BLF condemns mass rapes in the West Rand

BLF condemns mass rapes in the West Rand

Black First Land First (BLF) condemns the disturbing reports of 8 women models raped in the West Rand. These shocking criminal acts must be condemned by all and strong action must be taken to bring the pertrators to book. But more importantly the factory of criminality and urban terrorism must be shuttdown. The shadowy world of illegal mining is the fertile ground for this urban terrorism which is on the increase.

The market for the Zama Zama illegal mining is white monopoly capital. It buys the illegally mined products on the cheap which it incorporates within its business and makes big profits. The Zama Zamas thrive on violence to guard turf. Add the undocumented nature of the partcipants then you have the toxic reality of lawlessness that breeds anti social behaviour now afflicted on the community.

The link between violence and cheap products for white owned mining houses must be broken. Part of the answer is that the police must to do their jobs. Secondly, the criminalisation of small scale mining must end. Thirdly there must be compulsory documenting of everyone in South Africa, illegal or not. Failure to document everyone creates an underworld which becomes law unto itself.

BLF wishes the victims of these crimes a speedy recovery and justice for the transgressions.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (NCC)
30 July 2022

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