BLF welcomes protest against SA companies in Nigeria

BLF welcomes protest against SA companies in Nigeria

Our message to our Nigerian brothers and sisters is this:

We are all suffering!

To those who sell drugs we say, stop it.

To the rest we say:

Now is the time to make a revolution so as to ensure that all Nigerians benefit from the oil that God gave you. Nigeria is amongst the top ten oil producers in the world, yet it is poor because you have allowed politicians to loot your oil with impunity.

We also support your struggle to end South Africa’s business domination of Nigeria. Those businesses don’t belong to us. We have no businesses. It is the businesses of the people who are impoverishing both South Africa (SA) and Nigeria.

Reject your reactionary poltical leaders. They are talking rubbish about sanctions whilst looting your oil.

Take over the oil fields. Build a new Nigeria. DescriptionBuild a new country that puts the people first. Muammar Gaddafi did it. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is doing it. You can do it!
Description is doing it! Die fighting for the liberation of Nigeria.

We in SA must ensure that the President of London and Stellenbosch is removed so that we may have a government that would give us Radical Economic Transformation. We want land expropriation without compensation now! We want to share in the mineral wealth of SA.

Lets fix our countries. Lets make a revolution! Revolution is the hope of the hopeless!

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)

4 September 2019

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