The Eskom parliamentary inquiry is a kangaroo court

Black First Land First (BLF) will once more write to both the speaker of parliament and the chairperson of the portfolio committee on public enterprises to stop the ongoing kangaroo court, called the Eskom Inquiry. It is clear the whole thing was designed as a political witchhunt for those who are driving radical economic transformation (RET). The process followed is open to abuse and those appearing before the committee are allowed to lie and slander at will.

Clearly, parliamentarians are not trained to adduce evidence, instead, they use the hearings to push their narrow agendas, more specifically to defend white monopoly capital. We note that after the slander and lies told about Brian Molefe, his appearance before the committee was not broadcast live by the mainstream media and it was contrived to go well into the late night. This, by design or omission, is tantamount to censoring someone whose name has been tarnished.

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Where is President Robert Mugabe?

Black First Land First (BLF) is concerned about the well-being of the president of Zimbabwe, comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe. The suspicious resignation letter read, not by him, but by the speaker of parliament, has not been authenticated or confirmed by President Mugabe himself.

The manner of resignation of President Mugabe has left us with many questions. Who wrote the resignation letter? If it was President Mugabe, under what circumstances was the letter written? Can a person in captivity be considered competent to write such letters without compulsion? Was president Mugabe coerced by force and threats? Was he harmed? Why has he not made a public appearance since the alleged resignation?

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BLF condemns mass evictions in Mamelodi by the DA

Earlier today, the racist Democratic Alliance (DA) illegally demolished over 40 shacks in Mamelodi, Tshwane. The people of Strydompark were surprised by Red Ants and the Tshwane Metropolitan Police Department. They started shooting rubber bullets and demolishing shacks without warning. There was no court order produced and therefore rendering the whole operation illegal.

Black First Land First (BLF) members together with the community resisted the illegal action. However, over 40 shacks were demolished and building material impounded by the racist DA. The people have vowed to resist the evictions and BLF shall do all it can to help stop the illegal activities of the DA, including opening a criminal case against the mayor of Tshwane, the house nigger called Solly Msimanga.

The real question is why is the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), as the people that gave political power to DA, continue the apartheid forced removals of black people? The EFF must take full responsibility for all the evictions happening in the metros they have given to the DA such as Tshwane and City of Johannesburg.

The BLF RADICAL ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION NOW RALLY last Saturday in Thokoza vowed to stop all the evictions in Gauteng and intensify land occupations to realise the objectives of RET.



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BLF to stop Pravin Gordhan from further abusing his position

Black First Land First (BLF) is appalled by the xenophobic utterances made by the former Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan. The former minister is on a mission to get rid of the Guptas by illegal means. Gordhan is a member of parliament and has sworn allegiances to the constitution which gives all citizens equal rights. Gordhan claims to be a defender of the constitution but has at every turn undermined it in his quest to advance the interests of white monopoly capital.

The shocking and menacing comment attributed to Gordhan about the Gupta family having to leave South Africa is nothing short of incitement. Gordhan is at war with the Gupta family because they are seen as supporting Radical Economic Transformation and are therefore a threat to white monopoly capital. Gordhan as a member of parliament is forbidden from inciting and promoting of hate.

If there is anyone to be asked to leave South Africa it should be people like Johann Rupert, Maria Ramos? Magda Wierzycka, Christo Wiese and many others who loot the South African economy. Lonmin, which is responsible for the Marikana massacre, should also be asked to leave.

Recently the Paradise papers have once again exposed the corruption of white monopoly capital and Gordhan has said nothing about that because he is a beneficiary of.

BLF shall be writing to parliament to complain about the unparliamentary conduct of Gordhan and ask parliament to remove him as an MP for breaching the oath he took. Furthermore, BLF shall lodge a high court application to have Pravin Gordhan’s remarks declared unlawful and that Gordhan must be ordered to apologise and withdraw his xenophobic comments.

Gordhan can no longer be allowed to abuse his position of power and authority for narrow interests of protecting white monopoly capital.


21 November 2017

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