Voetsek Prinsloo with your fake white handouts – we want our land back!

Voetsek Prinsloo with your fake white handouts – we want our land back!

Black First Land First (BLF) Free State rejects the bad faith allocation of land parcels by Smithfield farm-owner and resident, Eddie Prinsloo, to his black employees. Lest we forget, the collective black pain of these workers comes from the black holocaust which in turn is based on colonialism. Moreover colonialism itself is based on historical land theft.

BLF views this so called act of kindness on the part of Prinsloo as a manifestation and consolidation of white supremacy. The resolution of the land question in South Africa is inextricably linked to the resolution of the colonial question which in turn is based on the historical theft of black lands and the destruction of the Afrikan being.

This white man , in the first place, did not practice Land Expropriation Without Compensation (LEWC). He in fact sold his land to the state on condition that the state gives it to his workers. This is a scheme by whites to hide the fact that the likes of Prinsloo gets paid for stolen land. There is no prescription for historical land theft – and the white Prinsloo still benefited by selling the stolen land. This is a clear indication of the impunity with which whites continue to act – they will never return land without receiving payment! This is how white people have been operating across the world with fraudulent concessions and that is how they have kept blacks in bondage.

Landlessness has pushed these black workers – as it has all blacks – to the bottom of everything. To this end, Prinsloo’s solution which does not start with land without compensation is a false solution. All the problems of the black workers in this case are centered on the land question and Prinsloo tries to pull the wool over their eyes with his fraudulent deal!

It must be stated that it is only the act of whites collectively returning the land to blacks that can begin to structurally change the racist ownership patterns that currently favours whites. No amount of scheming to sell land to the state on condition that it is given to blacks absolves whites from historical land theft. Individual acts of deceptive kindness must not fool our people! Prinsloo is feigning kindness. We must not be distracted from repossessing all the stolen land (being 80% of land in SA) that is currently in white hands. We must expropriate the expropriators without paying a cent.

Issued by Black First Land First, Free State (BLF FS)

28 March 2018

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