The ANC conference is a setback for blacks

The ANC conference is a setback for blacks

Image: Awande Zwane, SABC News

It’s absolutely clear the ANC has formalised itself into an anti black pro white monopoly capital (WMC) party. Stellenbosch has won yet again. We do well to remember that in the previous conference WMC forked out R1 billion to help Cyril Ramaphosa buy the ANC conference. It’s not far fetched to think the Phala Phala millions were used to buy the recent conference. Rumours of R20 000 per delegate to vote for Ramaphosa have surfaced.

The outcomes of the 54th National Conference of the ruling party point to the exhaustion of the ANC as a party that can advance black progress. We have seen the DAefication of the ANC and institutionalisation of WMC corruption and incompetency to serve white power under the Ramaphosa administration. The near collapse of Eskom is one indication of this policy directive in practice. The point is to destroy in order to privatise, which really means selling state owned assests to friends and handlers on the cheap as happened with SAA.

The re-election of Ramaphosa and his pro WMC slate has finally finished the ANC as an option for black people. Blacks must build an alternative to drive the Radical Economic Transformation agenda outside the ANC. The ANC can no longer be saved. It’s a white party with a black face.

Black First Land First (BLF) shall go into a reflection and planning meeting in January 2023 to provide direction to save black people from the Stellenbosch agenda which has captured the ANC.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (NCC)
19 December 2022

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