BLF On The Dros Sexual Assault: This Is War

BLF On The Dros Sexual Assault: This Is War
Black First Land First (BLF) takes the sexual assault of a 6 year old black child by the racist settler colonizer Nicholas Ninow as a crime against the humanity and dignity of the innocent child and in addition all black children. Therefore this was an act of war against all black people.

BLF is appalled by the impunity enjoyed by settler colonizers in this country. Thousands of black women, men and children have been subjected to sexual violence at the hands of white men and women without concequences. Every single one of these violations are acts of warfare, racist deliberate attempts to weaken and kill the black collective and are often rewarded by the media, the government and the law with protection.

BLF also notes the subdued reaction from mainstream voices of gender-based violence. This is because the perpetrator is a white man. We are appalled by how the mainstream press quickly rushed to protect the rapist. Furthermore we condemn the cowardly black men who found the terrorist and didn’t do what they would have done if it was a black man. BLF calls on blacks to defend themselves and get justice.

BLF recognizes that this is not an isolated event, that the assault on the 6 year-old black child by the racist peadophile Nicholas Ninow, who allegedly confessed to have done it before, is not an enigma. He is a true reflection of all white males. A species that is dangerous, enabled and racist. His actions and those of other white men are sanctioned by racist organisations like Afriforum and also by the complicit ANC government that has let settlers get away with crimes against humanity.

BLF is aware that another racist peadophile, Collan Rex was convicted of sexually assaulting more than 20 boys at Parktown Boys High School. Furthermore we have not forgotten about apartheid ministers and businessmen who kidnapped and raped black children in Bird Island near Port Elizabeth. We have not forgotten how Eugène Terre’Blanche and his cabal raped farm workers and their children for years until Chris Mahlangu ended the terror and hacked Blanche to death with a machete.

This and the numerous unreported violations that happen in Orania, in farms where our people are subjected to sexual slavery, in suburbs and places of work, where white men’s acts of violence against black people have continued to go unnoticed, is evidence that white people have declared war. BLF calls for poetic justice. White men can not continue to be empowered to sexually assault black people without consequences.

BLF will be undertaking several actions in retaliation against Nicholas Ninow and his ilk, firstly by demanding that Dros Restuarant pay reparations to the family of the child and close shop. BLF will make submissions to the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into state capture regarding the criminal actions of the paedophile ring indicated in the book ‘The Lost Boys of Bird Island’, which amount to state capture. BLF will further engage in protest action and do all else that may be necessary to get real justice.

We caution that all our rights are reserved and shall be optimally utilized in the event of the government and parliament not acting favorably as urged.


30 September 2018

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BLF stands with Venezuela against US interference

BLF stands with Venezuela against US interference

BLF supports Venezuela’s rejection of United States (US) interventionism, as announced by President Nicolas Maduro at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) this Wednesday. To this end we note the apt invocation of the revolutionary spirit of Simon Bolivar who led many struggles in the region against Spanish colonialism.

We condemn with contempt the US sponsored assassination attempt on President Maduro’s life during August this year; and the devastating economic embargo and diplomatic isolation of Venezuela – which are all part of the agenda to overthrow the legitimate government of Venezuela.

We are also appalled by the reactionary regimes of Latin America – from that of Michel Temer of Brasil and Orlando Hernández of Honduras to Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico and Mauricio Macri of Argentina – who submit to the dictates of the capitalist imperialist US government of Donald Trump against the government and people’s of Venezuela.

As the storm rages in Venezuela, BLF boldly raises the flags of Comandante Chávez in internationalist solidarity. We are anti-imperialist. We stand in defence of the revolutionary government of President Nicolás Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution.

In this context the remarks of President Maduro made during the 73rd session of the UNGA is published below:

“ We have been called to work and address a vital issue that has been titled “Making the UN relevant to all”, a high and noble goal.

We are sure that the 21st century will set the tone for processes of human and political liberation, for the liberation of peoples that will have an important impact on the future of the UN.

Today Venezuela comes to tell its truth (…), I bring the voice of a country that has refused to surrender to injustice and to empires throughout history.

I bring the voice of the people who have the honour of being the cradle of the great liberator Simón Bolívar.

Venezuela is at once cradle and a school of republican values.

The US president of North America once attacked the noble people of Venezuela, following the doctrine which founded the United States empire 200 years ago.

Venezuela is the victim of permanent aggression in economic, political, diplomatic and media aspects by those who govern the United States of North America.

They wield the Monroe Doctrine to justify the aggression against our beloved homeland from an ideological, political and diplomatic point of view.

Economically, Venezuela has been subjected to a series of illegal, unilateral measures of economic persecution in the past two years (…), we have been prevented from using the international currency the U.S. dollar.

A migratory crisis has been manufactured by different means, aiming to divert the attention from real migratory crises that exist around the world.

The seriousness of the migration crisis caused by the destruction of Libya by NATO will not be addressed.

Yesterday we bore witness to how the US president made direct threats to withdraw aid, international support and aid systems for the governments and peoples of the world that need it.

The US president threatened the governments of the world to submit to his designs, to his orders and to collaborate with his policies in the United Nations system or else he would act accordingly.

I would like to ask the United Nations system to appoint a special delegate to conduct an independent international investigation on the implications and perpetrators of the terrorist attack of August 4.

Despite the immense historical, ideological, and social differences (…), despite all the differences, I would be willing to shake hands with the president of the United States and to sit down to talk about bilateral and regional issues.

It is those who have differences in this world who have to put their good will on the table (…), President Donald Trump has said he is concerned about Venezuela, I am willing to talk with an open agenda on all issues.

Venezuela is a country that advocates and commits itself to the construction of a multipolar, pluripolar and multicentric world. There isn’t  just one economic model. We cannot allow a unique economic model, a single thought to be imposed.

200 years ago our region was plagued by colony, 100 years ago we struggled as peoples for freedom and today in the 21st century the opportunity has arrived.

Today, Venezuela is stronger than ever, we have known how to resist, we are standing and ready to continue advancing in the construction of a social model of our own, that of the socialist revolution of the 21st century, we say it to the four winds.

I trust in the human being and in the future of humanity (…), from Venezuela we say to the UN we trust in the noble ideals of the Venezuelan people that will not surrender”.


Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)

28 September 2018

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Ekurhuleni metro’s decision to expropriate land doesn’t solve landlessness

Ekurhuleni metro’s decision to expropriate land doesn’t solve landlessness

Black First Land First Gauteng (BLF-GP) notes the announcement by the Mayor of Ekurhuleni, Mzwandile Masina, of the City’s decision to expropriate at least four properties without compensation. The point, as Masina suggests, is to test Section 25 of the constitution for its capacity to address the housing problem by expropriating land without compensation and creating townships thereon.

Masina’s project amounts to a short term solution providing temporary relief from the historical injustice of land dispossession and by extension the housing problem and the harsh realities of life in informal settlements. BLF GP firmly believes that the relief suggested by Masina will serve ultimately to further entrench apartheid spatial design of keeping black people in townships outside of the means of production.

Black people have come to understand the importance of land and our deep connection to it by birthright. Guided by this realization and a program inspired by black consciousness BLF revolutionary forces in Ekurhuleni took the battle to the streets to fight for what belongs to them. They waged a long and difficult battle which entailed them going against a municipality run by fellow politically misguided blacks who feared the authority of whites.

Section 25 of the constitution, that Masina places so much faith in, is unworkable.
BLF believes that the whole of the said Section 25 should be scrapped and replaced with the following:

a) All the land held by whites in South Africa is stolen property.
b) All black people have a right to land in South Africa without any payment.
c) The eviction of farm workers and poor people from land is illegal (we are saying the constitution must make it illegal for whites to evict us).

The City must actually declare a moratorium on all evictions. It must focus on formally expropriating and servicing the land that the people have taken. To this end land occupation by the landless blacks must be made lawful.

BLF-GP acknowledges the fighting spirit of the community of Zonkizizwe in their quest to occupy a section of Embileni where the Ekurhuleni metro police has unleashed its brutality on them. The community of Esselen Park have also been brutally attacked by the same metro police that Masina presides over.

We will be getting in touch with the Mayor’s office to get further clarity on the expropriation process with a view to furthering the cause of our people in their just struggles against landlessness, homelessness and business economic empowerment.

If the City of Ekurhuleni under Masina is serious about land expropriation without compensation it will not deploy the police and courts to criminalize land occupations in Ekurhuleni. Moreover it will put an end to the victimization and persecution of the people of Zonkizizwe and Esselen Park, and of any black person of any other region for that matter, engaged in legitimate struggle.

BLF-GP will monitor the situation to see what implications the Mayor’s plan has for the resolution of the land question in the context of the current land expropriation debate in the country. Will the Mayor act in the interests of the people in the long term or is this just a move to garner votes for the 2019 elections? We won’t be fooled by politicians again. Enough is enough!

Issued by the Gauteng Provincial Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF GP)

28 September 2018

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Mediation between the Human Rights Commission and BLF

Today, Black First Land First (BLF) will attend a mediation process at the offices of the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) in the matter of Lucy Strydom versus BLF and 6 others under case number 11/2018 EQ JHB​​​​​​​. This follows the order on 18 July 2018 of the Equality Court (sitting at the Johannesburg Magistrate) that the parties engage in mediation.

The SAHRC financially supports the racist Lucy Strydom via legal representation in her quest to get BLF banned. The objective of Strydom’s case is to stop BLF from contesting the 2019 elections.

In the first court hearing the Magistrate agreed with BLF that the matter must proceed to mediation. Also the Magistate ruled that BLF may seek the assistance of the SAHRC to fund its legal representation just as the Applicant, Lucy Strydom, has done in this case. The SAHRC has turned down BLF’s subsequent written request for legal assistance, without any sound reason.

BLF had also asked the SAHRC for a mediation process in line with the court order dated 18 July 2018. While the SAHRC has agreed to mediation herein it has contravened the impartiality requirement by imposing its own Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as the mediator. This makes the SAHRC the complainant and the mediator at the same time. The SAHRC is not interested in mediation to facilitate an amicable resolution of this matter. It seems to us that all the SAHRC wishes for is to get BLF banned from contesting elections next year.

BLF will attend the mediation session and demand a neural mediator. We will insist that the mediation services offered at Court be utilized and to this end an appropriate mediator, from a panel of accredited mediators appointed by the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, be chosen. Strydom claims to be harassed by slogans such as ‘one settler, one bullet’ and the BLF motto, ‘Land or Death’. Assisted by the SAHRC she has asked the Court to, amongst other things, deregister BLF from the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). This is a thinly veiled attempt to ban BLF.

BLF will be on the ballot paper in 2019 to defend radical economic transformation. We call on the SAHRC to stop playing politics. We note the blatant bias on the part of the SAHRC. They are quick to assist the racist Lucy Strydom but are refusing to give BLF the same courtesy.

The mediation will take place under the following details:

Date: 17 September 2018
Time: 2pm
Venue: SAHRC offices, 2nd floor,
33 Hoofd Street, Braampark,
Forum 3, Braamfontein.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)

17 September 2018

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