BLF on Africa Day

BLF on Africa Day

The day has not yet dawned for Africa to celebrate. Our continent is still bound up in shackles that weigh heavier which each passing day on the ankles of the children of Africa . To speak frankly, Africa has nothing to celebrate.

Recognizing our plight without hiding our ugly truth, does not amount to the rejection of the great sacrifices of the first generation of freedom fighters led by the giant Nkwame Nkrumah. We honour those great leaders from Nkwame Nkrumah to Robert Sobukwe. However as we stand before their great achievements today, the balance sheet shows a great deficit of liberation. Africa remains in bondage.

Great Zimbabwe had been a glimmer of hope towards decolonizing black Africa in the last three decades or so. But after the country had deposed its founding father – the great Pan Afrikanist – Robert Mugabe, its new London appointed leaders are busy crawling back like cowards into the British so called Commonwealth hellhole.

At the southernmost tip of the great African continent, President Zuma put huge effort into abandoning the west for the east with the BRICS process. He, like Mugabe, was hit by a well oiled regime change program.

Africa is back on her knees begging for acceptance from the very same enslavers and colonialists. South African colonial white capital is the launching pad of colonialism across the continent. Free trade zones means the domination and destruction of African trade networks by the South African white settler monopoly capital.

A new crop of demagogic political class sounds militant rhetoric which only echoes the agenda of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). To this end the problems of Africa are reduced to the corruption of the compradorial African leadership thereby de facto shielding the continued plunder of the continent by the same multinational corporations that instituted slavery in the first instance.

Africa’s dream of an independent continent lies shattered by a leadership that lacks vision and vigour. The troubles of this continent are largely because African political and business leaders are too eager for western approval.

A new vision for a liberated Africa is now a matter of life and death. It can be done. Nkrumah did it.

Issued by the Black First Land First National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)

25 May 2018

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Nothing to celebrate on Africa Day


Black First Land First (BLF) honors those African ancestors who stepped up against slavery, colonialism, neo-colonialism and imperialism. The struggle for total emancipation started by them has not been realised. The independence of Ghana was the first real step to liberation but this was betrayed when Nkrumah was deposed. Nyerere in Tanzania raised the black flag of liberation and shouted Ujamaa! In 1967 he called for the Arusha Declaration that put leaders in place, instead  of servants of the looter, to facilitate the elaboration of the state along socialist lines. But soon all this too was swept away by the evil forces of imperialism. Now Tanzania is another African country in the hands of the World Bank and IMF.  Continue reading “Nothing to celebrate on Africa Day”


In a continent still plagued by abject poverty, civil wars, diseases and corrupt governments, this Africa Day, we must ask whether there is anything really that Africans can celebrate? All the big imperialist nations continue to loot African resources ultimately rendering our people hopeless. It is worth mentioning that currently 14 African countries still transfer most of their profits to French banks which serves as a form of colonial tax. Moreover, our people are subjected to abuse and death as they flee from their countries and some even from their own continent in pursuit of a better life. In these new lands the African is treated with contempt as the most wretched of the earth fueling all forms of anti black violence including Afrophobia. Africa is cursed with leaders who crack the whip on its own people in service of its old colonial masters.

As the September National Imbizo we say: Africa is not free! We have no reason to celebrate! Slavery is rife and as is currently evident unaccounted for in the USA. We stand with all the revolutionary black people in America fighting for liberation. Colonialism is very much alive in Africa! We commit ourselves to realise a truly liberated Africa.

To end the current carnage, wrongly called xenophobia, we need radical Pan Afrikanism and Black Consciousness! Only then will Blacks/Africans understand that the cause of this madness is neo-colonialism and white supremacy, only then shall we understand that democracy (political freedom without ending colonial land theft) is in service of white supremacy, only then shall we understand that all the borders in Africa today were not put up by us but by those who enslaved and colonised us! What is shocking is how deeply we Africans have internalised what white supremacy created to serve white interests. Each time we call a black person a “foreigner” we are speaking the language of the colonizer. Whites in Europe are creating a single Europe with one identity document and one currency. Here in Africa blacks don’t get it! We are still holding on to the colonial enclaves which don’t even belong to us. SA currently does not belong to black people. More than 80% of the land is owned by about 35 000 white families and trusts. The resolution of the colonial question, which is primarily the land question, is key to stabilising life in Africa. We shall not compromise! We call for land first (all of it), destruction of the colonial borders, and the establishment of a United States of Africa under one economy and one political and military arrangement. We can only do that if we defeat the comprador who currently rule Africa in service of the master. The comprador is too corrupt to end white rule. They cut deals with our oppressors all the time. Our people are victims of hunger and ignorance hence they attack their fellow blacks. Hence Steve Biko correctly said that our people suffer from both material and spiritual want. It is the duty of all revolutionaries to understand Pan Africanism and Black Consciousness and to agitate for real revolution,  not compromises with land thieves and colonizers! The South Africa government is the epitome of anti black neo colonialism as exemplified by “Operation Fiela” and in this regard SNI condemns its actions.

Until the day Africa is not defined by misery, landlessness and destitution there is nothing that any of us can celebrate! On this day referred to as  “Africa Day” SNI directs all revolutionaries to the good counsel of Frantz Fanon in “The Pitfalls of National Consciousness” in his book  “The Wretched of the Earth”:

We Are The One’s We Have Been Waiting For!


25 May 2015