Political Education Induction


The Black First Land First Movement (BLF) Political Education Induction Course is driven by two considerations: firstly, Thomas Sankara’s warning that, “a soldier without political education is a potential criminal” and secondly, Frantz Fanon’s teachings that “(t)he political education of the masses proposes not to treat the masses as children but to make adults of them.”

Understanding what BLF stands for is important to building revolutionary consciousness regarding the aims and objectives of the movement. Any member who recruits a minimum of 10 new members to the BLF and obtains at least 80% in the “BLF Political Education Induction Course” shall be awarded the RED STAR by the NCC. In this regard the Red Star Award is made to a member in recognition of her/his excellent achievement in the Political Education Induction Course and outstanding revolutionary service in the recruitment of members for the BLF.

To pass the Political Education Induction Course every BLF member must be able to answer the following questions in her/his own words:

1. What is the name of the organisation you have applied to join?

2. What is the short name of the organisation?

3. Name the political philosophy/ideology of the BLF?

4. What is Pan Afrikanism?

5. What is Black Consciousness?

6. What is socialism?

7. What is imperialism?

8. What are the main demands of the Peoples Manifesto?

9. Who must sign the “Sankara Oath”?

10. If a Member of Parliament, or a Public Servant does not uphold the “Sankara Oath”, what would happen to her/him?

11. Who/what is the main enemy of black people?

12. Why does the BLF say that the ANC is the “body guard” of white interests?

13. Who can join BLF?

14. In your own words explain each aspect of the BLF logo.

15. Name the organizational structure of the BLF, from the branch level to the level of the NCC.

16. Name any aspect of the BLF programme of action for 2015/2018.

17. Who are the rightful owners of SA Land?

18. What is the BLF position on the oppression of women?

19. What is the BLF position on homophobia?


31 August 2015