BLF PRESS RELEASE – 24 April 2019

The following press statement was delivered by Black First Land First President, Andile Mngxitama, at the headquarters of the movement in Johannesburg


Black First Land First (BLF) stands with the people of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) especially the black families who have lost their loved ones in the floods.

The floods have yet again shown the consequences of the apartheid spacial design and the failure of the African National Congress (ANC) to end apartheid in reality since 1994.

Blacks die from simple heavy rains because of the underlying socio-economic conditions we have been subjected to. BLF puts the blame for the floods on the door step of the white community which created apartheid spacial design and infrastructure development deficit.

Furthermore, we recognize that the unpredictable weather behavior is a direct outcome of climate change which is again, a consequence of the global destruction of the ecosystem by white people.

BLF demands reparations from the beneficiaries of apartheid to restitute for the floods in South Africa. The African Union (AU) must demand ecological reparations from both the European Union (EU) and the United States of America (USA), as they are the biggest contributors to climate change. Those who destroy must pay!

We call on the government to bring relief to the people; cover the costs of funerals and rebuild houses for those who lost property. Extra funding can be sourced from a special 1% taxation from all the beneficiaries of apartheid and corporations.

These are not natural disasters. These are man made calamities.


BLF wishes to thank all the people of South Africa who have contributed to ensure that our movement raises the deposit to participate in the elections.

We managed to out-maneuver the enemy in the form of Afriforum which has frozen our bank account in a desperate attempt to stop us from participating in the elections. Our account remains frozen.


Black First Land First (BLF) is on the BALLOT. BLF is going to participate in the upcoming national elections. We are number 11 on the ballot!



It is people vs money (WMC). The Radical Economic Transformation (RET) program started by President Zuma has frightened WMC and land thieves. They are using these elections to consolidate white monopoly power. This is why they have poured so much money into the campaigns of pro-WMC parties. They have even called on pensioners like Thabo Mbeki to come back and assist.

The ideal outcome for WMC is a coalition of the Democratic Alliance (DA), Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the ANC of Ramaphosa, in order to end RET. It is for this reason that the EFF has been propped up with money and its corruption overlooked.

Malema is spending close to R200 million on the elections. Where does he get that kind of money from? One of his big billboards costs R100 000 a month!

Our people are bamboozled by marketing gimmicks into an unthinking voter. Manipulated by adverts every corner and every street pole. Important questions that are not being asked:

1. Why give DA black people’s votes?
2. Where is land expropriation without compensation?
3. Where is justice for the VBS victims?
4. Where is justice for the Marikana massacre victims?


BLF calls on Thabo Mbeki to stop attacking President Zuma on behalf of WMC. BLF believes that Ramaphosa, Mbeki and Pravin Gordhan want to ensure that the economy remains in white hands hence the vehement opposition to RET.

Their target is President Zuma as the father of RET. BLF believes they want to jail President Zuma to stop the RET momentum. That is what WMC did in Brazil.

BLF must expose these shenanigans because our movement has adopted RET.


We must also warn our people against the shocking admission of Julius Malema into the super rich secret society at a Sandton country club called Inanda. The membership of the club is secret. There are secret rooms for meetings to sell the country out. Our sources have informed us that amongst members of the country club are criminal elements like the self-confessed cigarette smuggler and tax evader, Andriano Mazzoti, who is also Malema’s blesser.


BLF will be implementing its anti-xenophobia/afrophobia business inspections from next week. The BLF Battle Plan prescribes a limit of 30% employees from outside South Africa.

We shall also be asking for urgent meetings with the Vice Chancellors of Wits, UCT, UJ and UP.


Yesterday BLF had a fruitful meeting with the leadership of the South African Football Association (SAFA), including Acting CEO, Russell Paul. SAFA has promised to report back to BLF next week Friday latest.


1. New constitution
2. Jobs
3. Sankara oath


The racist Freedom Front Plus (FF+) has yet again made an application to the Electoral Court to have BLF stopped from participating in the elections. BLF has won with a score of 2 – 0, heading towards a clean 3 – 0 defeat for the racist land thieves.

FF+ is afraid of BLF. They know that unlike Malema, we can not be bought with money. They know that in parliament, BLF will agitate for the ANC and the EFF to stop playing games with the land issue.

The FF+ application has no merit. How can a whites-only organization of apartheid claim to be champions of anti-racism? They want a boerestaad.

Even if BLF was open to whites we would refuse Groenewalt membership on account of being an ugly moron. He is an ugly imbecile. The Neanderthal gene has expressed itself on him aggressively. We wonder if he doesn’t have a little tail.

His deputy, Mulder, comes from the corrupt Afrikaner family of the ‘information scandal’ otherwise known as Muldergate, which toppled the blood thirsty Voster apartheid regime. These are degenerates!

“Black” in Black Consciousness is a political definition of Steve Biko. It is not about discrimination, it is about redress. Even Blacks who are non-whites are excluded.

BLF is fighting for an anti-racist society, where race doesn’t matter. This is consistent with the Constitutional provisions of redress such as Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment, Employment Equity interventions and even land restitution.

The FF+, Afriforum, DA, Lucy Strydom, bizarrely the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) and 19 white individuals are acting as a terrified gang to stop BLF from going to parliament. They will not succeed.

Next steps: on the FF+ Matter
1. The Heads of Arguments are due today for all parties
2. Court will give direction today about when arguments are to be heard
3. We don’t know how soon there-after we would get the ruling

On the DA complaint with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). We also shall respond today.

The SAHRC and Lucy Strydom application. The ruling shall be given on the 6th of May, 2019. Two days before the elections!

BLF is going to defeat all these evil attempts to stop us from being in parliament. We are going to parliament!


One of the actions BLF shall undertake before the elections is a trip to Orania to occupy some land there. We must decolonise South Africa. There can not be no-go areas for blacks. Apartheid ended in 1994.

12. Malema debate Mngxitama

Finally we call on a debate before the elections between Andile Mngxitama and Julius Malema. Let the voters know the truth! Malema must stop running. In any event running away is futile because we are coming to parliament.

Each member take 10 voters to vote BLF on the 8th of May.


MEDIA ALERT: BLF Press Conference

Black First Land First (BLF) invites members of the media to a press conference on the following matters:

1 Response to FF+ appllication to try stop BLF from contesting the 2019 elections.
2 Update on DA complaint against BLF at the IEC
3 The Lucy Strydom; Human Rights commission and Afriforum equality court application against BLF.
4. Actions BLF will be taking against:
4.1 SAFA for its sexism
4.2 Orania for its racism
4.3 Steps to end Xenophobia

The press conference will happen under the following details:

Date: 24 April 2019, Wednesday

Time: 11h00am (PLEASE ADVISE)

Venue: BLF Head Office,
Office 541,
Klamson Towers Building,
151 Commissioner Street & Von Welligh Street,

All media enquiries and attendees must be directed to Brian Tloubatla on 082 216 7664

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF – NCC)

23 April 2019

Black First Land First
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Black First Land First
Twitter: @BLF_SouthAfrica

Zanele Lwana
(Deputy President)
Cell: +27 79 986 7225

Lindsay Maasdorp
(National Spokesperson)
Cell: +27 79 915 2957

Brian Tloubatla
(Head of Media & Communications)
+27 82 216 7664

Hands off Zuma, arrest FW de Klerk – BLF press statement

Hands off Zuma, arrest FW de Klerk – BLF press statement

The following press statement was delivered at a press conference by Black First Land First (BLF) President, Andile Mngxitama, on 28 March 2018 at the BLF Headquarters situated at the Renaissance Building, in Gandhi Square, Johannesburg:

This press conference is called to clarify the position of BLF on a number of matters affecting our country including:

1. the status of many cases that BLF has opened against white monopoly capital (WMC) and the actions we are going to take to bring justice;
2. why BLF rejects the parliamentary fraud that passes as the Land Expropriation Without Compensation (LEWC) process and to this end what must be done; and
3. why BLF says “Hands off Zuma, arrest de Klerk”.

Firstly, BLF wishes to welcome the mass land expropriation being conducted by our people from Eshowe, Orange Farm and Ivory Park to Hermanus in the Western Cape. These are legitimate actions to address a real historical problem. If you want land, you take it!

Secondly, BLF wishes to congratulate both the National Union of Mine Workers (NUMSA) and civil society organisations for their victory last week in stopping the R1.4 trillion corruption at Eskom, which in turn is facilitated by the friends and relatives of Cyril Ramaphosa through the so-called tenders of the Independent Power Producers (IPPs) . We hope that the final court decision will confirm that NUMSA is correct to fight this fraud, which if allowed to continue, will result in over 30 000 job losses.

BLF also welcomes the passing into law of the Bill regarding the Public Funding of Represented Political Parties Act, 103 of 1997 (Act) to force political parties to declare their source(s) of funding. This is a victory for BLF which had made submissions to parliament to amend the Act so as to bring more transparency. We note that the only political party that voted against the Bill is the one that says Zuma is corrupt. We know now that the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) doesn’t want the people to know that it is funded via Robin Renwick (by London); and by the Stellenbosch and Italian mafia. Why not support openness when you claim to fight corruption?

The cases

WMC in this country is allowed to engage in unlawful activities without any consequences. That is why the Stellenbosch mafia Prince, Markus Jooste, can tell parliament to get lost after disappearing R18 billion of state funds through corruption – R18 BILLION!

BLF has always maintained that the most corrupt entities in South Africa (SA) are of WMC. Last week, the Competition Commission has revealed that media houses have paid admission of guilt fines. Because in SA the owners of the mainstream media are white, there has been no coverage on this issue.

BLF has opened a case of murder and conspiracy to murder against FW de Klerk and his Minister of Police Adrian Vlok in May 2017. This case involves 22 criminal charges against FW De Klerk and 16 criminal charges against Adrian Vlok. The case was opened at the Hilbrow Police Station and then transferred to the Sebokeng Police Station. There has since been no progress in the case.

This is surprising given the fact that BLF provided the police with a detailed statement on the crimes against our people committed by de Klerk and Vlok. There is even video material that corroborates the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) testimonies against the de Klerk regime.

BLF calls on the Minister of Police, Mr Bheki Cele, to intervene and make sure that the former President of SA, an apartheid mass murderer, and his then Minister of Police are brought to book. It makes no sense to put the black former President Jacob Zuma on trial and let the white mass murderer former President de Klerk enjoy all the perks of a former State President in peace. This is what increases white arrogance and individual acts of racism.

FW de Klerk killed over 5000 blacks in just 3 years! Between 1990 and 1993 over 5000 black people were murdered by de Klerk’s police.

We remember the 17 year old twins Sadat and Samora Mpendulo; their 12 year old cousin Mzwandile Mfeya; 12 year old Sandiso Yose; and 17 year old Thando Mthembu who were cowardly murdered by de Klerk in their sleep in Mthatha on that unforgettable day of 8 October 1993 .Their deaths will not be in vain. FW de Klerk must be arrested for these atrocities.

BLF has written to the Noble Peace Prize Committee to demand that it revokes the peace prize given to a mass murderer in 1993. We have asked the committee if it considers murdering black people part of its understanding of peace.

FW de Klerk was a master of massacres! All his massacres were committed in defence of apartheid. BLF demands action now! Makabotshwe uDe Klerk!

No land expropriation without compensation

BLF had warned the landless people of SA against the parliamentary fraud on land. The mainstream media has greatly assisted politicians to advance the lie that LEWC will be achieved any time soon. The truth is that the Constitution won’t be amended before the 2019 general elections. Politicians are playing political games for votes.

The Constitutional Review Committee (Committee) tasked with “reviewing” section 25 of the Constitution has explained its mandate. The Committee says it will call for “public participation” from May 8th, 2018 starting in the Limpopo Province. The hearings are to gauge the “necessity” and “mechanism” for LEWC. In other words, the Committee will not be putting amendments before parliament in August this year but will be submitting recommendations from the “public hearings”.

The landless have been lied to. The whole parliamentary motion was a stunt to garner support in the 2019 elections – it was not for land return without payment. It was an act of propaganda to deceive our people into thinking that an agreement has been reached to amend the Constitution. Now the Committee is going back to seek the opinions of the public on a matter where national consensus has long been achieved. This is a delaying tactic.

BLF wishes to remind the landless majority that there has already been public hearings on land expropriation – a Bill to this effect is with the Public Works Portfolio Committee in parliament. All that was needed was to amend that Bill so as to bring it in line with the proposed constitutional amendments and if necessary test the enhanced Bill via public hearings. This would have ensured that the Constitution is amended before the 2019 elections.

BLF calls on our people to make it clear to all the political parties in parliament that if no amendment of section 25 of the Constitution is realized before the 2019 elections, then they will not vote for liars. Lets stop politicians from lying and making empty promises.

Land expropriation without compensation NOW – is possible! BLF won’t wait for parliament and liars. We shall continue with people-driven LEWC. The land is ours!

Hands off Zuma

BLF notes that the the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has, after almost two decades, decided to prosecute former President Jacob Zuma. We note further that the ANC of Cyril Ramaphosa and the Communist Party of Blade Nzimande are conspiring to ensure that President Zuma is isolated and treated as a pariah. The ANC says it respects the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” yet it is intimidating its members who may want to support President Zuma.

Similarly, BLF notes how the Stellenbosch mafia-controlled opposition parties have been working hard to try and deny Comrade Zuma legal representation by denying him legal aid. They charge President Zuma and then turn around and say that his legal fees must not be paid by the state whereas he acted as the President of SA when charges where brought.p against him.

BLF is disgusted by the hypocrisy of the Democratic Alliance (DA) and its ongoing racism. Helen Zille’s legal fees in the Equality Court, (sitting in the Western Cape Division of the High Court) case instituted by BLF, are paid by the State. BLF was given confirmation in Court that indeed Helen Zille’s legal fees are paid by the State. The court case is about Helen Zille’s racist utterances in terms of which she insulted black people via her personal Twitter handle. The DA and EFF are fine with the State paying Zille’s legal fees but want to deny Comrade Zuma’s right to be represented and to this end defend himself in respect of the bogus charges against him.

Former President Jacob Zuma is being persecuted for his stance on Radical Economic Transformation (RET). WMC had captured the top leadership of the ANC at its elective conference in Nasrec in December last year and is now hunting down and punishing all the RET forces. The persecution of Comrade Zuma is done at the instruction of the Stellenbosch mafia.

BLF has always maintained that President Zuma is a victim of a conspiracy by WMC. Imperialism and its local arm, WMC, are fighting Comrade Zuma because he alone has used the office of the State President to spearhead radical policies including:

1. strengthening the BRICS block,
2. withdrawing South Africa from the International Criminal Court (ICC), which is a kangaroo court,
3. launching the RET agenda,
4. announcing free education,
5. announcing Land Expropriation Without Compensation,
6. calling for black unity to defeat WMC and return land.
7. amending the Competition Act so as to enable the law to hold corporate thugs personally liable for corruption, and
8. launching the Revised Mining Charter which gives blacks 30% ownership in 12 months and prescribes over 50% black ownership in respect of procurement.

The above are some of the measures that has angered and terrified WMC. That’s why schemes are hatched to try and intimidate the forces of RET which have been unleashed by President Zuma.

The lies about the charges are now open to all to see. The media and opposition parties have promoted the lie that comrade Zuma was facing 783 charges. They were lying knowingly. They just wanted the people to turn against President Zuma. It was all propaganda. Now we know there were only 16 charges.

BLF believes that the charges against President Zuma are a fabrication to silence him. It is shocking that these charges emanates from a forensic report by KPMG. We remind the nation that KPMG is a discredited corrupt auditing firm. KPMG doesn’t produce credible work and is available to be bought by any one with money and influence.

KPMG’s work is proven to comply with no ethical norms at all. When WMC put pressure on it in defence of Pravin Gordhan, KPMG – without any sound and rational reason – withdrew its forensic report commissioned by the South African Revenue Service (SARS). The withdrawn report corroborates two other independent reports which reveal that Pravin Gordhan had established a “rogue unit” inside of SARS to spy on other goverment agencies like the NPA.

BLF has marched to KPMG and delivered a memorandum of demands. This memorandum includes the demand that KPMG must withdraw its bogus report against President Zuma in the same way that it has withdrawn its report regarding Pravin Gordhan on his “rogue unit”. BLF has last week written a follow up letter to KPMG to demand progress in the matter.

#HandsOffZuma actions

BLF calls on all our people to come out and say #HandsOffZuma. BLF is calling on our people irrespective of political party affiliation to come out on the 6th of April to defend President Zuma and RET.

The 6th of April is the day Jan van Riebeeck arrived in SA and started all our problems in 1652. Almost four hundred years later we have the same problem. We must not allow the second colonisation by the judiciary.

BLF is working with other progresaive organisations to mobilize towards action on 6 April at the Durban High Court. We have joined other progressive organisations under the banner of RET to champion the campaign to defend President Zuma in respect of the false charges against him. Some of these organisations are:

2. Delangokubona;
3. Unemployed People’s Trust; and
4. Asidlesonke.

There are also more organisations and churches that have pledged to join the action on the 6 April.

They kicked President Zuma out of office; charged him; are trying to isolate him; and want to deny him legal aid as well as representation. Kanti wenzeni umsholozi?

The courts and judges are being used for politics. It is clear to us that WMC wants Zuma in jail to stop the momentum of RET. Uzuma akanacala.

BLF is also considering joining the court action by the South African Native’s Forum for the permanent stay of prosecution.