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Through generous donations from the black oppressed we have raised
R160 000
but we still need to reach
R600 000
inorder to register to contest the 2019 National Elections

How to donate to #TakeBLFtoParliament

#TakeBLFtoParliament, by utilising either of the following options to donate:

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Account number: 625 7120 2911 Branch code: 253 305
Bank: First National Bank (FNB)
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After 24 years of democracy, South Africa remains a deeply segregated colonial state. Black people continue to be landless, economically excluded and treated like second class citizens. 20 000 (Researchgate.net) black people die annually from structural violence due to failure to transform SA into a real democracy. About 35,000 white families own more than 80% of SA's land (State Land Audit). More than 40% of black people are unemployed compared to the 8% (StatsSA) of unemployed whites. White families earn six times more than black families. This has to change.

#TakeBLFtoParliament Donor Accountability

In order to stay accountable to the poor, black oppressed and sympathisers, BLF will publish weekly progress reports. These reports will also be available on all BLF social media accounts.



Since the inception, BLF has undertaken many political programmes that undermine white supremacy, expose the invisible and well-concealed corruption of white monopoly capital, in the fight for the dignity of our people.

BLF has led successful land occupations in several communities accross South Africa, including, Mpumalanga, Gauteng and Free State

BLF is the only organisation that has fought white supremacists like the Rupert and Oppenheimer cabal

BLF has led successful protests against corporations that stole billions from the state during and post-apartheid ie. ABSA, Remgro

BLF is an internationalist organisation in support of the BRICS process and thus has defended the likes of President of the people, Lula Da Silva, President Jacob Zuma as well as President Robert Mugabe against the imperialist onslaught

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BLF Headquarters

ADDRESS : Office 514, 5th floor, 151 Commissioner and Von Welligh Street, Klamson Towers building, Johannesburg, South Africa