BLF asks our people to stop the violence against Prophet Bushiri

BLF asks our people to stop the violence against Prophet Bushiri

It has come to our attention that some black people have staged violent protests against Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, also known as Major 1. Black First Land First (BLF) calls for peace amongst blacks and war against the enemy.

The tragic death of three black people at the church must not be used by those who are in competition with Major 1 and by xenophobes for nefarious agendas. BLF calls on the police to do their work without fear or favour. At the same time we ask our people not to be used against Prophet Bushiri by people with evil agendas.

We have never seen such violent actions waged against white Anglican, Catholic and Dutch churches. Despite the existence of irrefutable evidence of sexual violence perpetrated on innocent children and women by the clergy of the white churches, there is no outrage. 

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Privately owned media is apartheid

Privately owned media is apartheid

It is clear that all privately owned media in South Africa (SA) is apartheid in direct ownership, control and content. Top management demographic representation of privately owned media indicates strong evidence of anti black white racism. The relevant media that is analyzed in pairs in the images attached are Amabhungane and Caxton; Caxton and Media24; Primedia and Mail & Guardian; Independent and Tiso Blackstar; and Media24 and eMedia Holdings. A diagrammatic illustration of the situation at Daily Maverick is also provided.

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BLF warns the SPCA

BLF warns the SPCA

It has come to the attention of Black First Land First (BLF) that an entity known as the Cape of Good Hope Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) plans to criminalize the Reclaim Clifton protesters. The racist entity plans to harass black people who are fighting racism. The racist organization shall try and use the claim of fighting cruelty against animals as a pretext to unleashing the police against those blacks who performed the sacred duty of cleansing Clifton beach of the evil spirits inhabiting it.

BLF warns the SPCA that should it continue with its racist agenda, we shall slaughter five sheep at its different outlets including its head office. We are tired of being insulted by whites in our own country.

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BLF supports Clifton Beach occupation

BLF supports Clifton Beach occupation

Black First Land First (BLF) supports the occupation of Clifton 4th Beach. This is a response to the racist arrogance of whites in Cape Town.

The colonial and apartheid legacy ensured that whites enjoy private amenities and whites still enjoy and want to preserve such privileges. All this at the exclusion of the rightful owners of the land, the Black majority.

BLF is in solidarity with the comrades occupying Clifton Beach, as a movement whose revolutionary program is cornerstoned by the struggle for land return and ending racism.

BLF will be undertaking massive land occupations in 2019 in response to the betrayal by political parties in parliament who refuse to amend the Constitution to ensure Land Expropriation Without Compensation (LEWC).

BLF reiterates that the land, air, animals and sea belong to the Black majority and no white has a single right to tell Blacks where to be or not be.


27 December 2018

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