BLF Colours and Logo

Logo explained
The Colours and Logo of the Black First Land First Movement

a. The Logo of Black First Land First (BLF) movement is the Sankofa Bird as a symbolism for understanding a people engaged in the struggle for freedom through the power of revolutionary historical lessons. In this regard we see how the Sankofa bird, while looking backwards, flies forward with an egg in its mouth.

b. At the centre of the Sankofa’s wing is the five pointed red star. The five-pointed red star symbolizes socialism and the blood of blacks whose lives were lost through the anti blackness of white supremacy. Moreover the five points of the star represents the five continents and hence an internationalist outlook in pursuit of the total freedom of all the oppressed peoples of the world.

c. The circle is colored in green to signify the Land and all the minerals beneath it that must be returned to the people.The circle itself, with it’s red outer and black inner boundary lines serves to protect the people engaged in revolution.

d. The formation of the Sankofa bird into a black clenched fist signifies Black Power! This presupposes the solidarity of the black people.

e. The formation of the bird’s feet into a fountain pen signifies the importance of revolutionary theory as a guide to action in revolutionary struggle.