BLF acknowledges its members who participated in voter registration

Our revolutionary movement acknowledges the sacrifices made by its members who volunteered their time to make sure it was visible during this past voter registration weekend.

Black people have asked Black First Land First (BLF) to contest the 2019 elections. BLF has answered the call. To have an impact our movement must be visible everywhere. Our movement is already engaged in community struggles. This must continue.

Over the registration weekend BLF members did a sterling job using their owm resources. This is just the start of the process to get BLF inside parliament so as to push the Black Agenda.

In BLF we don’t thank fish for swimming. We call on our members to continue to serve the movement of Sobukwe and Biko.

Land or death

12 March 2018

Issued by the Secretary General
Black First Land First
Siphesihle Ayanda Jele
Mobile cellular number: 0728417579

BLF contact details:
Black First Land First Email:[email protected]
Facebook: Black First Land First
Twitter: @black1stland1st