Go to hell, Speaker and Deputy Speaker of Parliament!

Black First Land First (BLF) has learned from the media that the Deputy Speaker of Parliament (presumably with the consent of the speaker) has “ordered” BLF to apologize either to parliament, to them or to Jackson Mthembu. BLF wants to make it absolutely clear – it is to us that an apology is owed due to the shocking treatment we were subjected to by the fascistic Yunus Carrim. We know why Carrim was so agitated against us. He is part of the pro white monopoly capital faction of the ANC alliance. Furthermore, he is still reeling from the massive blow suffered by that faction which has resulted from the reshuffling of their main anchor, Pravin Gordhan. We don’t know what motivates the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker of Parliament to embark on this nonsensical charade. This whole thing is so quixotic, one could cry.

As for Jackson Mthembu – we wonder if any right thinking person would associate him with the word “integrity”. Mthembu is Johann Rupert’s chief servant. He is disgrace personified.

The Speaker and her Deputy have once more mismanaged a fairly simple process. Their incompetency is staggering; their ignorance of the rules and procedures of parliament is criminal! There’s little wonder why parliament is managed like a badly run shebeen. It makes sense why, under the current Speaker and Deputy Speaker, it has lost one court case after the other. The two are simply out of their depths.

BLF says to the Speaker and her Deputy, “go to hell, you shall get no apology from us”. Not only have you both just eroded the little veneer of respectability that parliament has undeservedly enjoyed, but you have also practically reduced parliament to a noisy place of insults and irrational screaming at the slightest provocation. Simply put that place under your watch, is fit to be a beer hall.

Did the two of you, with the Rasputinic Mthembu, believe that BLF can apologise for a worse than kangaroo court process it has been subjected to? You haven’t heard of the principle of natural justice that requires the other side of the story to be heard? In a court of the demented you try, convict as well as rush to appease white monopoly capital by imposing childish orders on us in absentia. We won’t apologise! Moreover, we dare you to ban us from parliamentary processes that we as citizens are entitled to. Again we say, go straight to hell! BLF has important matters to worry about instead of the rubbish that you are dragging us into!

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)

12 May 2017

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