BLF to face racist Solidarity group in court tomorrow

BLF to face racist Solidarity group in court tomorrow

Black First Land First (BLF) shall be at the Hight Court tomorrow to defend itself against the racist right wing Afriforum linked trade union called Solidarity. This group is part of a network of Afrikaner right wingers who are opposed to land being returned to blacks. They see BLF as a threat to their position and have been using the courts to to try and silence the voice of our movement.

The court case tomorrow shows beyond doubt the length at which the land thieves will go to try and contain BLF. Solidarity is in the most vile and cynical way manipulating the pain of the families who lost their loved ones to try and stop BLF from organizing and agitating for land to be returned.

The racist right wing is abusing the judiciary. They use the courts to silence their political opponents.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)

16 September 2019

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