The ANC has no answer to end unemployment and inequality

The ANC has no answer to end unemployment and inequality

The employment statistics show a shocking increase in the number of unemployed people. Unemployment leads to many social ills like crime and violence amongst the unemployed. Even the rise of the anti immigrant sentiment is largely because of hunger.

The latest stats show a high percentage of youth unemployment which is the hunting ground for reactionary movements currently mushrooming in South Africa.

The same lack of transformation is present at management level with over 90% of assessed companies found to be non-compliant. These companies know that the government won’t do anything or at best impose minuscule fines.

Currently because of the lack of transformation, the key sectors of the economy are huge under-performers. Agriculture employs less than 6%, manufacturing just over 22% and the services industry takes the bulk which is just over 70%. Government is the largest single employer, however under austerity measures it is cutting down.

In fact Radical Transformation can easily answer the unemployment challenge. There is no reason why land redistribution cannot immediately bring in 2 million jobs. Kick-starting local manufacturing should give 3 million jobs and services 4 million. But this would require the end of white domination in the economy.

Jobs can be created through reconstruction and development driven by Radical Economic Transformation. However, the ANC government is too scared to offend white power and therefore the ineffectual underperforming apartheid economic structure shall continue.

Jobs through radical transformation is the answer.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (NCC)
30 March 2022

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