BLF Timeline of Interventions in 2020

Theme of Black First Land First (BLF) for 2020

The theme for the year was, “2020, Year of Awakening & Organizing”

Flowing from this the following panel discussions were planned and held:

i. student activism, as well as blackness and the revolution;
ii. art, culture, revolution and love;
iii. provocations on God/s, Christianity, Blackness and Revolution;
iv. understanding violence in the black zone, feminism, blackness and revolution; and
v. health, corporate poisoning for profits, how big pharma makes us sick, and alternatives in health care.

In the main, BLF was set to continue unmasking white monopoly capital (WMC) and how it has captured the state and politics in South Africa.
BLF further committed itself to realising the target of recruiting 100 000 members in good standing by December 2020 as resolved in the BLF Special Policy Conference held on 30 November 2019.

Read, “2020, Year of Awakening & Organizing”

As 2020 unfolded BLF made significant interventions regarding the following situations:

i. the covid-19 stimulus package of R500 billion that went mainly to the donors of the CR17 campaign who made Cyril Ramaphosa President of the country
ii. the fake responses to individual acts of racism by whites meant to provide legitimization (as in the Unilever/Clicks saga and the killing of blacks by white farmers)
iii. State institutions going after blacks who are not controlled by white monopoly capital while leaving the white crooks to run loose
iv. the persecution of Prophet Bushiri
v. Bill Gates monster vaccines
vi. 5G
vii. Close the graves
viii. R350 SRD Grants

Covid-19 stimulus package of R500 billion that went mainly to the donors of the CR17 campaign who made Cyril Ramaphosa President of the country

  1. Five weeks into the lockdown on 21 April 2020 President Ramaphosa announced hugely inadequate Covid-19 lockdown measures to assist the poor. The R350 promised by Ramaphosa to the unemployed is an insult.The meager 250,000 food parcels promised by Ramaphosa showed just how out of touch he was with reality. There are over 25 million desperate people living in abject poverty in South Africa. There was no bailout package for the informal sector.
    BLF had called on the government to grant the poor a basic monthly universal grant of R2000. The measures announced by Ramaphosa ensured more wealth for WMC. The bulk of the R500 billion bailout was destined for big business.

The President’s announcement showed in 2 respects that the COVID-19 crisis was a pretext to impose a neoliberal policy regime, viz:

i. the deployment of the entire armed forces into society for almost three months as if there was a war; and
ii. the fact that Ramaphosa has already been engaging with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)/World Bank (WB) to fund the bailout of capital.

BLF rejected the IMF/WB bailout of WMC. It called on government to bailout the people and save the State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), instead.

Read, “BLF Rejects Ramaphosa’s IMF/WB Sponsored WMC Bailout”
Also read “Ramaphosa announces R500bn Covid-19 bailout – full speech (21/4/2020”

  1. On 29 July 2020 BLF wrote to the IMF and sent a clear message regarding the gift of R70 billion it gave South African politicians. BLF’s message was “We don’t owe! We won’t pay!”

BLF pointed out, “the people of SA, haven’t given the politicians a mandate to ask for money …. They have done so unilaterally for their own benefit and comfort.” Moreover, “the people of SA have no loan agreement with the IMF and therefore shall not be paying you back a cent.” Also, “The R70 billion was given to President Cyril Ramaphosa and his cronies and signed by his trusted sidekick Mr Tito Mboweni. Those are the people who owe you and therefore when we refuse to pay you, know where to go.”

  1. On 22 August 2020 BLF laid corruption charges at the Hillbrow Police Station against the President, Cyril Ramaphosa, in terms of the various provisions of the Prevention and Combatting of Corrupt Activities Act of 2004 under the reference, OB 1468/08/2020. BLF requested that the police, more especially the Directorate of Priority Crime investigations, investigate these offences.

A corrupt relationship exists between Ramaphosa and his benefactors. The evidence against Ramaphosa suggests that an amount of R1 billion was paid for his benefit to be elected President of the ANC and subsequently President of the country. Moreover those who funded his ascendancy to power subsequently benefited from him being President of the country.

Also on 22 April 2020 BLF wrote to the ANC Secretary General, Ace Magashule, and advised him of the charges laid against Ramapohosa that same day.

Fake responses to individual acts of racism by whites meant to provide legitimization

Racism: EFF, Uniliver and Clicks agreement

  1. EFF’s settlement over Clicks/Unilever for its racist hair advert amounted to just 5 black students getting bursaries; and 10 000 sanitary pads being donated valued at about R90 000. But Unilever’s turnover in 2019 was R1 trillion.

EFF and Uniliver said that the executive responsible for the racist advertisement has resigned and left the country. So at a time that the South African borders were closed and international flights not allowed due to the Covid-19 lockdown regulations, the executive (not named due to deal with the EFF – what other explanation is there?) disappeared from the country. How was that possible?

On 10 September 2020, BLF President Andile Mngxitama went live on social media to break down this so-called victory of EFF for the people

Watch the live broadcast here:

Also read, “Clicks racism: EFF sells out to Unilever”

  1. On 10 September 2020, BLF issued a statements warning that the only way to end the racism of Clicks is to demand 51% black ownership of the business – with workers and the unemployed youth being beneficiaries, not any politician. BLF stressed that only real black empowerment will end racism. BLF called on Clicks to show authentic remorse by giving real black ownership of 51% to its black workers and the unemployed youth.
    Read, ”To end racism 51% of Clicks must be black owned now!”
  2. BLF rejected the sell-out agreement between the EFF and Unilever.
    BLF cautioned that the EFF was entering into a sell-out deal. The EFF and Unilever negotiations served to protect the executive responsible for the racist advertisement in exchange fo
  3. On 11 September 2020 BLF wrote to the CEO of Unilever, Peter Cowan, and asked that a response be provided to the following questions within 5 days.

i. How did the Unilever Executive leave the country during the Covid-19 lockdown?
ii. What is the name of the said Unilever Executive?

BLF cautioned that it is a criminal offence to protect the identity anyone who has committed a crime. Unilever has not responded.
Read, “EFF & Uniliver protect executive who produced Clicks racist advert”

  1. Clicks committed racism via its hair advert. It then closed, trended, got huge publicity and traded again. The resistance led by the EFF is what BLF President has described as “Synthetic Rage Against Racism” – a performance of resistance which is not resistance in that it does nothing about the systemic nature of racism. If the right protesters are involved both sides can benefit out of racism – the enemy knows this. Angela Davis, Black Lives Matter and the Mazzotti boys all belong to this club of simulating resistance and serving power.
    Clicks/Unilever as we know benefitted more from this fake resistance. But it was still a win for both the EFF and Clicks.EFF’s empty performance resulted in Unilever protecting the unnamed executive who made the racist advert in exchange a mere 10 000 sanitary pads and 5 black students getting bursaries – which tuned out to be what Clicks was already doing.

Read, “Clicks’ racism and the synthetic rage against it”

  1. BLF President, Andile Mngxitama, presents 10 reasons why the EFF, Uniliver and Clicks agreement is a Codesa-like compromise deal which harms the fight against racism rather than advance it.

Read, “EFF’s insulting deal with Clicks, Unilever shows they can’t fight for racial justice”

Responses to racism of white farmers in Senekal

  1. The government is terrified of white hooligans who murder and evict blacks on farms everyday without any consequences. Generally we know the courts are lenient on whites who murder blacks. On 6 October 2020, these land thieves attacked the court buildings, burnt a police vehicle, and further endangered the lives of the suspects in Senekal, Free State. Why did the police allow the Boere hordes to get close to the police Casspir which was ferrying the accused?

The court has already been intimidated and therefore the accused will not get a fair trial. BLF called for the arrest of the hooligans without a further waste of time. BLF also called on the government to guarantee the safety and rights of the suspects.

Read, “BLF condemns the Boere hooligans who burnt police vehicle today”.

  1. The accused persons facing allegations of farm murder in Senekal have already been found guilty without a trial. Malema called them murderers who must rot in jail.
    The court proceedings were held in secret to hide the identity of what BLF believes to be a white farmer conducting a whole kangaroo court. The court process must be open to comply with the public expectations of being unbiased. The accused’s right to a fair trial has accordingly been compromised.

BLF called for an open trial so that the nation can see for itself how biased the courts are against farm workers.

Read, “BLF condemns secret apartheid like kangaroo court in Senekal”

  1. On October 15, 2020 BLF issued a statement denouncing Julius Malema’s antiblack statements, including his misleading utterances; “That black boy who killed a white man must go and rot in jail. It’s not our problem. We do not protect criminals.” Malema has declared the suspects murderers long before any court has found anyone guilty.
    BLF cautioned that Malema speaks black so as to confuse our people into thinking he is on their side when in fact, he is defending white land thieves. His stunts in Senekal proved this yet again. He got massive media mileage through the demonization of black people who are accused of murder. BLF said he was out to get massive media mileage which he got through the demonization of black people who are accused of the murder. BLF pointed out that if Malema was serious about ending the racism on farms, he would have dedicated his time to ensuring there is land expropriation without compensation. The vulnerability of blacks on farms is the function of landlessness.

Read, “BLF warns blacks against Malema”

State institutions going after blacks who are not controlled by white monopoly capital while leaving the white crooks to run loose

BLF has condemned the coordinated attacks (using state institutions) by white monopoly capital against those it considers enemies. BLF has called on state institutions – the courts, Zondo Commission, Hawks, Parliament etc – to stop the persecution of black leaders such as Jacob Zuma and Dudu Myeni who are proponents of Radical Economic Transformation (RET). BLF notes that these institutions while persecuting proponents of RET are scared to make white criminals like Markus Jooste, the corrupt former CEO of Steinhoff, to account for the billions lost through their corruption.

Jacob Zuma

  1. The Zondo Commission wants Jacob Zuma to tell it about his links with the Guptas, who it accuses of state-capture. Zuma said that the commission is not impartial and is biased.
    During his tenure as State President of South Africa, Zuma had defended the national sovereignty of the country via his radical economic transformation (RET) agenda. He was problematic to white capital and was seen as being too close to BRICS and the Guptas. So through a collaboration of the anti BRICS process globally with the anti Gupta WMC campaign locally, Zuma was removed from power via a Dilma Rousseff Brazilian like coup. Both Zuma and the Guptas were labelled by WMC as the most corrupt people responsible for state capture.

BLF has historically defended Zuma and the Guptas for their anti WMC and pro RET stance, and have maintained that making these two the enemy is a strategy that distracts us with side issues to protect white capital. Moreover, as the BLF President pointed out, “economic terrorism has been conducted on the Guptas (who only supplied 5% of ESKOM’s coal needs at that time) by WMC which wanted them out of mining so that white dominance (which manifests as supplying 95% of ESKOM’s coal needs) over the sector is protected”

Read, “Jacob Zuma to be summoned to appear before Zondo Commission”

  1. BLF has been saying that Zondo Commission is a weapon against Radical Economic Transformation (RET) to advance the interests of white monopoly capital (WMC) and behaves like Johann Rupert’s kangaroo court.

Over R4.3 billion was disappeared by corruption under Gordhan’s watch at the National Treasury. He instituted an internal audit which confirmed that some of the companies he has shares in were implicated in the corruption of tenders. Pravin Gordhan unlawfully suppressed the audit. He didn’t take the necessary action that he was legally obliged to do.

Furthermore, BLF has acquired a forensic audit which gives further details of the corruption and the parties involved. This forensic audit report too was supressed by Pravin Gordhan. Yet again he broke the law and engaged in obvious criminal acts relating to state capture. BLF was given a date to appear before Judge Zondo following it’s submission to the commission on 28 November 2018 regarding the conduct of Gordhan. After an initial postponement of the meeting with the assigned evidence leader, Advocate Ngcekeshe, the commission has been stalling and avoiding BLF. The assigned date came and passed. BLF has several letters to the commission in this regard with no response.

The Zondo Commission is selective and biased. BLF will take both legal and direct action to get the Zondo Commission to do its work. On 5 January 2021, BLF released a statement to this effect. Judge Zondo seems to have given into the pressure of London and Stellenbosch and seems to be protecting Gordhan.

Read, “BLF believes Judge Zondo is protecting Pravin Gordhan”

  1. “Only those who are serious about revolutionary change and confronting the real enemy, know that one ought to defend Jacob Zuma and expose the enemy, which is white monopoly capital (WMC), and its agents.
    Zuma is not a saint. He is our symbol against the enemy. He took a stand. That’s why he had to go. And they are still after him because they don’t trust that he won’t raise the masses against them.” – BLF President, Andile Mngxitama, on 23 May 2020

Read the full story, “You say you are Black Consciousness but you hate Zuma?”

Dudu Myeni

  1. On February 20, 2020, BLF issued a statement denouncing the coordinated attacks on Dudu Myeni. BLF pointed out that:

“State institutions meant to protect every citizen are used to persecute those considered hostile to white monopoly capital (WMC). Ms Dudu Myeni, the former board chairperson of the South African Airways (SAA), is facing a well funded and well coordinated judicial attack by forces of reaction. The white right wing groups masked as civil society entities are using the untransformed courts to stop the program of Radical Economic Transformation (RET).

Dudu Myeni is being persecuted for wanting change at SAA. The nation still doesn’t know that the source of the SAA crisis is a white American man called Coleman Andrews who took over R200 million for himself after selling off aircrafts belonging to the national carrier to his friends and promptly allowing them to be leased back to the SAA. It’s the height of hypocrisy that Dudu Myeni is in court and Coleman Andrews is enjoying the loot he got from the SAA.”

Read, “BLF condemns coordinated attacks on Dudu Myeni”

  1. On 28 May 2020 BLF condemned the North Gauteng High Court’s declaration on 27 May 2020 of Dudu Myeni as a delinquent director for life. BLF pointed out that the finding was a foregone conclusion and the judiciary had become an activist in the political arena where RET is concerned. It is doing the bidding of WMC which stands to lose the most from RET.

Myeni was pushing for the transformation of the SAA and this angered white businesses who in turn own the media that was unleashed upon her. She denounced the racist pattern of spending the procurement budget at SAA of which 98% goes to white companies and only 2% goes to black businesses. She commissioned numerous forensic investigations during her tenure at SAA which have shown that over R1 billion was disappeared by corruption. She further uncovered racist evergreen contracts and systematic looting in favour of white pilots. BLF called on the judiciary to desist from descending into the arena of politics.

Read, “Dudu Myeni Punished for Transformation”

  1. Dudu Myeni is under attack from both the judiciary and the Zondo Commission. During her tenure as SAA board chairperson the following truths came out: SAA is insolvent, but pays uncompetitive contract values to monopolies such as Bidvest without any advertisement.

Read: “The real reason why Dudu Myeni is under attack”

Bill Gates monster vaccines

  1. BLF has denounced the Bill and Melinda Gates monster vaccines, which are developed by people with an agenda of depopulation and control for profits.
  2. To this end BLF supported Brother Farrakhan when he said: “I say to my brothers and sisters in Africa, if they come up with a vaccine, be careful. Don’t let them vaccinate you with their history of treachery through vaccines, through medication”.
  3. BLF called on the government to look to African bred remedies from countries like Madagascar but in vain. The government is using the terror of death to break our resistance to the agenda of mass murder of Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates.


i. “We believe Farrakhan, we don’t trust Fauci and Gates”

ii. “COVID-19: BLF will physically stop any Bill Gates monster vaccine trials on blacks”

iii. ”If there be any vaccine that is of the devil … Lord God Almighty, let it be destroyed by fire” – CJ Mogoeng Mogoeng

iv. “I respect CJ Mogoeng Mogoeng’s Prayer”

v. “ CJ Mogoeng Mogoeng’s prayer threatens Johann Rupert’s evil vaccines”

vi. “Johann Rupert’s BAT turning tobacco into Covid-19 vaccines”

vii. “They changed definition of herd immunity to force-feed us Covid-19 vaccines”

viii. “BLF President suspended by Facebook for three days”

  1. There is no money for Healthcare; Free education; Housing; Job provision; and Other basic needs – but President Ramaphosa will pay R283 million of our money as a down payment to purchase the monster Covid-19 vaccines. And all through this politicians in parliament are silent.

Read, “Ramaphosa to buy monster Covid-19 vaccines – politicians are silent!”

  1. Too many people are dying from Covid-19. The plan of the enemy is to kill our people until we submit in fear to their evil Covid-19 vaccines sponsored by Bill Gates. We have to destroy their plan by taking precautions, by educating each other, and by making sure we elect a goverment that would put us first. The virus has been unleashed. Let’s protect ourselves where possible…

Read, “Let’s protect ourselves from Covid-19 where possible….”

  1. The BLF President, Andile Mngxitama, has been suspended from Facebook for three days and this period has been further increased to a 30 day ban following his comment against the Gates Foundation sponsored Covid-19 vaccines. BLF has come out strongly against these vaccines.
    There is a tyrannical regime to impose the vaccines which are not tested for safety and are likely to cause major health problems, including corruption of the DNA. Covid-19 needs non intrusive responsible responses, not fear mongering to terrorise us into silence and vaccines.

Read, “President of BLF suspended by Facebook for three days”

  1. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is now force-feeding us the 666 DNA altering Covid-19 vaccines. WHO had just changed the definition of herd immunity. They now say we can’t achieve herd immunity without the Bill Gates monster shots. Our government is in agreement with WHO. The politicians in parliament are silent because they don’t want to upset their masters.

Read, “They changed definition of herd immunity to force-feed us Covid-19 vaccines”

  1. Johann Rupert is using his tobacco factories and tobacco leaves to create a vaccine for Covid-19.One of Rupert‘s companies is called British American Tobacco (BAT) which manufactures and sells cigarettes for profit. Now they are turning their tobacco into Covid-19 vaccines.Cigarette manufacturers are now permitted to use tobacco to manufacture Covid-19 vaccines.

Read, “Johann Rupert’s BAT turning tobacco into Covid-19 vaccines”


BLF’s interventions regarding 5G, including ICASA’s licensing and roll out of 5G spectrum

  1. On 2 April, BLF President went live on his Facebook page and reflected on the issue of 5G regarding the following considerations:
    i. What’s the theoretical/philosophical framework to understand such a phenomenon?
    ii. What is 5G?
    iii. Is there a war for 5G between the USA and China and if so, why? (understanding war propaganda).
    iv. Is 5G harmful to our health?
    v. Must we reject or embrace it?
    vi. Why is 5G brought to South Africa (SA) by Patrice Motsepe? Must we worry?
    vii. Does 5G cause covid-19?
    viii. What must be done?

See “5G Talk, considerations and summary”

  1. On 6 April 2020 BLF sent a letter to ICASA condemning the decision taken by ICASA to license and rollout 5G spectrum.

BLF also called for a moratorium on the licensing and roll-out of 5G until the potential dangers and risks for human health and the environment have been investigated by scientists who are independent from industry.

Read letter, “BLF calls for moratorium on 5G over health hazards: letter to ICASA”

  1. On 5 May 2020 BLF reiterated its call for mere guarantees based on science that 5G is not harmful to the people.

ICASA had decided to be the champions of the telecommunications industry at the expense of the interests of the nation.
Vodacom has announced its rolling out of 5G to major cities after ICASA granted them a licence under the pretext of responding to the demand resulting from the increased online activity during the COVID-19 lockdown.This was a mere ruse to fast track the rolling out of 5G despite serious health concerns raised over the technology.

BLF has written twice to ICASA asking that it addresses the health concerns associated with 5G. It has asked for a moratorium on the roll out of 5G until the associated health and safety concerns are addressed.

The concerns about the related health risks of 5G are shared by a large body of experts who have based there conclusions on the multiple studies they have undertaken.Over 324 scientists and medical doctors globally, have launched an appeal to the European Union which warns of the health risks of 5G and calls for a suspension of the roll out of the technology until the said concerns have been addressed. BLF has already shared this information with ICASA which has treated it with utter contempt to the extent of not even acknowledging its letters.

Already in May 2020 there were over 40 cities internationally that had blocked the roll out of 5G, including Geneva and Brussels. Russia has itself delayed the implementation of 5G for various reasons, including health concerns.

BLF demanded that ICASA stops putting profits before people and to place a moratorium on 5G until the health concerns raised are addressed.

See, “ICASA endangering people with 5G”

Read BLF’s further interventions on this issue in 2020:

  1. 5G causes COVID-19? – Black Opinion
  2. Most burning questions about 5G for SA
  3. COVID-19: Our Demands Are Clear
  4. 5G Pastor, Prof Tshilidzi Marwala
  5. We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe
  6. Beware of Bill Gates’s agents
  7. New World Order scare misses the point

Close the graves

  1. BLF has been engaged in numerous activities to highlight the failure of government to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic effectively. By July 2020 SA was already amongst the top 10 countries in the world with the worst record of infections. The government had been digging graves instead of stopping mass death. It planned to dig 1 million graves in response to the pandemic.
    BLF started the campaign to #CloseTheGraves and and had in fact closed many graves. BLFs demand was that government stops digging mass graves and saves lives instead. BLF together with other stakeholders also performed a prayer service and cleansing ceremony at a cemetery on Mandela Day.

See, “BLF starts CLOSE THE GRAVES campaign with petition”

  1. On Mandela Day BLF allocated unused graves dug at the Honingnestkrans cemetery to political leaders. Watch the video:

Read, “WATCH | BLF allocates graves to SA leaders, triggering Tshwane metro condemnation”

  1. “Government is lying about 1 million Covid-19 graves”
  2. Instead of building hospitals; paying and protecting our frontline health workers; and shutting down schools and building and repairing others, government has exposed our children and educators to death. Instead of giving the poor the promised relief of R350, the government is digging graves.

Read, “BLF calls on government to close graves!”

  1. On 22 March 2020, BLF wrote to President Ramaphosa and called on him to immediately shut down the country and do the following:

i. Provide free testing and Nationalize the healthcare sector.
ii. Provide a universal income grant to all and financial bailout to small businesses.
iii. Put a moratorium on mortgage bond and rental payments.
iv. Grant free water and elecrity to all.
v. Grant free data for all.
vi. Grant no payment of subscription to any television network.
vii. Grant full paid leave for the employed.
viii. Give the over 1000 Clinical Associates in the Health sector their powers back including prescription of medicines up to schedule four.
ix. Deal with the backlog of licensing medical school graduates from the black universities.
x. Love this nation enough to save it from the coming Armageddon.

Read, “BLF letter to Ramaphosa: COVID-19, 1 million will die, shutdown SA!”

  1. “Does Ramaphosa want 70% of the population to get coronavirus?”
  2. On 30 March 2020 Ramaphosa promised to deploy 10 000 field workers to do door to door screening for symptoms of Covid-19. This BLF said was too little too late. What is required is mass testing! BLF demanded that he turn the 23 000 voting stations into testing stations and brings in 50 000 healthcare workers. Added to these measures, give people food and provide financial relief for the informal sector.

Read, “Covid-19 lockdown: Ramaphosa be serious,10 000 field workers is too little”

  1. BLF has received complaints from prisoners and detainees of two prisons in Vereeniging – the Leeuhof Prison & Correctional Facility and the Vereeniging Correctional Centre. They complained that there were no visible protective measures in place to reduce the risk of the spread of the coronavirus that has already infected at least three people – one in the former and two in the latter prison.

BLF accordingly called on the correctional services ministry and authorities to:
i. act without delay to prevent the spread of the virus and loss of life among prisoners, detainees and even staff; and
ii. put proper mechanisms in place for testing; contact tracing; observance of proper standards of hygiene; and social distancing and self-quarantining for inmates.

Read, “Coronavirus: BLF calls for proper measures in prisons to defeat pandemic”

  1. There is little doubt that the South African government follows a policy of mass death. Ramaphosa and Mkhize are preparing for a mass funeral for the nation. South Africa (SA) is already comparing badly with countries which have taken a stand against death. With a population of about 58 million, SA has reached the death toll of 3600as at 9 July 2020. China with over a billion people has only 4000 deaths! Madagascar, our neighbour, has only 28 deaths. Other stats include Cuba with 86 deaths, South Korea with 287 deaths, Venezuela with 74 deaths, and Vietnam with 0 deaths! Covid-19 can be managed but it requires a goverment that puts people before profits. SA under Rsmaphosa is driven by profits at all costs.

Read, “Ramaphosa’s and Mkhize‘s Covid-19 policy of mass deaths”

R350 SRD grant

1.The government undertook to pay the SRD Grant of R350 to the poor for six months. BLF pointed out that:
i. The R350 is a meager 2% of the R500 billion stimulus package
ii. BLF had previously asked for 50% of the R500 billion stimulus package to go to the poor. This gives 5 million people a total of R50 000 each for six months.
iii. BLF then asked on 23 May 2020 for 10% of the R500 billion. That will give the 5 million people a total of R10 000 each for six months translating to each getting R1600 per month.

On 22 May 2020, BLF President went live on Facebook on how the government is not serious about the SRD Grant of R350.

Watch the full talk here: here:

Read, “R350 is an insult! Give the poor 10%!”
Read also, “COVID-19 R350 Grant: BLF’s outstanding questions & call on poor to apply “

  1. On June 21, 2020 BLF announced it will lodge a complaint the following week with the Public Protector relating to the millions of applications for the Special Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant of R350 that were declined by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA).
    In the same breath BLF called on those whose applications for the grant were declined to send their complaints to BLF for inclusion in its submission to the Public Protector.

Read, “Did SASSA decline your R350 SRD grant request?”

  1. BLF subsequently received over 3000 complaints from the unemployed which it lodged with the Public Protector. These complaints represent millions of poor and deserving people who have been denied their rightful share of the R500 billion that was allocated for Covid-19 relief. The bulk of the money as we know went to white monopoly capital (WMC) and some to corrupt government officials.

Read, “R350 SRD grant: BLF to lay complaints with Public Protector”

  1. BLF noted that SASSA has admitted that its criteria and process around the R350 Grant prejudices the poor. This admission of SASSA is a reaction to the official complaint that BLF lodged with the Office of the Public Protector. BLF lodged the over 3000 complaints against SASSA with the Public Protector. It’s a shocking injustice that up to 70% of the people whose applications were rejected had actually qualified for the grant. SASSA gave no apology, and showed no sense of urgency.
    Read, “BLF asks SASSA to take the poor seriously”
  2. The latest update from the Office of the Public Protector in November 2020 is that 1263 of the 3204 applications queried by BLF had been subsequently approved and 1941 were declined by SASSA. To this end a spreadsheet by SASSA indicating the reasons for declining and/or querying the SRD applications was provided to us by the Public Protector. The spreadsheet also indicated that only 628 applicants (19.6%) were paid; and 14 more applicants who qualified, but didn’t have bank accounts, were not paid.

The progress with the 1263 applications which have been approved however, we are not happy that 19.6% of these have actually been paid.
BLF has written back to the Public Protector with suggested recommendations to deal with these complaints speedily and in the favour of the poor.

Read, “Update on R350 grant complaint to Public Protector”

Persecution of Major 1

BLF has maintained that the real reasons why Major 1 is being persecuted is because:
i. White Monopoly Capital is threatened by his success;
ii. Stellenbosch wants his businesses; and
iii. they won’t allow a black person to succeed in South Africa.

Read, “The enemy is threatened by the success of Major 1”

  1. Prophet Bushiri had previously filled Africa’s largest stadium, FNB stadium, with over 100 000 people during his New Year’s cross over service
    BLF cautioned that this is a massive economic loss for the City of Joburg if this event stops – a loss that will likely benefit Lilongwe, Malawi‘s capital.

Lilongwe’s population is about 1.2 million. 100 000 people per day (on an average) over 5 days is equal to 50% of the Lilongwe’s population. This secures massive economic spin-offs and a huge tourism boost. The SA government is foolish to abandon such massive economic benefits.

Read, “Persecution of Major 1 massive economic loss for Joburg”

  1. On 23 November 2020, BLF called on the South African government to stop the persecution of Prophet Bushiri and to meet his demands to ensure his right to a fair trial and to safety. The South African government has waged a war against Prophet Bushiri. It is not interested in the Rule of Law. It’s out to taint the name of the Prophet.
    The propaganda against Prophet Bushiri is aimed at removing focus from his legitimate demands that those alleging must provide the evidence. There’s clearly no case against the Prophet, hence the fabrication of charges to feed the media frenzy so as to conduct a trial by media. The persecution of Prophet Bushiri, at the behest of Stellenbosch, clearly suggests that he will never receive a fair trial under the Ramaphosa administrationIn SA black people who are successful, not controlled by white power and pose a threat to it, are destroyed.

Read, “BLF calls on the SA government to stop harassing Major 1“

  1. On Wednesday 28 November 2020, BLF President Andile Mngxitama was interviewed by eNCA on a number of issues. Against their backdrop of the Prophet being a “fugitive”, Mngxitama was asked, “do you support Bushiri?”. He related his response to the interviewer like this:
    “I laughed and told them that I derive internal pleasure when a black person beats an evil system. I told them the SA goverment is evil and subverting the rule of law; that as a revolutionary I can’t but celebrate when a black person is able to pull one back for us.”

For the full story read, “eNCA asked, “do you support Bushiri?”

  1. BLF believes very strongly that Prophet Bushiri is protected by international law and his extradition is almost impossible despite there being an extradition treaty between SA and Malawi. This is founded on the two claims the Prophet himself makes:
    i. That the HAWKS he opened a case against were allowed to abuse their authority to undermine his rights through vindictive arrests.
    ii. His life was in danger and the SA government did nothing to protect him, despite numerous requests in this regard.
    In terms of international law at least, people who can show persecution and denial of their rights cannot be forced back into a country that can’t guarantee their rights and safety.

Read, “Are Prophet Bushiri’s actions protected by International Law and Conventions?”

6.,Without a correct understanding of Christianity blacks shall never be freed. BLF is clear – identify true prophets who are not captured by Stellenbosch such as Major 1. It’s from here that we free the land and the people.

Read, “We need a correct interpretation of Christianity to free the land”

  1. We pray for the fall of Stellenbosch dear God of Major 1.

Read, “Let us pray…”,

  1. BLF is guided by the philosophy of Black Consciousness and its principles. We don’t do whims and likes. Only a fool wouldn’t see that Major 1 is under attack from the enemy. He is young, gifted and black!If you don’t understand Black Consciousness, you won’t understand us.

Read, “Major 1 under attack: we don’t do fans, we do Black Consciousness”

  1. Every black leader who is a threat to the white system is demonised, accused of being corrupt, accused of being a criminal, and/or accused of being a rapist if he is a man It’s shocking that people who claim to be woke can’t see what’s happening to Major 1.

Read, “We are unreasonable in defence of black people”

  1. “The irony of SA: Major 1 is responding to the oppressor by any means necessary like a real revolutionary rebel, on the other side the people who claim to be revolutionaries are behaving like colonized Christians. Metlholo… Time to learn the Hokma Wisdom…”
    Read, “Time to learn Hokma Wisdom”
  2. In 2016, when it was not fashionable, BLF said “Hands Off Zuma”. We were called names. Today, everyone can see the truth. Major 1 is a victim of the same forces that are fighting Zuma. We stand with the man of God 100%…

Read, “Not afraid to stand on the side of truth”

Updated on 30 January 2021
Shantha Balakrishna
BLF National Technical Advisor

HAWKS assigns Captain to Ramaphosa CR17 corruption case

HAWKS assigns Captain to Ramaphosa CR17 corruption case

The HAWKS have today informed BLF that the case of corruption opened against President Ramaphosa has been registered and allocated an investigator; furthermore BLF has the name of the Captain assigned to the case. BLF was informed that at this stage of the investigation the case is an inquiry into the allegations which will be investigated and formal charges laid.

BLF has recommended to the police that they provide weekly updates so as to allow BLF to monitor the progress of the investigation. The case opened by BLF against President Ramaphosa is of corruption related to the CR17 donations.

BLF will also forward the investigating Officer further evidence of corruption related to the CR17 donations such as the acquisition of the Phumelela horse racing turf and betting business by the Oppenheimer family which is one of the donors to CR17 campaign.

BLF shall be monitoring this case closely. In the event the NPA doesn’t prosecute President Ramaphosa then BLF will undertake a private prosecution route.

The only way to end corruption is by starting from the top.

Issued by Black First Land First
National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)
2 September 2020

Contact Details
Black First Land First
[email protected]
Zanele Lwana (BLF Deputy President)
Cell: +27 79 986 7225

BLF condemns Ramaphosa police for violence against Artists

BLF condemns Ramaphosa police for violence against Artists

BLF condemns in the strongest possible terms the police brutality against peaceful protestors in KZN. Artists have been starved by Ramaphosa as he has awarded all the covid19 relief funds to his White Monopoly Capital friends. What must the artists eat?

Community leaders in black communities across SA have highlighted the increasing heavy-handed approach adopted by police under the Ramaphosa administration towards black protesters. BLF notes that while Ramaphosa has allowed white farmers to close national roads without shooting them with rubber bullets, protesting black artists are attacked by the police just like the Marikana workers.

BLF stands with the artists. We ask where is the R500 billion?

Issued by Black First Land First
National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)
2 September 2020

Contact Details
Black First Land First
[email protected]
Zanele Lwana (BLF Deputy President)
Cell: +27 79 986 7225

BLF meets Black Hammer

BLF meets Black Hammer

Black First Land First (BLF) is delighted to announce a wide ranging public engagement between the President of BLF Andile Mngxitama and Gazi Kodzo the Commander In Chief of the USA based  Black Hammer Organization (BHO).

The two leaders will discuss the state of global black resistance in light of the number of challenges facing the colonised people of the world. The discussion will also zero-in into the Black Lives Matter moment amongst other important themes.

This is a start of cross-Atlantic Black Power solidarity engagements. The struggle of black people the world over is one because we are facing the same brutal white enemy.

The conversation between CIC Gazi Kodzo and  President Andile Mngxitama shall be streamed live on various platforms on the 6th of September at 20:00.

Black Power!

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)

27 August 2020

Contact Details

Black First Land First Mail: [email protected]

Zanele Lwana
(BLF Deputy President)
Cell: +27 79 986 7225