BLF asks Public Protector to investigate Zille defending racism charge at state expense

Yesterday, Black First Land First (BLF) laid a complaint with the Office of the Public Protector (OPP) against the Western Cape Premier Helen Zille in that she is using public resources to defend the charge of crimen injuria that was previously preferred against her in the Equality Court for making certain pro colonialism comments via her Twitter account on 16 March 2017. While Zille subsequently apologized for her comments, her apology nonetheless amounts to an admission of guilt.

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BLF message of solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

“The [US] empire’s plan is to overthrow the constitutionally elected president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, as a warning to anti-imperialist governments,” Bolivian President, Evo Morales

Black First Land First (BLF) expresses its solidarity with Venezuelan people and Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, against the Western imperialist onslaught on the country in cahoots with United States backed opposition forces, including right wing movements, opposition parties and civil society organisations.

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A tribute to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin on this 147th anniversary of his birthday

A tribute to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin on this 147th anniversary of his birthday

Lenin’s land legacy

The Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, located the land question at the core of the liberation of the working class and indeed the oppressed people in general. Lenin correctly intimated that the February Revolution of 1917 failed to deliver because it did not give land to the people and that the October Revolution, clarifies that land must be expropriated without compensation. He elaborated that, “[t]he government that has been overthrown and the compromising parties of the Mensheviks and Socialist-Revolutionaries committed a crime when they kept postponing the settlement of the land question on various pretexts and thereby brought the country to economic chaos and a peasant revolt.”

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Rand Merchant Bank complicit in  regime change agenda 

Rand Merchant Bank complicit in  regime change agenda 

In its report “Political Views In A post Downgrade‚ post Gordhan SA” Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) cautions that the African National Congress (ANC) is faced with the risk of failing to win the 2019 elections as the ruling party in the context of President Zuma remaining in office despite calls for him to step down; the real possibility of Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s ascension to ANC Presidency at the end of this year; and the removal of Pravin Gordhan as Minister of Finance. 

To this end RMB suggests that the current political instability is likely to prevail until the government is changed, possibly in 2019 or even before that if Zuma is removed from office. 

Moreover, Gordhan’s removal as Minister of Finance is said by RMB to be presenting the opportunity for the increase of  “[r]isks of a shift to the left‚ including potentially interference in the SARB (South African Reserve Bank)…”.

Black First Land First (BLF) views the RMB report as part of the propaganda campaign of white settler monopoly capital in cahoots with Western imperialism to remove a democratically elected President (Zuma) and replace him with a puppet of imperialism (Ramaphosa) just like it did in Brazil.

In this regard RMB’s concern regarding the firing of Gordhan is not ideologically innocent. BLF has consistently shown how Gordhan was conflicted and compromised as Minister of Finance for various reasons resulting from him being captured by white capital. To this end the movement had embarked on a campaign to remove Gordhan as Minister of Finance until President Zuma did exactly that. Moreover we provided the necessary evidence proving our claims including the fact that Gordhan was appointed on the command of the white capitalists who were served by Treasury under his tenure. 

We also know that Gordhan has shares in RMB which is indicated in the “Register of Members’ Interests, 2015” submitted by him to the “Joint Committee on Ethics and Members Interests”. RMB, like the rest of white capital, wants a Minister of Finance like Gorhan who is beholden to white capital, hence it laments Gordhan’s removal. 

White capital requires to capture the state via capturing the Treasury. In furtherance of its regime change agenda it hoped under Gordhan’s tenure to complete the capture of the state by also capturing the Head of State. President Zuma circumvented the agenda of white capital by removing Gordhan as Minister of Finance. 

RMB’S concern about SARBs possible leftwards posture is located in securing the interests of white capital to, amongst other things, continue looting SARB which is under the Ministry of Finance, with impunity.  

BLF maintains that the white owned banks (including RMB) in South Africa are a criminal gang that are part of the fabric of white settler monopoly capital which is inextricably linked to western  imperialism in its agenda for regime change to perpetuate the slavery of blacks as landless people without a being. 

Recently the Competition Commission found Absa, Bank of America Merrill Lynch International Limited and 16 other banks guilty of collusion in that they had contravened section 4(1)(b) (i) and (ii) of the Competition Act No. 89 of 1998 (“the Act”), as amended by engaging in price fixing and market division. BLF believes that the criminal liabiliry of the 18 banks includes the offences of fraud and or corruption. 

Likewise, in the case of Rand Merchant Bank and NWK Ltd (NWK), which involved their criminal activities as a grain trading cartel, the Competition Commission found the said parties guilty of price fixing and collusion for which they were subsequently fined R2.1 million and R520 290 respectively.

It must be stated that RMB’S criminal conduct further suggests fraud and corruption on its part. In this regard RMB must be prosecuted for its manifestly criminal conduct and to this end, made to pay for its wrondoings including reparations for its anti people conduct.  

A compositional overview of FirstRand Limited and the positionality of RMB within it is instructive so as to elaborate the criminal liability of RMB. 

Rand Merchant Bank (investment bank) is one of many divisions of FirstRand Bank Limited which in turn is a subsidiary of FirstRand Limited (aka FirstRand Group). The other divisions of FirstRand Bank Limited include First National Bank (retail and commercial bank) and WesBank (instalment finance provider).

Evidently, FirstRand implements its strategy via a series of financial services franchises including in this case through RMB. 

It must be pointed out that FNB which is systematically connected to RMB as indicated above is one of the 4 major banks that has been involved in the irregular and unjustifiable closure of the Gupta owned Oakbay Investments bank accounts due to the “association” of the Gupta family with the President who in turn subscribes to the agenda of BRICS which in turn poses a serious threat to western dominance over the world. Hence closure of the Oakbay accounts are connected to the regime change agenda alluded to above. Western imperialism has responded in two ways to the BRICS affiliates, namely economic terrorism and political instability. Economic terrorism is executed by closing down bank accounts of progressive business, depriving SOE’s & progressive business of loans. Inflation,  downgrading of the economic status of the country by rating agencies which leads to more inflation, and attack of the currency then follows. It is in this context that FNB and by association the rest of the divisions of FirstRand Bank Limited  conducted economic terrorism on Oakbay Investments. 

Another point of importance is that FirstRand Limited – again of which RMB is a divisoon – is one of 8 white capitalist business entities who via their various heads BLF has charged criminally for corruption in that they had interfered illegally in the President’s constitutional duties to appoint ministers by forcing him to fire Des Van Rooyen as Minister of Finance and hire Pravin Gordhan in his place. To this end BLF has also called on the President to institute a Judicial Commission of Inquiry on state capture by white capital. 

Coming back to imperialism’s response to the BRICS agenda, more specifically to its response via political instability, it is evident that the regime change agents of capitalist imperialism are currently intensifying their efforts to plunge the country into a dungeon of political instability. 

This strategy is being conducted  by opposition political parties, civil society organizations and other reactionary entities sponsored by the west. To this end society is organised and mobolised by corrupt agents of regime change, under the pretext of fighting corruption via the white owned media, to create deep hatred for the president and thereby cause his removal from office. 

In all of the above circumstances BLF calls for Radical Economic Liberation  which must include financial sector transformation which in turn must entail the following:

1. Withdrawal by government of its accounts from all the banks implicated in criminal activity, against the people, including collusion and corruption.

2. The penalty for the banks found guilty of collusion must amount to 100% of the turnover of the offending bank for each year of transgression. The implicated parties must be criminally prosecuted.

3. All foreign owned banks found guilty of collusion must be prohibited from trading in South Africa after paying the penalty.

4. President Zuma must urgently institute a judicial commission of inquiry on banks including bank practices around racist differential treatment of clients.

5. Nationalisation of the SARB now! That’s the only way to ensure that the South African economy is protected.

6. Banks; media and SARB must now apologise to President Zuma who has been blamed for currency volatility when in fact these criminal banks (including RMB and ABSA) have been manipulating the rand for their own gain.

7. SARB must stop being the gate keeper of white bank’s and give licences to black bank’s NOW!

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)

21 April 2017

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