BLF Comrade Thabi Myeni to attend BRICS Young Scientist Forum (YSF)

The BRICS Young Scientist Forum (YSF) takes place from 24 – 29 June 2018 at the Elangeni Hotel, Durban, KwaZulu Natal, under the theme “Building BRICS Youth Leadership through Science, Technology and Innovation”. This is one of the BRICS gatherings which will take place as South Africa plays official host to the 10th BRICS Summit […]

BLF welcomes the official opening of the African regional centre of the BRICS Development Bank

Black First Land First (BLF) welcomes the launch of the African regional centre of the BRICS Bank today by President Jacob Zuma. Our movement has been consistent in saying part of the agenda to remove President Zuma is calculated to undermine the BRICS process, particularly with regard to the establishment of the bank. Africa and […]

BLF applauds opening of Zuma Bridge with its interlink from Kosi Bay to Maputo

Black First Land First (BLF) applauds the revolutionary living legacy of President Zuma. Part of this  legacy is President Zuma‘s work in strengthening relations with African countries, including Mozambique, that played a role during the struggles against slavery, apartheid and colonialism. He ensured that South Africa (SA) and Mozambique benefit from their geographical proximity and put […]

BLF condemns the DA for aiding US-led imperialist attack on Venezuela

Black First Land First (BLF) condemns Mmusi Maimane for teaming up with Miguel Pizarro and Jose Manuel Olivares, who are right-wing pro-imperialist agents from Venezuela, to oppose land expropriation without compensation. The two are conspirators in the plot to remove President Nicolas Maduro by any means necessary. Manuel is known to have both funded, and […]