Message to Assata Shakur – thank you for your solidarity and inspiration

Message to Assata Shakur – thank you for your solidarity and inspiration

Revolutionary greetings Comrade Assata Shakur,

We speak to you as the Black First Land First – Student Movement (BLF-SM), a revolutionary movement which draws from Sankofa wisdom and is underpinned by Pan Afrikanism, Black Consciousness and the leadership ethos of Thomas Sankara.

We continue to play an integral part in the liberation of the black majority in South Africa. Our struggle is as its core driven by a set of minimum demands the most important of which is the return of the stolen land from the white settler colonizer without payment for it. It is upon the realisation of this demand that the realisation of all the other demands including the attainment of free quality decolonised education becomes possible.

About three years ago, you wrote an inspiring letter to the youth of South Africa, who were at the time, engaged in the struggle to remove the colonial statue of Cecil John Rhodes from University of Cape Town. This letter came at a time when globally the seeds for global black solidarity were being sown, through the BRICS project.

You wrote from exile in Cuba and this was a tremendous source of inspiration. It represented international solidarity with the oppressed and reminded us that even when banished to exile, the struggle for liberation remains central to ones existence.

Post the Rhodes Must Fall movement, when the student struggle went on to focus on Free Decolonised Education, under the banner of ‘Fees Must Fall’, your life and words gave us the necessary energy to remain principled and committed to attaining free education.

Comrade Shakur, as you know western imperialism has gone on the offensive to crush the BRICS project. It is waging war in Venezuela; successfully removed Dilma Rousseff as President of Brazil and replaced her with their puppet; engineered and facilitated the execution of the coup and regime change in Zimbabwe; and attempted to destroy Russia. It is also currently waging war in South Africa with the assistance of its agents – through political instability (with the help of rating agencies) and economic terrorism – to ensure regime change and the consolidation of state capture.

In South Africa the settler coloniser, represented by the likes of Johan Rupert, and agents of imperialism have sought to remove President Jacob Zuma from Office. This is so because President Zuma has decreed that land must be returned to the black majority without compensation to the colonial land thieves and also because he has championed the BRICS program which seeks to disrupt the monopoly of the West over the lives of blacks. The other reason they want President Zuma out is because he agrees with blacks – that it is time for ‘Free Education’. We remain at war. This is the same war, by the same nations, who attacked and forced you, Comrade Shakur, into exile.

BLF-SM as a component of Black First Land First (BLF) has defended President Zuma from this attack and we have simultaneously demanded that the President implements ‘Free Education’. In December 2017, following his earlier declaration of ‘land expropriation without compensation’, President Zuma has declared ‘Free Education’!

We write to you today to thank you for your encouragement; your principled commitment to the struggle; and for continuously standing with the oppressed no matter how many thousands of kilometres and colonial borders separate us!

We salute you Comrade Assata Shakur!

You continue to inspire us to struggle for the liberation of our people the world over. We shall not stop until imperialism, colonialism and apartheid are completely destroyed. We refuse to be foreigners and slaves in South Africa and everywhere else on earth!

Land or Death!


11 January 2018

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