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BLF celebrates this revolutionary force whose name has attained historic proportions. We note that a full appreciation and true appraisal of the merits of Mao Zedong’s legacy is yet to be gleaned  retrospectively via the lens of a future truly liberated world. Mao’s revolutionary personality was exceptional. He was a spokesperson for the oppressed peoples, a leader of audacity, courage, wisdom and of an extraordinary capacity to discern the will of the people. Mao had a tremendous capacity to appreciate knowledge and experience, to understand a situation in its totality while maintaining his eye for the details, an unwavering commitment to achieving the strategic objective of the revolution, the ability to politically forecast events, great capacity to unite and lead the people in action, deep love for the people, strong faith in the future revolutionary society and was instrumental in leading the people in creating the powerful apparatus of the Chinese Revolution. Continue reading “BLF CELEBRATES MAO ZEDONG’S 125TH BIRTHDAY”