BLF accuses ANC & EFF of sabotaging land expropriation

Black First Land First (BLF) condemns the betrayal of the landless by the African National Congress (ANC) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), with the strongest possible terms. The two parties have connived to waste ten months instead of amending the constitution to ensure land expropriation without compensation. The ‘public participation’ process by the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) was a deliberate time-wasting strategy because it is not a requirement for amending the constitution.

The connivance between the two parties is a deliberate ploy to avoid amending the constitution while pretending to be committed to land expropriation without compensation. There will be no amendment of the constitution before the 2019 general election. The ANC and EFF will only expropriate the votes of the landless without compensation.

BLF has warned that the two parties are not serious about land expropriation. They just use it to get votes. The ANC and EFF jointly have the required 2/3rds majority in the National Assembly (NA) to amend the constitution but have not done so. They have instead embarked on a deliberate time-wasting process.

BLF calls on the people to demand land expropriation without compensation before 2019 elections failing which they must not vote for these two parties.

BLF is finalizing a process of taking land from the land thieves by direct action.

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)
9 December 2018

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Deputy President: Zanele Lwana
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#TakeBLFtoParliament, heed the call of the revolution!

#TakeBLFtoParliament, heed the call of the revolution!

The Oppenheimers have shut down the #TakeBLFtoParliament campaign that was hosted by the BackaBuddy crowdfunding platform. This is not surprising. White monopoly capital (WMC) is hellbent on stopping BLF from going to parliament in 2019! Backed by its huge following – the wretched of the earth in general – BLF has reinforced its unwavering commitment to realising its objective of using politics to end politics. By going to parliament BLF will create a second arm of assault against the anti black system while continuing with the first arm of extra parliamentary mass insurrection and direct action. This two pronged approach to political engagement is in furtherance of destroying white supremacy and creating a fully responsive Sankarist state.

Hence we call on our people to intensify the campaign to #TakeBLFtoParliament by donating towards the deposit amount of R605000,00 that is required for BLF to register with the Independent Electoral (IEC) to contest the next general election. The deposit amount is by law refundable once a political party obtains at least one seat in parliament. BLF is confident it will get seats in parliament.

Any sum of money donated, however small or huge or in between, will be appreciated. If you want to donate to BLF, please make your payment into our bank account, details of which are as follows:

Account Name: Black First Land First
Account Number: 625 7120 2911
Branch: 253 305
Bank: FNB
Reference: Donation

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Oppenheimers have shut down #TakeBLFtoParliament on Back-a-Buddy crowdfunding platform

Black First Land First (BLF) notes with disdain that the Oppenheimer family has shut down the #TakeBLFtoParliament crowdfunding campaign on the BackaBuddy platform. BLF has intensified its attack on white monopoly capital (WMC) and the Oppenheimer family. To this end it has intervened both in the Parliamentary Committee’s probe into how the Oppenheimer-owned Fireblade Aviation got to operate a private terminal inside the OR Tambo International Airport; and through the laying of criminal charges of fraud, corruption and bribery against Nicky and Johnathan Oppenheimer in that they had illegally acquired an airport terminal inside a national key point which in turn entails their corrupt relationship with the ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC).

A few hours after BLF confronted the Oppenheimers, the BackaBuddy platform threatened to shut down the #TakeBLFtoParliament campaign on their website, and yesterday followed through on its threat. No dialogue! No Explanation! White capital showed us its power. BLF had engaged BackaBuddy prior to the launch of the campaign over a period of nearly 3 months and ensured that all criteria was adhered to, yet those who run BackaBuddy contacted BLF to demand that the #TakeBLFtoParliament campaign be cancelled due to it “being divisive”.

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BLF to expropriate the farms and houses of white DA leaders

The racist Democratic Alliance (DA) has declared war on our revolutionary movement. The party of Helen Zille the colonialist and Tony Leon the son of the apartheid hanging judge Ramon Leon (who dismissed Solomon Mahlangu’s appeal against the death sentence and sentenced Andrew Zondo to the noose) wants to ban Black First Land First (BLF) from Parliament. We note the new threat by the racist party of land thieves that it will seek to have BLF banned. We consider this threat a declaration of war against our movement. BLF shall therefore defend itself to the full extent of its revolutionary ethics.

The land thieves are scared! BLF is not a fake revolutionary movement that will gift land thieves with political power in the metropolitan municipalities. Our movement will be undertaking a process to identify the farms and even private homes of the white leaders of the DA for a people led expropriation process. These farms and houses will be expropriated by the people themselves to fulfill the process of land expropriation without compensation.

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