BLF calls on Pravin Gordhan to stepdown!

Black First Land First (BLF) calls on the corrupt servant of white monopoly capital, Pravin Gordhan, to relinquish his seat in parliament as he has been proven to have engaged in improper conduct while overseeing the Rogue Unit.

Public Protector, Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane, has revealed in her report that indeed Gordhan has engaged in improper conduct and further more we note that Gordhan has used his relationship with Johann Rupert and Cyril Ramaphosa to shield him from being interviewed by the Chapter 9 institution.

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BLF welcomes Mmabatho High Court’s rejection of AfriForum’s Coligny murderers appeal

Black First Land First (BLF) welcomes the Mmabatho High Court’s rejection of AfriForum’s appeal of the racist Coligny murderers.

Pieter Doorewaard and Phillip Schutte killed Matlhomola Mosweu and the racist Right-wing AfriForum sought to have the conviction overturned, effectively because they believe racist land thieves have a right to do with black lives as they please.

AfriForum brought Advocate Barry Roux, who enjoyed a team including the racist Gerrie Nel, but they failed, and the court added an extra six years in total to the sentence.

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BLF welcomes the SAFA development

Black First Land First (BLF) welcomes the South African Football Association’s (SAFA) decision to pay Banyanya Banyana a R320 000 bonus each for qualifying in the FIFA Women’s World Cup round of 16.

This development comes after BLF met with the leadership of SAFA including Acting CEO, Russell Paul, on the 23rd of April, to put pressure on SAFA regarding the gender-pay discrimination of Banyana Banyana. We are pleased that exactly a month later, this development has been made.

While BLF is appreciative of the ‘baby steps’ taken in the matter to address the disturbing gender-pay gap between the two national soccer teams, BLF calls for policy interventions that will ensure that equal pay for equal play, is a standard practise.

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Anti-corruption is the most potent weapon of the corrupt

By BLF President, Andile Mngxitama

Zandile Gumede is targetted not because she is corrupt but because she is part of Radical Economic Transformation (RET) forces. The corrupt are allowed to roam freely as long as they serve the agenda of White Monopoly Capital.

Amongst a long list of corruption accusations levelled against him, some stated in the Panama Papers, Cyril Ramaphosa is accused of buying the African National Congress (ANC) conference with Bosasa’s corruption loot. Another favourite crusader against corruption, Julius Malema, has an outstanding criminal case involving bankrupting the entire Limpopo province through tender corruption, a cloud of suspicion hangs over Malema and his cabal for the collapsing of the VBS bank and the siphoning off of the tender gravy via Glad Africa channels.

The Oppenheimer family, also roaming freely, stands accused of unlawfully organizing itself a private international airport within OR Tambo International Airport. Pravin Gordhan must answer to charges of establishing a rogue unit at the South African Revenue Services (SARS) and presiding over the disappearance of R4.3 billion at the National Treasury. Markus Jooste, who committed one of South Africa’s biggest corporate frauds through Steinhoff, is a free man after swindling over R20 billion from state coffers. Yet, it is Zandile Gumede who is put on the cross to dangle alone like Christ.

White Monopoly Capital has weaponised anti-corruption as a tool to silence its opponents by branding them as corrupt. White supremacy has the discursive power to determine who must be marked out as corrupt and then subjected to judicial lynching under the guise of fighting corruption. The Zondo Commission is by and large functioning as a filter of who is corrupt and who is not. The white-owned media holds the brush to paint on the foreheads of the damned “stoned for corruption”.

We all hate corruption. White power has turned this ethical impulse into a weapon against the people. Because we correctly hate corruption, we are easily mobilized against those branded corrupt. Because we dont have the power to name the corrupt, white power does the naming and we the people do the stoning. This is how cruel and cynical white power is. The anti-corruption mantra turns the people against themselves and makes of good people agents of the oppressor.

The weapon of anti-corruption has served power well. In Brazil they successfully experimented with it. In South Africa they are perfecting it. The weapon of anti-corruption is so powerful that those branded corrupt are automatically cast out as beings without rights. It is too easy to treat the corruption accused as deserving the injustice that they are subjected to. See how advocate Nomcebo Jiba has been treated. See how the Zuma case is being turned into a Kangaroo court right in front of our eyes. Those branded corrupt by the machine of white power are the damned of our time.

Anti-corruption by the corrupt has proven the most effective tool to pursue the political agenda of the right wing. In South Africa, this weapon is used effectively against those perceived to be for RET. Zandile Gumede and Jacob Zuma are just the beginning of the crusade. It will not stop until all RET forces are subdued.

This is war and history teaches us that the first casualty of war is always the truth. Indeed, not all who say “anti-corruption” are anti-corruption, often the proponents of corruption come to us as crusaders against corruption.

BLF President, Andile Mngxitama remains suspended on Facebook and banned on Twitter.