Message from the National Convener #3


Comrades I bring you revolutionary greetings from the National Coordination Committee (NCC) of our movement.

The NCC met over the weekend of 30 January 2016 in Johannesburg and took stock of the state of the Azanian revolution and the state of our own organisation.

The main theme from the political analysis was that the ruling party, in the year of elections, is again extending itself into the opposition of itself so that alternative voices and projects are crowded out. We see this dynamic in the pseudo struggles of COSATU, of ANC aligned youth and of student bodies. The ruling party projects itself as both the transgressor and the solution. For instance, the individual acts of racism from Penny Sparrow to Gareth Cliff are made possible by the cowardly refusal by the ruling party to deal decisively with racism. Similarly, in our universities outsourcing, exclusions because of fees are all a creation of the ANC policies and laws. In the same breadth we see ANC student bodies presenting themselves as warriors in the struggle for free education. Thiis trend will only get worse in the coming months.

In response to the ongoing racism, the NCC resolved to support the Anti-Racism Action Forum (ARAF). The provincial leadership is advised to take meaningful action to support ARAF activities in their respective provinces. The good news is that ARAF has been launched with the direct and central involvement of the national leadership of BLF in the process. The PCC is expected to also occupy the same space on provincial developments. A leader must be assigned to initiate the provincial chapter of ARAF.

On the student front the NCC resolved that the student uprising is one of the most important struggles to emerge in post 1994. A critical view was taken that student struggles need to be grounded in black revolutionary theory of black consciousness and be driven by a larger agenda that is sensitive to the adage that “we are black before we are students”. This means a return to “decolonization” as a fundamental questioning not just of the university but of the whole of society itself. The NCC also took the view that the “Fees Must Fall” movement runs the risk of being a fight for inclusion into the current elitist set up at the university instead of ending the university as an instance of colonialism.

To address these challenges BLF has to provide practical and theoretical support to the students struggle. In practice we have to be on the “ground” to contribute to the fight and to sharpen revolutionary theory. To this extent the NCC has resolved to establish the portfolio of National Secretary of Student Affairs which is occupied by Comrade Lindsay Maasdorp. Each PCC must also identify a comrade to work with Cde Lindsay so as to ensure planned and mandated BLF presence in all the onwards struggles.

The NCC also conducted organizational restructuring where the following portfolios where filled:

1. Deputy National Convenor – Zanele Lwana
2. National Coordinator – Yerushka Chetty
3. Deputy Coordinator – Lwazi Ntombela
4. Deputy Coordinator – Tshidiso Tsimong
5. Secretary for Students Affairs – Lindsay Maasdorp

Each PCC must adopt it’s own POA (Program of Action) based on the national POA. To this end, each PCC must carefully go through the POA designed by the NCC and adapt it to its own conditions. The key matters to be taken care off include:

1. Recruitment plan for the Province;
2. Preparations for the BLF launch conference in April 2016 (NO POSTPONEMENT!)

Please note BLF is operating at a zero budget. The Provincial leadership is encouraged to find means to attend the launch conference. To this end the NCC POA is instructive.

The NCC also took the view that BLF should contest the coming Local Government Elections. To this extent the organization requires 500 signatures of registered voters in order to register as a political party with the IEC. A process for contesting elections as well as for the selection of candidates shall be designed and presented at the launch conference. The NCC POA does give some indication of the required criteria.

The enemies of black liberation are always plotting and carrying out their agenda of delaying our liberation. It’s our duty to also never relax but to make the revolution our main pre-occupation!

We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For!

5 February 2016

BLF National Convenor
Andile Mngxitama