BLF calls for an end to evictions of the poor NOW!

BLF calls for an end to evictions of the poor NOW!

Evictions in Jabulani Flats, in Soweto are currently underway, undertaken by a white owned company, which is also registered as an NGO, called Madullammoho. The company received subsidies of close to R100 million from the Gauteng provincial government to build social houses. It contributed nothing in real terms.

ABSA bank is also in the mix. The bank used people’s subsidies and now they are evicting them under different guise’s including lying to the High Court. They are robbing black people with the assistance of the Gauteng Human Settlements MEC, Paul Mashatile and the DA-EFF Johannesburg metro.

The people are on their own!

Last week, BLF was invited to assist the Jabulani Flats community. The Madullammoho office shut down for the whole day when they heard BLF was coming to see them. We arrived and the doors were locked.

The NGO have stationed armed security at Jabulani with instructions to shoot to kill. Today they shot a BLF member, Nokwanda Manyu, who is also a home owner who has been evicted. Manyu is currently recovering in Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital.

BLF has opened a case of attempted murder against the guard. The security personnel hired by Madullammoho refuse to identify themselves or the name of their security company.

We call on Madullammoho to withdraw the security personnel from Jabulani Flats immediately!

We call on Mashatile to show leadership or step down. He knows the problem of evictions and harassment of people by this white rogue NGO which has been given a donation of close to a R100 million under the pretext of building houses for the people. BLF shall be lodging a case of corruption against Madullammoho and the Mashatile.

BLF calls on the ANC government to immediately declare a stop to all evictions. The so-called ‘Red Ants’ are themselves poor destitute black people who can only eat if they commit atrocities against fellow black people. The racist, capitalist, anti-black democratic rule managed by the ANC has reduced blacks to further sub-human levels of existence, where they would kill other blacks in order to survive.

BLF calls on the ANC to serve and protect the poor. End all evictions NOW! You have the power to do so. It’s the right thing to do. Furthermore the state president, Jacob Zuma, must immediately declare a moratorium on evictions on farms and in the urban areas. The poor have a right to land and housing. Blacks have a right to any piece of land in South Africa. Stop the evictions. Give Red Ants proper jobs!

BLF calls on the ‘Red Ants’ and Private Security companies to refuse to be tools in the hands of the enemies of black people. We call on those security guards to refuse blood money, to refuse money gained from the tears of others. We call on the red ants and black private securities to join the revolution, occupy land and defend the people!

The ANC government must take full responsibility for the death of landless people irrespective of whether they are red ants or not.

President Zuma stop evictions now!

#StopEvictionsNow #NoToEvictions


19 February 2017

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Black First Land First condemns Afrophobic attacks in Pretoria West

“When brothers fight to the death, a stranger stands to inherit their property” – African Proverb.

The Black First Land First (BLF) movement condemns the recent black-on-black violence in Pretoria West. BLF is a Black Consciousness, Pan-Africanist, anti-imperialist movement and as such we believe there are no black foriegners in Africa. The borders were created by greedy colonialists and we don’t recognise them.

These violent acts, which include the torching of homes and businesses, in the Democratic Alliance (DA) led City of Tshwane, come as a result of alleged selling of drugs by foreign nationals, Nigerians specifically.

Over the last 5 years life has become increasingly difficult for African migrants trying to make a living in South Africa. The myth that all our brothers and sisters from across the colonial borders sell drugs and have no right to be here must be corrected. The black­-on­-black violence seen here is the spiralling out of control of the permanent structural violence in the black community. South Africa is a deeply violent society – and we must own up to that, in order to better deal with the reality. The culture of violence has its roots in the violence of colonialism and apartheid – and the oppressed misdirected counter violence in response.

Since his swearing into office, DA Johannesburg mayor, Herman Mashaba has been spewing anti-black Afrophobic and vile left right and centre. We believe his utterances feed into the imperialist regime change agenda of London. Using the agency of DA, Mashaba is fuelling black-on-black violence to create a civil war situation, to justify regime change. We must also never forget the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) who gave the DA power in the metros – they must be held equally liable.

It has been proven again and again that when blacks institute violence against each other it is because the perpetrators mimic the methods of white supremacy: they assume whiteness when, for example, they castrate, lynch or burn each other. The master is present even in his absence.

In order to deal with the problems of black-on-black violence, we need to deal with the root causes that are about lack of transformation and the continuation of apartheid economic and property relations in South Africa.

This situation is exacerbated by the terrible ongoing economic and political crises here and in neighbouring countries. A solution to these crises needs an Africa wide approach, but it can only take place within a decolonising politics and movement. Until then we are going to be trapped in these cycles of violence.

Given the ways in which white supremacy has damaged relations (social, gender, sexual, political, class) between Black people, we need to find ways to redirect our rage from between us to the real enemy – white people!

BLF continues to call for “Peace Amongst Blacks. And war against the enemy.”

We must not moralise our way forward. All black people in and out of this country are dealing with the scourge drug abuse. The solution must be a political one. The ills of white supremacy that are brought to bear upon our people manifest as drug dealing, Afrophobia, tribalism etc. This will only end via economic liberation now. This we must achieve via fighting imperialism to take back the land. We declare war on drugs and Afrophobia by fighting imperialism and taking back the land.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)

18 February 2017

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