BLF supports the collaboration between AZAPO and PAC

BLF supports the collaboration between AZAPO and PAC

Black First Land First (BLF) welcomes the announcement of a declaration of collaboration between the historical liberation movements, the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) and the Azanian People’s Organisation ( AZAPO).

This collaboration is long overdue. We do well to remember that Steve Biko broke his restrictions and was captured and murdered in the quest to unify the liberation movement. The enemy of our people fear nothing more than black unity.

BLF congratulates both organisations for their effort towards the unity of the oppressed masses of occupied Azania. We remain committed to the ideal of a fighting Azanian Front that would strike at the enemy as one force.

Sobukwe Lives! Biko Lives!
Phambili with BLACK UNITY!
Phambili with BLACK POWER!
Azania shall be free!

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (NCC)
17 February 2022

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Happy 75th Birthday, Steve Biko

Happy 75th Birthday, Steve Biko

Our father, Stephen Bantu Biko, would be 75 years old today – he who died so that we may be free. He suffered like Jesus Christ to end our suffering here on earth. He knew the stand he took would lead to the death of the physical body, but would ensure the eternal life of his ideas. Today we remember he who gave up his life so that we can see Black!

Steve Biko was murdered by the racist, apartheid regime a year after the 1976 Black Power moment which had removed fear from the hearts of black people. He gave a blistering, no fears expressed testimony at the SASO trial in May 1976. In June the same year the children of Soweto said, “Ya Basta! Enough is Enough!” and they confronted the apartheid monster with their guiding Black Power battlecry and rocks!

We remember Biko – he who bequeathed to us Tsietsi Mashinini and Khotso Seatlholo, the undisputed leaders of the students.

Biko lives everytime blacks stand up to put Blacks First! We watch with bleeding hearts each time sellouts, who have no compunction giving political power to the enemies of Biko, proclaim his name whilst in practise entrenching white power.

We remember our messiah who gave us eyes to see Black, hear Black and love Black.

We remain stubbornly Bikoists.

Black First! Happy birthday, Biko our father!

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)
18 December 2021

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Remember Brother Micah X Johnson!

Remember Brother Micah X Johnson!

Message from the BLF President

Last year Black First Land First (BLF) resolved that Brother Micah Xavier Johnson a Martyr of black liberation the world over. Today, exactly one year after he was killed by the para military white supremacist US police force, we call on all black people to start a process of remembering our brother whose actions are the highest form of love for black people. He chose to die for us. He is above all of us who are too scared to liberate ourselves from the plantation by any means necessary.

We note that the global black organizations who are praised for resistance by the white world, continue to distance themselves from the brave black warrior. BLF embraces our brother, Micah X Johnson, who we regard as a revolutionary holy saint. His love for black people is exemplary and inspirational. We love you Brother Micah X Johnson.
BLF repeats its call to our people everywhere to honor Brother Micah Xavier Johnson. Lets observe a moment of silence while raising our black power fists. Lets raise our voices in loud salutations with the words, “Black Power! Long live the spirit of Micah Xavier Johnson, long live!”.

All BLF meetings, protests actions and other events shall in this month open with a moment of silence for Brother Micah. We ask all BLF members, and indeed all our people, to display images of Michah X Johnson on social media to ensure that we never forget him and never forgive those who took his life.

Micah X Johnson, soldier who died with his boots on so that we blacks can breathe! We shall never forget!

Issued on behalf of Black First Land First by its President, Andile Mngxitama

8 July 2017

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Black First Land First condemns the apartheid tactics employed by white monopoly capital and its agents, the ANC government, to disrupt the struggle for insourcing, free black centered socialist education and a decolonized society. The disappearance of Vusi Oldman Mahlangu, hits at a time when the “End Outsourcing Campaign” has struck at the heart of racist capitalist exploitation within institutions of higher learning.

From the onset of the Fees Must Fall struggle we have seen the ANC government collude with white capital to sabotage the fight for black people’s dignity. This is reminiscent of their scuppering of movements for liberation in the 80s and early 90s, and speaks to the anti-black self-hating nature of the political party and its members.

To date, students and workers have been shot, kidnapped, threatened, teargassed, arrested, imprisoned, suspended, interdicted, expelled, and/or excluded from the university as a direct result of the ANC government’s collusion with white capital as defenders of white-power.

The resilience of the students and workers has been remarkable, and at a time where our resolve is being tested more than ever, we must stand firm. The duty of the youth remains the achievement of free black-centred socialist education, insourcing, land return and black liberation within the context of decolonizing everything by any means necessary.

To this end BLF calls for a NATIONAL SHUTDOWN of all institutions of higher learning, by any means necessary, until the following are achieved:

The unconditional release of Vusi Mahlangu and all else who have been taken, NOW!

Insourcing of all workers!

A living wage with full institution of higher learning benefits!

Free black centered socialist education!

Unconditional dropping of all charges, interdicts, suspensions, cancellations and expulsions!

Unconditional release of all arrested and detained students!


31 March 2016

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