Hands Off Sekunjalo Independent Media

Hands Off Sekunjalo Independent Media

Image: Dr Iqbal Surve, CEO of Sekunjalo Group which owns Independent Newspapers

The Stellenbosch mafia wants only their voices heard in South Africa. Because they own the banks, they use financial terrorism to shutdown the bank accounts of anyone threatening their agenda. They did this to the Guptas and once they shut them down they spread falsehoods about them in a one sided propaganda war.

The Sekunjalo Group has been brave in exposing white monopoly capital corruption including the criminal conduct involved in the R1 billion donations to the CR17 campaign. It was the Sekunjalo Group that broke that story of the capture of the ANC by Stellenbosch.

The synchronised decision to shutdown the bank accounts of Sekunjalo is nothing but a well coordinated political attack on the independent media. Stellenbosch can’t stomach any media not singing from its anti black hymn book.

Black First Land First (BLF) says Hands Off Dr Iqbal Survé, Hands Off the Sekunjalo Group. We need media diversity in South Africa.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (NCC)
23 February 2022

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BLF appalled by fake news manufacturing Daily Maverick

BLF appalled by fake news manufacturing Daily Maverick

Image credit: Daily Maverick

The revelation by the former scribe of Daily Maverick (DM), Karabo Modiba, that he was paid to write propaganda pieces against certain leaders doesn’t surprise Black First Land First (BLF) at all. DM has long stopped being an objective media outlet when it chose to be the bulldog of the Stellenbosch Mafia against Radical Economic Transformation (RET). Based on this agenda, fake news is generated against leaders considered to be supporters of RET.

DM’s unethical journalism is based on demonizing without fact anyone considered anti Stellenbosch and protecting all agents of the white monopoly capital (WMC) agenda. That’s why when Julius Malema had been on the offensive against President Zuma to undermine RET, he was considered a champion of anti corruption despite piles of evidence to the contrary. It was only when there was a fallout amongst the pro Stellenbosch gang that DM decided to investigate Malema as if he had not been involved in corruption all along.

The same unethical conduct of defending corruption, so long as it’s undertaken by the pro Stellenbosch agents, is seen in the lack of interest to investigate the CR17 leaders like Pravin Gordhan even when evidence is increasing against them.

Modiba has done journalism a great service by speaking out. BLF calls on all the students and other contributors to DM to come forward and tell the truth about how they have been paid to act as anti RET bots.

The paid attack on the person and integrity of Dr Iqbal Survé must be understood within the context of a drive by WMC to have total censorship of Independent Media. The ultimate aim is to have only the voice of WMC masquerading as the media. That is why DM was in active suport of those who worked tirelessly to shutdown ANN7.

The apartheid like reporting practices of DM makes a strong case for the establishment of an independent media tribunal to defend freedom of the press and promote fair reporting to end the current mass manufacturing of fake news and unwarranted attacks on individuals not associated with WMC.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)

10 March 2020

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