Charge the racists with serious charges!

Charge the racists with serious charges!

Image: screen-grab via TimesLIVE

The police have responded with timid mild charges against the Maselspoort Resort and Conference Centre racists. The timid actions by the police emboldened the racists. The acts of racism were plain to all who saw the video of the incident. Furthermore, the parents have reported the fact of how racist the acts were. The police who are not trained to understand and combat individual acts of racism, minimise these acts. These acts are not common assault but racist attacks on black children.

It’s an indictment on the ANC that 28 years into democracy South Africa doesn’t have an explicit anti racism law to punish acts of racism. The ANC rule facilitates anti black racism and the opposition parties are equally complicit in empowering racism by going into political coalitions with parties of white supremacy like the DA.

A historically informed legal framework to outlaw racism is long overdue. Such legislation must move from the principle that blacks can’t be racist but are victims of racism. Black First Land First (BLF) has been calling for the criminalisation of racism. In 2018 BLF published its Anti-Racism Bill in an attempt to prompt the ANC to act. Individual acts of racism shall be a reality untill blacks get real power which is predicated on the return of the land and on economic emancipation.


BLF Anti-Racism Bill of 2017

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (NCC)
27 December 2022

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Press statement: BLF to charge racist Zille for pro-colonialism rants

Press statement: BLF to charge racist Zille for pro-colonialism rants

25 March 2017

Black First Land First (BLF) shall today, 25 March 2017, charge Western Cape Premier Helen Zille for crimen injuria relating to racism in that, through her pro-colonialism utterances last Thursday, she unlawfully and intentionally impaired the dignity of blacks and insulted their collective pain caused by colonialism. The movement, led by its Deputy President Zanele Lwana, will charge Zille this morning at 10 am at the Hillbrow Police Station in Johannesburg. Continue reading “Press statement: BLF to charge racist Zille for pro-colonialism rants”