these moves through his closeness to O.R. Tambo. The apartheid government panicked and murdered Biko.

We the followers of Biko are betraying his mission by failing to unite. The country is going back to whites in 2024. Unity is a matter of survival not a luxury anymore, and we are running out of time.

Let’s honor Biko by doing the right thing. Let’s form the Azanian Front!

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (NCC)
13 September 2022

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