The DA and EFF copy the anti-black ANC’s actions in Lenasia


By Andile Mngxitama

Seven years ago I was called by the community of Lenasia to intervene when their houses where being demolished by the then African National Congress (ANC) ran City of Johannesburg. When we arrived, the TLB tractors were pulling fully built and often really beautiful homes down. We stood with the community with shared tears. We asked, why would a government that claims to care for the people do this?

Little did I know that seven years later, and exactly a day after the new set of Members of Parliament (MPs) were sworn, the now Democratic Alliance (DA) and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) run City of Johannesburg would repeat the cruelty of the ANC on the people of Lenasia South.

I arrived in Lenasia yesterday late afternoon after a call for help. Yet again we were met with piles of rubble were houses stood that very morning. Over 30 houses down! The TLB arrived with red ants and a sheriff of the court armed with a court order sought by Mayor Herman Mashaba – the trusted man of the EFF. Mashaba, and by extension the EFF which put him in power, waited for the people to vote for them, then they moved on them under the insulting claim that the people built houses on land obtained illegally.

I had an opportunity to address the community and didn’t mince my words. I explained that they didn’t vote for Black First Land First (BLF). They voted for parties which are evicting them and demolishing their homes. I reminded them that in 2012 the ANC, under the councillor Dan Bovu, did exactly what the DA and EFF are doing to them right now. I asked, where are the people who they voted for? We are no longer going to mollycoddle the poor and the oppressed. Let them take responsibility for their political choices.

I explained that BLF will stand with them just like some of us did back in 2012. I saw regret written on their faces. I explained that the only way we can save the rest of the houses is if we mobilise resistance. That’s how we saved some houses in 2012. Mashaba and EFF must be exposed and put under pressure. No more evictions. No more demolitions. The people want houses!

I furthermore explained that I have no more tears to cry. I did that already in 2012. Now we must fight. The community will be in court this morning trying to get an urgent application to stop Mashaba’s demolitions, powered by Juju. My advice is to go straight to Mashaba the demolition man.

Please see below a column I wrote for the Sowetan in 2012.

YESTERDAY, I was at Lenasia, Gauteng, as part of the September National Imbizo delegation which visited the community whose homes are being demolished.

Sipho Ngobeni, whose house was destroyed, told us: “I used to have a house, now I’m a hobo”.

Last Thursday, he was given five minutes to take everything out of his house by rude and violent government officials accompanied by the police.

The people and residents’ association, who have been talking to government, are bewildered by this irrational violence and arrogance of the democratic government.

They ask the question: why does the government destroy houses of people who have taken so much effort to put a roof over their heads without asking for government support?

Some people sold their cars, others took out loans from banks and others are working double shifts to pay for the houses they have built – which are a thousand times better than what the government gives as RDP houses.

A government that respects the people and is committed to serving citizens would not have reacted with administrative and judicial violence and arrogance.

A government of the people would have appreciated the initiative of citizens and then regulated their efforts and encouraged others to do the same.

Our government hates people’s self-organisation and efforts. It is clear that instead of responding with understanding and empathy, the first thing the ANC does is to flex its power as a state and punish the people.

A government that relates to its citizens with violence is no longer fit to govern.

We are still in the midst of the Marikana massacre and haven’t forgotten the public murder of Andries Tatane. Now we see the ANC demolishing houses instead of building more houses to end homelessness.

It doesn’t look like things are going to get better, instead we must prepare for the reality of things getting worse!

A strange aspect of these irrationalities of power is how the ANC alliance acts as a hegemonic power.

It’s marvellous to watch the now well-synchronised ritual of violence against the people.

The ANC government will attack the people and then the South African National Civics Organisation, Cosatu and the SACP will come to the scene, register shock and declare that they are with the people and are going to take the matter up.

It’s like one hand assaults you and the other offers you comfort. It’s an evil, cynical abuse of power of people’s trust and vulnerability. I can imagine the alliance partners laughing about it at Luthuli House.

The ANC must stop the demolitions forthwith and as a gesture of remorse must publicly apologise to the nation and rebuild the houses they have destroyed and pay for all related losses.

Destitute people who took the initiative and then found that they have been duped by government officials or people who used fraudulent papers that look like official papers do not deserve to be punished. They deserve to be assisted. Can the ANC listen?

Last week I promised readers that I would write this week about Zimbabwe’s amazing indigenisation process. But it will have to be the next column. I apologise.

BLF congratulates the 6th Parliament


By Andile Mngxitama

The 6th parliament has now been sworn in. Black First Land First (BLF) congratulates the pro-black Members of Parliament. The task facing our people remains the state of unfreedom in democracy.

Unfortunately because of the interests that the 6th parliament represents, the black majority shall remain unfree. It is our duty to raise alarm as early as now, about what is going to unfold:

1. There will be no land expropriation without compensation during the tenure of this parliament.
2. There will be no jobs for the 9 million unemployed black people.
3. ESKOM will be privatised and sold off.
4. Thousands of ESKOM workers will lose their jobs.
5. The cost of living will continue to rise.
6. White corruption and racism will continue to thrive.
7. Parliament will become a theatre of black on black violence.
8. Free education will be further phased out.
9. The Democratic Alliance (DA) will be given more political power.
10. The Public Protector will come under intense political attacks for her non-partisan stance.

BLF shall continue to raise alarm about the betrayal of our people and shall confront white monopoly capital and land thieves head on.

Land or death!


Will the new cohort of parliamentarians defend the Public Protector?


By Andile Mngxitama

The office of the Public Protector is under attack from the usual white right-wing interests through the judiciary. The political representatives which purport to represent the black opinion and black interests in parliament have often joined the Democratic Alliance (DA) led lynch mob. The racist DA has a mandate to defend the interests of white monopoly capital and it does so unapologetically.

The office of the Public Protector under advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane is seen as hostile to the interests of white monopoly capital. This has opened the floodgates to attacks on her person and integrity. Now that the ruling party has elected a pro-white monopoly capital President, we can expect it to fully join the DA in the attacks against the Public Protector. The sad truth is that no political party is going to consistently and unapologetically stand up for the Public Protector in parliament. The configuration of the current parliament is essentially pro-white monopoly capital.

The main reason why the Public Protector is under attack by the ruling class media and courts is because of two main findings she has made; one on ABSA and the other on the South African Reserve Bank. It is important to distinguish between the ruling class and the ruling party. The ruling class are the owners of the means of production and are not sitting in parliament, they only sponsor parliamentary representatives. The ruling class is white monopoly capital. The majority of parliamentarians are its stooges because they are funded by the ruling class.

The ruling class also owns the media and has inordinate ideological influence over the judiciary. If a matter comes to court between an ordinary person and a representative of the ruling class, it is almost a given that the court will side with the ruling class. This is so because the state is actually owned by the ruling class. The current Public Protector is seen as inimical to the interests of the ruling class, hence the media and judicial onslaught instigated by the political class which represents the ruling class.

The previous Public Protector was openly pro-ruling class and was therefore the darling of the pro-ruling class media and courts. This was irrespective of how shoddy and inferior her reports often were. After her retirement from office, the previous Public Protector, advocate Thuli Madonsela, was given what some have claimed is a ‘thank you’ cushy job at the University of Stellenbosch, where Johann Rupert is the Chancellor. Advocate Madonsela is accused of refusing to investigate corruption claims made against Johann Rupert and other representatives of the ruling class.

The current Public Protector’s main sin from the perspective of the ruling class was her finding that ABSA must pay back the money that it, together with the likes of Johann Rupert, stole from the South African Reserve Bank just before the end of apartheid. Thabo Mbeki commissioned an investigation on the staggering north of R26 billion theft. The London based investigators or the CIEX gave Mbeki a report which confirmed the theft and Mbeki inexplicably shelved the report.

Madonsela was asked to investigate what happened to the CIEX report and its findings. For five years she did nothing. Black First Land First (BLF) put pressure on her to investigate. She instead lied and sent BLF members to jail on false charges. After two years, the case against BLF was thrown out by the court.

The current Public Protector completed the investigation and found that CIEX was essentially correct and she ordered that ABSA must pay back the money. Bizarrely, the Reserve Bank went to court to say it doesn’t want ABSA to pay the money back. This is complicated by the fact that the wife of a pro-white monopoly capital Trevor Manuel is the CEO of ABSA and they are known to be ideologically linked to Pravin Gordhan, who is believed to have influence over the Reserve Bank. Join the dots.

Advocate Mkhwebane shocked the ruling class by finding that it must account and pay back the money. She didnt end there, she went further and recommended that the mandate of the Reserve Bank has to be reviewed so that it becomes explicitly pro-people. For these findings she has been targeted for campaigns of vilification by the media and the courts. The tenor of the attacks is calculated to convey the message that she is incompetent and she must be removed.

The sad reality is that the 6th parliament representation is essentially pro-white monopoly capital and therefore we can expect more attacks on the Public Protector driven from parliament. The ruling class wants another Thuli Madonsela in that office and this parliament is likely to oblige.

Drop-kicking Schwarzenegger a precursor to the coming black explosion?


By Andile Mngxitama

It came flying out of nowhere like a bolt from the blue. The representation of whiteness staggered and the fan base gasped in collective disbelief. Arnold Schwarzenegger was drop-kicked in Johannesburg by what looks like a deranged fan.

His demands make no sense at first. The drop-kicker is yelling for a Lamborghini from the shaken Arnie. Haven’t those of us who subscribe to radical anti-white supremacy modes of thinking and praxis warned following Fanon’s teacher, Aime Cesaire, that black demands for justice strike the world as both illogical and illegal? After all, we are reacting to the gratuitous violence visited upon us from the last 500 years or so.

Blackness is universally illegal. To call for justice for black people is a declaration of war. Justice for blacks threatens the building blocks of white civilization from the individual rights regimes to stolen property protection laws and jurisprudence. The world, that is the white world, functions on the basis of black surrender. Any attempt of black demands for justice invites violence. The white world, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, walks around with absolute confidence in its invincibility. Protected from wall to wall. Such knowledge breeds white arrogance.

The world hates blackness and ensures it is kept excluded. After all, for whiteness to maintain its coherence it needs blackness kept in captivity and suppressed. The whole legal, ethical and moral edifice which governs the world is expressly anti-black. From this reality there is essentially no possibility for justice for black people under the current power configuration.

Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, the white world is protected. But like a thief in the night, a black drop-kick will come in flying when least expected and a crisis of confidence may be inaugurated for whiteness. Whiteness will raise its guards and walls even higher as a consequence, but the black explosion lurks not too far from the white Alcatraz always. One day, the floodgates will open and there shall be blackness all around. The white power switch will go off. Blackness.

That kick was for Tokkie Williams whom Arnold Schwarzenegger sent to the needle despite calls, even from Winnie Madikizela Mandela, to save his life. Occasionally, a drop kick comes in for blacks. We wait.