BLF celebrates the Zama Zama victory

Today, the Deputy Minister in the Department of Mineral Resources will hand over mining permits to Zama Zama miners in Kimberley. This is victory for the Kimberley Zama Zamas who have been involved in a long and difficult struggle for the right to mine legally. Black First Land First (BLF) congratulates the Zama Zamas in this historic victory.

BLF notes that the process was given a blessing by former Minister of Mineral Resources, Mosebenzi Zwane. Zwane mandated senior managers in the department to ensure the regularisation of the Zama Zama miners and BLF was involved with the engagements in support of them.

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BLF salutes Comrade Shamba!

BLF salutes Comrade Shamba!

Comrade Shamba is a martyr who died in the line of duty. The evil colonialists caged and oppressed Shamba for far too long, until one day, the decolonial lion gained its lost black consciousness and made all black beings proud. The price of freedom is indeed death, that’s why BLF says land or death.

Comrade Shamba started the spark that must give life to a decolonial fire.

BLF would like to point out that all those who claim to fight for land but co-operate with whites and even give them votes are betraying the spirit of Comrade Shamba. Shamba didn’t discriminate against settlers, all were enemies. Shamba decided to stop taking instructions and asserted his African sovereignty. For this, he was prepared to die. Indeed, it’s better to die fighting than to live on your knees.

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The Auditor General must keep his hands off the Ingonyama Trust

Black First Land First (BLF) calls on the Auditor General to stop his war against the Ingonyama Trust. BLF views the order issued by the Auditor General, that mining royalties collected since 1994 by the Trust must be returned to the government, as an anti-black attack. This is an insult which BLF will not tolerate.

The office of the Auditor General is being used by white monopoly capital, under the guidance of Cyril Ramaphosa, to dispossess King Goodwill Zwelithini. It is clear that politicians, controlled by those who want to own all our minerals, are being used to harass King Zwelithini. The attack on Ingonyama Trust by Kgalema Motlanthe and Julius Malema, now joined by the Auditor General, are a scheme to dispossess the dispossessed.

BLF will request an urgent meeting with the office of the Auditor General to clarify to him why his actions are despicable. We will ask him to apologise to the King and the people of South Africa forthwith.

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BLF to support Black business in Orange Farm tomorrow

Black First Land First (BLF) has been informed about a Chinese businessman who wants to forcefully evict black businesses in Orange Farm. The community is angry and so is BLF. We will not allow this to happen in our country!

BLF is working to launch a campaign to defend black businesses in the townships. South Africans dont even own a spazashop these days. This has to stop!

The protest action is planned as follows:

Date : 30th April
Time : 9am
Venue: Mkhabela shopping center. Driziek extension 2. (Ematshayneni)


29 April 2018

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