Open letter to Julius Malema: Do not go into coalition with the racist DA

Open letter to Julius Malema: Do not go into coalition with the racist DA

The 2016 Local Government Elections (LGE) have put the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in a vantage position to set a national agenda in South Africa. This position is unique and rare. The EFF can choose to use it to advance the revolution or to strengthen the hand of white supremacy.

Black First Land First (BLF) calls on the EFF to break ranks with the imperialist agenda and choose the path of revolutionary progress by abandoning any talk of a coalition with the racist party of white monopoly capital, the Democratic Alliance (DA) of Helen Zille. A coalition with the DA shall only benefit the same people who have benefited from stealing our land.

There is no denying that the ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), has failed to use its power to advance black liberation. In this window of opportunity given by history to advance the course of black liberation, through the strategic use of the ballot, we need visionary leadership which is able to tower above our immediate feelings, differences and concerns. Mr Malema, you are being called upon to step forward and change the course of history. You can choose to be consumed by petty hatred of Jacob Zuma or you can choose to be inspired by a revolutionary vision and turn the current impasse into a breakthrough for our long suffering people.

At this hour the ANC needs what the EFF can give and in turn the ANC has what can be used by the EFF to end the suffering of our people. The percentage of the vote the EFF has can save the major metropolitan cities from falling into the hands of the racist anti-black DA. The ANC needs nothing more than that possibility. Only EFF can save us from the white rule of DA in these metros. The ANC knows this, as all of us do.

On the other hand the ANC, because it is the ruling party which has the legislative majority, has what the EFF can use to advance the revolution. Only the ANC has the power to change national policy to end white racism and to return our land. The ANC needs the votes you have and the revolution needs the authority the ANC has but has been too timid to use. Now history has provided the condition to force the hand of the ANC to do the right thing. Lenin, the great Russian revolutionary of the last century, teaches us that at times history needs a little push. It can be done, for our people and our progeny.

The ANC is on the ropes. No its not Mohammed Ali’s “rope-a-dope”, its their back against the wall. There is no need for a sadistic rubbing it on their faces. Let’s humiliate the history of humiliation that has put our people in perpetual misery. Mr Malema we call on you to make an offer the ANC cannot refuse. Tell them they can keep the metros on the following conditions:

1. Land expropriation without compensation
2. Nationalisation of mines and banks
3. Free education for all
4. Living wages and a basic income grant
5. Reparations for Marikana.

Tell them that the first condition is non negotiable. You may add an implementation plan which may include strategic placement of your trusted people in key positions. Also present the ANC with a time table of implementation with clear objectives. This is how the country can be rescued from the blubbering incompetence and cowardice of the ANC on the one hand and on the other hand the arrogance of white supremacy of the DA.

EFF stands to lose nothing for making these demands. If the ANC rejects this revolutionary offer to rescue our people then it’s the biggest loser and your party can only grow in stature in the eyes of our people. Now is the time to focus on what is fundamental. To abandon any commitment with imperialism and choose the path of revolutionary leadership.

History has thrown us a rope. Lets grab it with both hands and end the long nightmare of 350 years of bondage by a foreign occupying force. The choice here is between maintaining the racist status quo by going with the DA into a coalition of the bitter or to force the hand of the ANC and return our land and dignity. These choices are clear. We wait for you to make the correct turn and end the ongoing humiliation of the black majority. We implore you to sit down with the gang from Luthuli House. You have nothing to lose but to gain a whole new world for all of us.

You can choose this path or you can choose the path of joining hands with our enemies and continue our oppression.

Yours sincerely

Andile Mngxitama
National Convenor
Black First Land First (BLF)



The Black First Land First (BLF) movement is an anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist movement that supports the return of the stolen land in Africa by any means necessary. BLF follows the ideas of Frantz Fanon who teaches us about the justness of the return of the land to its rightful owners by any means necessary and that land is the foundation to liberation.

BLF honours the Zimbabwean liberation fighters who took up arms against the colonisers and liberated Zimbabwe. Furthermore, BLF is inspired by the radical stance the government of President Robert Mugabe took to take land back to the it’s rightful owners.

BLF rejects the lies told in London by Economic Freedom Fighters Commander in Chief, Julius Malema and his delegation, that the Zimbabwean government used violence against innocent people in its land reclamation process. To paint the government of Zimbabwe as the aggressors in its quest to return the stolen land is to serve colonialism.

BLF is not surprised by the EFF and Malema’s attack on the government of President Mugabe for taking back the land. The EFF has already given guarantees to white land thieves in South Africa that the land they stole from blacks shall not be returned. This attack on radical land redistribution is consistant with the imperialist agenda pursued by the EFF which is now exposed through the London trip. This attack on the Zimbabwean government for giving blacks their land must be seen as part of the EFF’s commitment given to representatives of imperialism and white monopoly capital in London. The EFF is merely carrying out the instructions of imperialism by criticising the revolutionary land redistribution in Zimbabwe; which was carried out peacefully. The only violence that was perpetrated was by the settlers in defence of the stolen land. It’s a lie and a distortion of history to equate action for decolonisation with violence.

BLF defends the Zimbabwean land redistribution process and salutes the government of Zimbabwe for returning land to the people.

Speaking about land reclamation at Oxford University yesterday Malema said, “You ought to pass legislation through parliament in line with your constitution that will take land back to the hands of people.”

BLF rejects the lie that land redistribution can only be done through waiting for politicians to make laws. It’s a lie to say that the South African constitution allows for land expropriation without compensation. The only realistic means left to blacks to get their land back is through land occupations. The land was stolen and must be taken back without anymore delays.

Malema’s current engagements with white monopoly capital are about allaying white fears and donating people’s power  (the recent march to the JSE was to demonstrate people’s power controlled by him) to the highest bidder to perpetuate landlessness. Hence, the resolution of the land question by  Zimbabwe, which is a black first approach, has to be rejected by the EFF for it to get any favours from white capital. The EFF is now unashamedly declaring it’s disruption of any revolutionary endeavours in this regard.

We call on all the revolutionary people to defend Zimbabwe, to reject imperialism and it’s agents, and to reclaim the stolen land.



26 November 2015

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“A soldier without any political or ideological training is a potential criminal”.- Thomas Sankara

When members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), instructed by their leaders,  invaded the “End of Times Disciples Ministries” in Soshanguve, Pretoria on 9 August 2015 their intention was clear: to get their hands on the pastor of the church and to teach him a lesson by making him eat snakes and rats because he does the same to the people of his congregation. The EFF, like a gang of vigilantes, stormed the church, beat people up and destroyed church property all under the guise of serving the interests of the community. It was a shame to see on national television how women were being beaten up by EFF hooligans. None of these horrible senseless actions of EFF can be justified. Only sick and very disturbed people can justify the beating of women as a service to the community. We all know that the EFF was serving none other than itself in pursuit of a media spectacle!  Furthermore, the EFF was motivated by nothing else but opportunism and vulgar populism at the expense of the most vulnerable people of this country being the black people.

The EFF has proven itself to be no different from the ANC that brutalizes our people to get things done. The logic that led to 34 miners being killed in Marikana by the ANC on 16 August 2012 is the same logic that motivated EFF hooligans to use violence on black people so as to have their way. This emanates from the anti black logic that blacks are stupid and understand no other language but that of violence and consequently they must be treated with violence so as to get them to understand what is needed to be done. One cannot help but come to the realization that if the EFF were to assume state power in this country it would not hesitate to use the full might of the police force and the military to brutalize blacks into submission and then claim that such brutality was meted out in the interests of society.

These acts of brutality against blacks by the EFF is not surprising. Being devoid of any genuine leadership and having abandoned revolutionary theory EFF is incapable of of dispensing any revolutionary guide to action to its members so as to assist them in engaging communities or individuals on how to overcome practicing or perpetrating backward ideas. Blacks in this country continue to experience violence through landlessness and economic exclusion by the state. The act of the colonial dispossession of blacks of their land has rendered them available to all those who claim to have a solution to their perpetual suffering. To this end all black people are desperate for a solution to their unbearable suffering   The EFF, had it been a revolutionary party, would not have promoted black on black violence as a solution to the problem our people are experiencing. It would instead, have made it it’s revolutionary duty to educate our people on what must be done under the circumstances where they are engaging in backward ritualistic practices that go against their own interests.

It must be stated that when the EFF burned down the tent of the “snake” pastor, such action was an exercise in futility because it did not discourage the congregation from engaging in backward practices. In this regard the congregation was undeterred by the violent deeds of the EFF and simply continued to eat grass in the absence of their pastor.

The EFF’s supposed solution to the problem at hand only serves to further entrench the culture of anti black violence in our communities that is in turn set in motion by the structural logic of white-supremacy. This will also encourage the growth of the pastor’s follower-ship. In fact they will now quote John 15 verse 18: “if the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.”  The faithful shall now believe that this is yet another test that they must overcome.  And so the belief in their pastor’s miracles shall only grow in strength. They will see for themselves, as the chosen few, that they have to be persecuted just like Christ himself was persecuted.

It is not only the pastor in Soshanguve that feeds rats and snakes to our people. The political class does the same to our people when it sells snakes and grass as ideology them. Now it is pitting itself against those who sell physical snakes. The practice of deception is the same on both levels. A revolutionary movement does not impose its hegemony on the people through violence and intimidation.  It does not assert itself by creating a fearful community under its violent command. Soon we will degenerate into the warlordism we have already seen in most parts of the African continent. A revolutionary movement wins hegemony in society by persuasion, organisation and education. We all know the fearful are not free!

The EFF fails dismally to understand that contradictions amongst the people must be settled peacefully because they are not antagonistic, and contradictions with the enemy are antagonistic and must be dealt with violently if necessary. The lack of revolutionary theory from the EFF renders black people the enemy and consequently everybody suffers. This means its war of all against all in a quest for the dominance of naked violence amongst and over the people.

Not only is the EFF suffering from a lack of revolutionary theory, but it is also led by misleaders who are hypocrites and who will teach people that they must ‘do as they say but not as they do’. How is it possible that the EFF who attacks the pastor is the same EFF that has invited Paseka Mbhoro Motsoeneng who is a controversial, charismatic pastor to its rallies. Maybe the EFF is attacking the “snake” pastor in defence of their own miracle worker‘Mbhoro’ who they see as competition. We have not forgotten how EFF President Julius Malema`once visited another controversial pastor T.B Joshua in Nigeria in search of his own miracles. We see here Malema exercising his own right in believing in miracles and when other black people do the same they are met with violence instructed by him. To this end who can forget how, even when the Synagogue Church of TB Joshua collapsed and a number of South Africans were killed, Julius Malema rose in defence of the pastor.

We Are The One’s We Have Been Waiting For!

Issued by The September  National Imbizo

10 August 2015


By Lizard-Staffrider
Sober Analyst

4 June 2014

In the past few months we have seen the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) with great speed abandon the slogan asijiki and adopt another one : siyagijima! This rapid changing of slogans by EFF indicates rapid shifts in the ideology and philosophy of the movement away from its radical roots into an accommodationist liberal movement that no longer wants “land expropriation without compensation”. In full flight of siyagijima entered the new and alien notions of “unoccupied”,“unproductive”, “abandoned” and “idle” land. Like the ANC and DA, EFF now doesn’t want to disturb the peace and only wants the land that white “land thieves” don’t want or don’t use – abandoned and idle land –  this is what the struggle has been reduced to! So the question must be asked, siyagijima siyaphi?

The rapid changing of slogans substitutes sustainable programmes on the ground. The party is driven by the frivolity and superficiality of fashion politics. Everything is fleeting at great speed- siyagijima! We all know fashion is the practice of permanent change at a superficial level. It’s change that changes nothing. It’s change to remain“relevant”, to be in the mainstream, to reproduce the status qou! Followers of fashion are in a perpetual state of chasing “what’s new”. Revolution is about fundamental change not chasing fashion and creating one spectacle after the other. Revolution is not about chasing newspaper headlines.

Fashion politics is driven by newspaper headlines where every action has to be colored in red, not given revolutionary content. We see that the noble commitment to lead and support community struggles has become a chance to be on television or the front page of the newspaper.  The people’s struggles are appropriated by these siyagijima activists; who are here now and in the next moment gone to the next protest march to claim leadership in front of the tv cameras. Is it not strange that up to now there has not been a single successful land occupation by EFF? EFF doesn’t want land occupations. It is not interested in them working. It wants only media coverage that projects it as the champion of the poor and land struggles. A directive was shot from Braamfontein, that all provinces must each have a “land occupation”programme. The provincial leadership responded by seeking moments for the media and then went home. Often the land occupiers are without any support when arrested! Once the photo-shoot is over the struggle for land is over. It makes little sense that a rally is attended by several thousands of people while a land occupation occurs by a few people. Land occupations are not planned nor supported. They are an abuse of the desire for land and change by our people and only serve to demoralise them.

When university students undertook an autonomous struggle in the decolonising of the university, led by the “Rhodes Must Fall” movement in University of Cape Town (UCT), EFF went into a desperate attempt to appropriate the student struggle instead of giving it support. There were even messianic calls by EFF leaders that only they can bring the statues down. A few EFF-led quick moves for the media were undertaken and then as the photo-shoot ended the campaign ended too. A revolutionary movement should not be interested in taking over student struggles. It should instead give the students critical support by assisting them to give revolutionary content to their struggles and to sustain them.

It must be asked, so what happened to the call for all casualized / temporary / labour broker bound workers to submit their names to the EFF office? Newspaper headlines were gained, the abused and exploited workers were forgotten! Anyway, the idea of EFF fighting for workers rights has now been exposed as a lie. The CCMA has seen more than a hundred cases of complaints lodged by EFF employees who have been treated as slaves by EFF. Those who work for the EFF have been treated as workers without rights and many are winning their cases in the CCMA. EFF is like a brutal white farmer or mine owner when it comes to treating those it employs. Imagine what will happen to workers when EFF is in power. The siyagijima brigade is so busy running and has no time to reflect on the bad and reactionary practices of party leadership.
EFF has abandoned workers rights, as it has abandoned land return, as it has abandoned asijiki for siyagijima! EFF had abandoned it’s own Founding Manifesto when it begged money from white land thieves in Stellenbosch and promised them that their land is free. Julius Malema has made sure there is no questioning, only running at high speed to nowhere. These days when questions are asked about party positions and anti-revolutionary practices, the response is a picture of a tent full of people in red shirts and a slogan, “siyagijiima!”. Imagine the scenario where one asked:  “if  Julius  Malema says he was not in Maputo but his credit card was swiped there, why does he not show the media his passport?”,  the response from abagijimi (the runners) is to produce a picture of a rally and repeat the slogan, “siyagijima”. Here the members of EFF have been tricked into believing just like the members of the ANC that if they have numbers they don’t have to worry about the truth. Since the ANC has more numbers than all political parties in SA, it can cover the truth up more effectively. However EFF is not far off in using the idea of numbers to hide the truth. It’s like the ANC is saying, “you can say all you want about Nkandla, we have the numbers”. It’s what one once said are “voting cows”. Well siyagijima is a response of cows.

This year alone already EFF has held more than 6 rallies and yet more are to come. Things are happening at fast speed, siyagijima! The strange thing about these rallies is that they are held in tents. These tents serve two purposes. The first is to create the impression of a big and well attended meeting. A rally in a tent?  This is new! But that is only a secondary consideration. The real objective of rallies is the theft of organisational funds. Rallies allow for inflation of prices and collusion with service providers for purposes of money laundering. The four main money spinners are: the tent, the sound, the stage and buses or transport.  These services can be given to companies that are owned by friends and they then the supply services at inflated prices. For example, if a tent is R500 000, the company inflates the price to R2 million on the instruction of party leaders. The same applies for sound and stage as well as for buses or any frm of transport. So rallies are not used to build the movement and revolution but used as a way to steal from the party. People going to rallies shout, Siya,gijima! The response must be  siyagijima siyaphi?

The politics of siyagijima have turned EFF into a massive event management company to manage rallies. These rallies are like roving rock music festivals across the country. Just like a proper rock band on tour, EFF functionaries are enlisted to travel ahead of rallies into localities to put posters and invite members of the community to the rally and to come and listen to the rock star, the commander in chief and son of the soil, insult Zuma and lizards. He will make them laugh, he will make them cry, he will make them believe, he will give them hope and they will feel relieved for the duration of the performance.The poor, the bored, the denigrated and disillusioned leave the rally addressed by the CIC imbued with new hope and euphoria. They are like the grass eating and petrol drinking members of the new churches.  Under the spell of great words that speak to ones suffering, faith grows so much that one can even allow one to be jumped on or even go naked. The same practice of make-believe used by the charismatic pastors is at play here. Everything is experienced as the truth. In science this false cure is called the placebo effect. It works only for a little while. But the sense of belief and relief one experiences during the rally is like a drug fix, its as addictive as nyaope. One can’t wait for the next fix. The commander in chief on top of the imposing stage with booming speakers leaves them awe-struck. Like in a true rock festivals, fans faint and stomp their feet in hysteria!

Slogans are not the concentrated expression of political beliefs. Slogans tells us about the understanding of the immediate tasks of the revolution. Asijiki was a statement of refusal to compromise. Siyagijima is a statement of surrender covered in urgent meaningless action. EFF has been reduced from a revolutionary movement into a party of meaningless activity. This serves the counter-revolution well. Besides enriching the leadership through inflated prices for the rallies it gives the impatient angry and hungry fighters false relief. The fighters want action. Instead their tense bodies are given relief through a rally, songs and occational bashing of those who dare question the leadership. The fighters want revolutionary action. They are ready but instead they are given meaningless tasks of organising meaningless rallies. Siyagijima is the one more action in the long list indicating the right wing turn of the EFF as it becomes the private property of the leadership and abandons the mission of creating a revolutionary subject for the emancipation of the oppressed. EFF has lost direction! It is running free like a wild horse to nowhere. Siyagijima! We ask siyaphhi?