AfriForum (EuroForum) takes BLF to court

AfriForum (EuroForum) takes BLF to court

The racist AfriForum, which is in fact “EuroForum”, served Black First Land First (BLF) with High Court papers in the afternoon of Wednesday 30 August 2017. The organisation representing land thieves, through its business arm, seeks to stop our movement from taking back the land. Afriforum is running to Court to try and subvert the mass land expropriation campaign of BLF. They want the Court to interdict BLF from occupying our own land – how sick is this?

On 27 May this year in Mofolo Park BLF announced through its “LAND NOW! Soweto Declaration” that all landless blacks must establish Land Expropriation Commmittees (LECs). The task of the LECs is to identify productive and profitable farms, currently owned by white farmers, and devise plans to occupy them from 1 January 2018. The new year is a time of land return – “[t]he night of the New Year, shall be the night of new things!” BLF is at an advanced stage in setting up these LECs throughout the country. EuroForum is panicking! It is relying on apartheid legislation to try and stop our movement from taking back our land. BLF doesn’t recognise apartheid legislation or the property clause of the Constitution. Nothing will stop us from taking back the land – nothing!

The BLF land expropriation campaign is backed by thousands of blacks who have appended their signatures to a land petition that says, “NO! We won’t buy back our stolen land!” No court or living being can stop us from correcting the historical crime of land theft. BLF is clear – Land or Death! We shall meet the Euroforum in Court and in our land.

Now is the time! BLF has asked nicely that whites must hold their own land imbizo to determine how they are going to return the land. They have not heeded our sound advice. Now we are going to take back our land and there is nothing that EuroForum can do about this!

Land or Death!
Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)

1 September 2017

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