We have been duped by the EFF’s motion on Land Expropriation Without Compensation

It takes 410 days from the introduction to commencement of a Bill. The introduction of the bill itself is generally not in its final form. It goes through a process of “public consultation, line by line scrutiny and consideration by both the National Assembly and National Council of Provinces, resulting in amendments”. Furthermore, the time it takes to go through the required stages is dependent inter alia on “the length of the Bill, its importance, costing, complexity and how controversial it is”.

To this end the Protection of State Information Bill, because of its controversy resulted in Parliament taking 1344 days to pass it into law. However a bill can be fast tracked. In this context a Bill which is urgent or introduced as a result of a crisis “may be passed in a matter of days”. To this end as pointed out by the Parliamentary Monitoring Group (PMG) on its website, the “National Assembly and the NCOP amended the Sexual Offences Act in three days (in 2012) in response to a Western Cape High Court ruling which deemed some sections of the Act unconstitutional”.

The signing of the Bill by the President into law is not automatic. In this regard he “has the opportunity to assess the constitutionality of a bill and can refer it back to Parliament for reconsideration if he has any reservations”. Also “[w]hen exercising this right, the President seeks counsel and considers submissions and petitions made to him” and this sometimes “includes listening to concerns from beyond the country such as foreign governments and international bodies”.

Once a bill is signed it is triggered into force but it generally “takes some time for it to come into operation”. Moreover, “most provisions in an Act will either come into operation within a set period after assent or at a time fixed by the government” which in turn “gives the government and those stakeholders who are directly affected by the Act time to plan accordingly”. In some instances “an Act may require certain actions to be taken by the Department” prior to it being implemented. In this context, for example, “subordinate legislation (regulations, determinations, rules) may have to be prepared, approved and gazetted”.

Here’s an historical account of the time periods involved with some of the Bills:

Shortest time: introduction to commencement

“21 days: Special Adjustments Appropriation Bill 2007

27 days: Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters Amendment Act Amendment Bill 2012

30 days: Regulation of Interception of Communications-Related Information Amendment Bill 2010”

Longest time: introduction and commencement

2812 days: Immigration Amendment Bill 2006

2227 days: Mineral and Petroleum Resource Development Amendment Bill 2007

2094 days: Firearms Control Amendment Bill 2006

The recent motion by the EFF for Land Expropriation without Compensation (LEWC) which was passed in the National Assembly with the majority vote of the ANC and which referred the issue for review to the Constitutional Review Committee is an event that is located at the very beginning of the above process. Hence it will take at least 410 days before the Bill is enacted for commencement. This effectively takes commencement of the Bill beyond the date of the 2019 General Elections.

Moreover both the ANC’s and EFF’s post parliamentary motion clarifications can be summed up in the declaration by EFF leader Julius Malema in allying white fears. To this end Malema says that all land must be expropriated by the state, no-one will own any land – everyone will be allocated land for use. Land from those who are farming and using land productively must not be taken from them. So basically all land (which is all productive land) in the hands of whites must remain in white hands. So while ownership of all land will vest in the state, the use and enjoyment patterns will remain in favour of whites. What this effectively means is that for whites to lose ownership of land makes no difference – they will still dominate and hence have hegemony of this means of production.

All this suggests that both the EFF and the ANC and others who adopted the LEWC motion, have no intention of fast tracking the process – including setting aside the current adopted motion on LEWC and instead finalising the Expropriation Bill that President Zuma returned to the National Assembly in 2016 for further action. The referred Expropriation Bill can be finalised in two months as opposed to the current motion which if realized into a bill will take at least 410 days for commencement.

Furthermore those adopting the motion acted in bad faith knowing full well that:

– the content of the motion does not mean return all land to the black majority without compensation. It means blacks will get reject unproductive land while whites retain all the productive land; and

– the time it will take for the adopted motion to be processed into a Bill and then passed into law will take us well beyond the 2019 General Elections by which time blacks would have already been duped into voting them back into power and it will be too late to reverse their votes.

In all of the above circumstances it is clear that there will be no actual LEWC via the motion referred to the Constitutional Review Committee for review – note review doesn’t mean amendment.

Learn the cold and liberating truth! Land occupations is the only way to real LEWC.

#VoteBLF #VoteRet

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)

3 March 2018

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BLF says Zwane ke Bosso!

BLF says Zwane ke Bosso!

Today the Mineral Resources Minister, Mosebenzi Zwane, announced the most radical policy statement since 1994. The Mining Charter launched today is a brave and clear statement in the quest to return the stolen wealth of the nation back to black hands. Minister Zwane deserves nothing but the unwavering support of our people in the struggle to realize Radical Economic Transformation.

Black First Land First (BLF) supports the Mining Charter as a minumim program upon which the total reclamation of the economy can be realised. BLF would have loved an even higher percentage that is in line with its own policy directive. BLFs position is that of democratizing the economy via nationalization of 100% of the commanding heights which will in turn translate into direct ownership by the people. The State in this context will only regulate the collective ownership of the people.

However, we recognize that the measures contained in the Mining Charter are not at variance with the BLF position on mineral and natural resources policy. The only difference is the quantum of the ownership announced. We have to defend these minimums and escalate ownership as part of the consolidation of the transformation process.

Some of the more revolutionary provisions of the Mining Charter is the call for 30% black ownership in 12 months. This provision is even more revolutionary if we consider the fact that in 23 years, not even 5% black ownership has been achieved in the mining sector. It’s a brave and significant pronouncement in law. It shows genuine leadership to prescribe such a clear period upon which the target must be met.

Also, the Mining Charter prescribes that for all new licencing for mining, only applicants with 50% black ownership would be considered. This is another revolutionary measure which overnight would force white monopoly capital to transform if it wants new prospecting rights. Also the Charter legislates that 70% of the goods used in the mining sector must come from black suppliers. Furthermore regarding mining boards, 50% must be black and women representation must be 25%.

Also the communities, where mining is conducted, must be allocated 8% and the workers get an additional 8% stake. This is a revolutionary policy proposal which sets out direct ownership by the workers and the communities. Perhaps the most innovative and smart provision is that 1% turn over in the mining sector must go to blacks. This is the best way to beat compliance avoidance because turn over can’t be manipulated. The mining sector has over a trillion rand annual turn over. Now black people would benefit directly from this over and above any dividend declared etc. Minister Zwane has outdone himself in service of black people. These measures must be defended against all the reactionary forces representing white monopoly capital.

BLF notes the silence of the Charter on the Zama Zama miners. This is an area that needs clarification and strengthening. The Mining Charter is a good starting point for the transformation of the sector away from its colonial nature. Minister Zwane has given the best tribute to the warriors of June 16, 1976. They didn’t die in vain!

BLF calls on society to defend and further advance the provisions of the Mining Charter. Minister Mosebenzi Zwane has shown great leadership and vision. We are not surprised that the criminal cartel known as the Chamber of Mines has boycotted the launch of the charter. Furthermore, we are not fazed by the economic terrorism of the so called markets. The time for Radical Economic Transformation is now! Viva Minister Zwane o Bosso wena!


15 June 2017

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BLF calls for action against the corrupt Pravin Gordhan

BLF calls for action against the corrupt Pravin Gordhan

Black First Land First (BLF) calls on the ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), to take immediate action against the former Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan for his involvement in acts of corruption in the Treasury amounting to over R4 billion. The Ann7 expose’ on the corruption in Treasury is based on an audit report of the same Treasury which has been kept under the carpet since last year.

BLF believes that the reason why the report had not been made public is because Gordhan and his acolytes in Treasury attempted to cover up this corruption involving the theft of billions of rands of public money. To this end we believe that Gordhan is in parliament to continue the cover up of corruption in cahoots with white monopoly capital – his business partners across many complex shareholding schemes. In this context, we call on the ruling party to immediately suspend Pravin Gordhan from parliament. We also call for the suspension of all the senior managers in Treasury who were in office at the time that the crimes were committed

BLF will also lay criminal charges against Gordhan and his partners in crime. It’s a serious indictment on the former Minister of Finance that a major corruption scandal by white monopoly capital has implicated him. Gordhan is corrupt, conflicted and compromised.

BLF wishes to applaud Ann7 for a credible balanced and fact based expose’ of the corruption in Treasury involving over four billion rand. BLF also notes the silence of the usual loud, but fake, crusaders against corruption.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)

30 May 2017

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LAND NOW! Soweto Declaration

LAND NOW!  Soweto Declaration

National Land Imbizo
Mofolo Park
27 May 2017


We, the landless people who are the rightful owners of this country, its wealth and the land – here today, in Soweto (at Mofolo Park) declare the following:

1. South Africa belongs to black people!
2. White people came here in 1652 and stole our land and made us their slaves.
3. The land and its wealth, everything underground, the oceans and the sky belong to black people.
4. All our sufferings, our poverty, the violence in the townships, in the squatter camps, and in our rural villages are caused fundamentally by the fact that we remain a landless people.
5. Without land there is no freedom or dignity.
6. All the land in the hands of white people is stolen property.

We note with anger that:

1. After twenty three years of democracy, only 35 000 white families own 80% of the land!
2. Blacks own only 3% of the JSE!
3. Racism is rife in South Africa!
4. Whites exploit, oppress and murder black people every day in the farms and the rural townships!
5. White monopoly capital which exploits our land and minerals has murdered our brothers in Marikana and has not paid reparations or accounted for their wrongdoings!
6. White monopoly capital mines illegally in South Africa (SA) – who gave De Beers, Lonmin and others the right to mine on stolen land?
7. When blacks mine they are called illegal, forced into unsafe conditions and condemned by white owned media as “Zama Zama” miners.
8. White monopoly capital murders the rightful owners of the land and wealth and calls them Zama Zamas.
9. We note that the courts don’t take racism seriously!
10. Blacks are being evicted every day from our homes and land by the white racist farmers on the farms; by white owned racist and corrupt banks; by the courts and sheriffs in the towns and townships; and by municipalities we vote for in squatter camps!
11. Because of landlessness we blacks are congested in the townships including in the backyards!
12. The government has up now not produced a plan to return our land and help stop our suffering!
13. Our government is buying land which was stolen from us through its “willing buyer, willing seller” policy.
14. It will take us more than 100 years to buy back only 30% of the land, if we follow the current pace of land delivery!
15. 8% of the land was bought back from whites at more than R50 billion since 1994!

We furthermore, declare that:

1. The post 1994 government has failed to return our land for the past 23 years!
2. The ANC must apologise for this, ask for pardon and take action now!
3. White people have not shown that they are sorry or that they acknowledge their sins for slavery, colonialism, apartheid and land theft!
4. White people have not acknowledged that the wealth, comfort and security that they enjoy today is from the direct oppression, exploitation and land dispossession of the black majority!
5. Whites have had 350 years to give back our land and they did not do so. Moreover, whites had twenty three years to say they are sorry and they did not say so!
6. Now, we no longer want dialogue with whites – we want our land back!
7. The biggest and most evil corruption is land theft – this is the mother of all corruption!
8. The crisis in the life of black people comes from historical land dispossession – we cannot heal if the land is not returned!

We note with sadness the following:

1. Our political leaders remain divided and not focused on the real issues affecting black people.
2. Most of our political leaders speak one thing and do the opposite.
3. Most of the political leaders are in the pockets of white monopoly capital.
4. President Zuma has called for Land Expropriation Without Compensation – instead of supporting this call, the land question has been made into a political football in parliament.
5. White owned media, the politicians captured by imperialism and white monopoly capital (both inside the ANC and the opposition) only pay lip service to the question of land return.
7. Politics are made to make blacks fight amongst themselves over nothing!
8. All black politicians in parliament, irrespective of political party affiliation, are landless people like the rest of us.
9. The talk of state capture and corruption is focused only on blacks.

We therefore ask the following questions:

1. Can a landless people play the games of politics amongst themselves?
2. What can be gained by fighting amongst ourselves when the country remains in white hands?
3. Why are these political parties and elders not supporting the call of President Zuma for land expropriation without compensation?
4. We ask the ANC, why do you say we must buy land which was stolen from us?
5. We ask the ANC further, why are you not listening to your own President?

Our Demands!

These demands must be met by any means necessary!

1. “Land expropriation without compensation” must be made policy before the end of 2017!
2. Stop all evictions – from bond houses, from farms, from flats in the inner cities, from squatter camps NOW!
3. We want state owned banks in all the provinces by the end of 2017!
4. The Zama Zama miners must be regularised and given all the assistance they need!
5. Backyards Must Fall! All adult persons must be given land and subsidies for housing!
6. The value of mortgage bonded houses must be reduced to up to 50% because the land is free!
7. Those who have paid for land as part of the mortgage bond must be refunded!
8. Nationalisation of the mines must be realized so that we may benefit!
9. Workers must get a minimum wage of R12500.00 per month. The Marikana mine workers died for this!
10. All the schools must educate the learners about land dispossession and the struggle to regain our land and dignity!
11. Government must assist us to plant our own food!
12. A law must be made that clearly states that any white person found guilty of murdering or harming a black person must go to jail after which that person must lose his/her property and be deported to Europe!

Our Program of Action

We call on all those organisations that are not here and those that are present, to each send two representative to serve on the National Steering Committee for the return of the land!

What must parliament do?

1. We call upon parliament to amend section 25 of the Constitution to affect the policy of “land expropriation without compensation”, before the end of 2017!
2. The Steering Committee must meet all black political parties which are represented in parliament.
3. The Steering Committee must meet the ANC about these demands before their policy conference.
4 The Steering Committee must meet President Zuma as soon as possible.
5 The Steering Committee must visit President Mugabe to get wisdom and courage to fight for land!

What must the church do?

1. The colonial churches must repent and ask for forgiveness. The church which worked closely with the colonialists to take the land of black people must return the land to the people! In 2007, the churches under the South African Council of Churches (SACC) made a declaration to return the stolen land, they have still not done so!
2. The Steering Committee must demand a meeting with the SACC as soon as possible!

What must white people do?

White people are the direct beneficiaries of land theft from black people. Even those who today are not involved in mining or farming are direct beneficiaries of colonialism and apartheid. The schools they go to, the houses they live in, the wealth they have, all come from land theft and oppression of black people. No white person is not implicated or is not a beneficiary of racism – this includes those who are dead and even those who are not yet born.

Whites have a choice to continue with arrogance or they can decide to cooperate with blacks and return the stolen land. Whites must meet in their own land imbizo and resolve by when the land shall be returned to its rightful owners! The land imbizo of whites must happen before the end of 2017! We don’t want dialogue, we want land!

What must the landless do?

If the landless wait for politicians, for the church or whites to do something about land, then we shall wait forever. Its up to the landless and their organisations to take action on the ground so as to speed up all the processes to regain the lost land. When land was taken from us, there was no law, no parliament, no talks of two third majority – the whites just took our land through force. We have to regain our land by any means necessary!

1. The Steering Committee must work to establish a national land occupation program which must be launched on the 1st of January 2018! The night of the New Year, shall be the night of new things!
2. All the war veterans of the liberation movement must join and lead the struggle for land return through direct action. The veterans of the Azanian People’s Liberation Army (APLA), the MKMVA and the Azanian National Liberation Army (AZANLA) must join hands with all those who seek the return of the land now!
3. The Steering Committee shall also meet these war veterans organisations within the next two months!
4. The Steering Committee must also work with the revolutionary High School learners and university students on the programme for land return through re-occupying our stolen land.
5. The Steering Committee must meet with the African Kings and Indigenous leaders (traditional leaders) on the Land Declaration and POA.
6. Every town and village must identify white owned productive land, and prepare to occupy it!

If we don’t take action nothing will change!

The bones of our ancestors are crying out for land. They are not resting in peace. The bones of Sikhukhune, Shaka, Nyabela, Hintsa, Moshweshwe, Cetshwayo, Nghunghunyane are calling for land now! The spirit of Bambatha, Sobukwe, Biko, Mantatise, Nzinga, Nehanda, Tsietsi Mashinini, Kgotso Seatlholo cry over the centuries across the African continent for land to be returned!

It is the land that gives us life and when we die, it’s the land that takes care of our bodies. Without land we are nothing! With land we are everything! That is why we must be black first through getting the land first!

Today here in Soweto we declare that for these commitments we shall fight side by side as comrades, sisters and brothers, as one united black people, until we get back the land!

Take back the land! Land or Death!

Delivered by Andile Mngxitama,
President of Black First Land First