US Hands Off Iranian Tankers

US Hands Off Iranian Tankers

Iranian Oil Tankers

Black First Land First (BLF) applauds Iran’s courageous decision to send five oil tankers with fuel to the revolutionary government of Venezuela in direct defiance of the US economic and naval blockade of Venezuela. We further laud the resistance of Venezuela to the US sanctions imposed on it.

This encourages, which BLF welcomes, the further defiance of other countries sanctioned by the US towards defending and securing self-determination and national sovereignty internationally.

Any military action by the US against the Iranian tankers is in contravention of international law and would amount to international piracy. By Trump’s own admission Venezuela is currently surrounded by the US military. We strongly denounce all US military actions aimed at undermining the efforts of Iran to get the much needed fuel to Venezuela.

We remember the cowardly killing on 3 January this year of the Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani who together with the Iranian people resisted U.S. imperialism for many decades and was instrumental in defeating US terrorist proxies that unleashed genocide in the Middle East region. Long live Soleimani!

As an anti imperialist Black Consciousness (BC) organization, BLF stands in solidarity with oppressed nations against imperialism. We recognize that irrespective of a country’s unique national characteristics, imperialism is the main enemy of the world’s oppressed nations.

We demand that the U.S. complies with international law and not interfere with the Iranian oil tankers porting in Venezuela.

BLF says, “US Hands Off the Iranian tankers“. We also call for an end to the US economic and naval blockade of Venezuela.

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)

24 May 2020

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BLF Condemns Terrorist Attack Against Venezuela

BLF Condemns Terrorist Attack Against Venezuela

Flag of Venezuela

Black First Land First (BLF) strongly condemns the attempted terrorist incursion on May 3 into Venezuela from Colombia.

We further applaud the Bolivarian security forces for successfully disarticulating the United States (US) sponsored Columbian attack which included a plan to assassinate government officials, spread violence in the country, and remove the Maduro administration from power.

The US should address the COVID-19 crisis which makes it the epicenter of the pandemic, rather than orchestrating cowardly imperialist invasions of Venezuela and other progressive countries.

BLF calls on the Chavista people to continue the fight for its sovereignty and independence. We extend our internationalist solidarity to you and President Maduro.

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)

4 May 2020

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Black First Land First Email:[email protected]

Technical Advisor, International Relations: Shantha Balakrishna

Cell number: +27 67 838 9955

Deputy President: Zanele Lwana

Cell:Cell: +27 79 986 7225

Malema, NO to opening the border for your sponsors to exploit Afrika

Malema, NO to opening the border for your sponsors to exploit Afrika

South Africa (SA) is not facing xenophobia. SA and the rest of Africa are crying for help. The people are too hungry; too tired of the lies and promises; and too tired of waiting. The people are now responding in their own way. Our people have endured too much suffering and experienced too many bad things. Yet no one has come to their rescue. Now they are acting in the best way they know how. They are condemned by corrupt leaders who themselves don’t face the hardships that the people are confronted with. Black First Land First (BLF) stands with the people.

We are tired of the overfed corrupt African leaders pretending to care for the poor. We are tired of the hypocrisy of blaming the victims of imperialism and neocolonialism for xenophobia. We are also tired of the fake outrage against white monopoly capital (WMC) by its agents. Africa, including SA, needs liberation. We don’t need anymore rhetoric to serve our oppressors.

Julius Malema’s hypocrisy and subversion of revolutionary theories to serve his masters must stop. He gave political power, deceptively using Marxism Leninism, to land thieves represented by the racist Democratic Alliance (DA). Many Afrikans from outside SA are deceived by Malema’s rhetoric. In reality, he has given political power to the DA’s, Herman Mashaba, who is the Johannesburg Mayor and the main tormentor of Afrikans from outside SA. Our brothers and sisters haven’t yet joined the dots. Malema is playing them.

Initially, under the guise of Marxism Leninism, Malema gave political power to Helen Zille who devolved it to Mashaba to serve WMC and attack so called “foreign nationals”. Now he is using Pan Afrikanism to serve his cigarette smuggling funder, Andriano Mazzotti. He is doing this to ensure the collapse of the borders so that Mazzotti’s tobacco can be brought into SA with ease.

The call for the opening of the border under the pretext of Pan Afrikanism is an insult. We know Malema is loyal to one ideology – the ideology of money. His call for Afrikan unity is a mere ploy to fundraise from the wealthy.

BLF says no to opening the borders for the exploitation of the Afrikan people and countries. The call to open up Afrika today is actually a call for imperialism to continue its dirty work of colonialism. The colonialist is no longer in need the border. The border has become an hindrance to their agenda of exploiting Afrika. This call therefore doesn’t amount to the Pan Afrikanism of Kwame Nkrumah. It is the dream of the arch colonialist Cecil John Rhodes who wanted to colonise Afrika, from Cape to Cairo.

Already the penetration of imperialism into our different Afrikan spaces is the main cause of the mayhem we see today. Over 200 African truck drivers were murdered in one year because of the exploitative labour practices. Malema and the other fake Pan Afrikanists have not said a word in defence of these workers who have been put to war with each other for survival.

Malema calls for the opening of the border and then goes home to the secured house provided by Adriano Mazzotti. He doesn’t have to deal with the mess created by capital in the townships and informal settlements. He is not the one being fired from work while WMC employs non South Africans at starvation wages.

Malema is pretending to blame WMC for the mayhem so that he can get ligitimacy for his actual service to its agenda. WMC wants an open border to exploit Afrika. Malema’s double speak must be exposed. He will be in press conferences saying WMC is the source of the current mayhem, but at night he will go to the Sandton Inanda Exclusive Country Club to drink expensive whiskey with the same WMC he pretends to fight in public.

It’s very concerning that Malema, who is sponsored by Adriano Mazzotti who in turn is a self confessed cigarette smuggler, is calling for the opening of the border. It’s an open secret that cigarette smugglers are involved in cross border tobacco smuggling. The call by Malema to open the border is not in the interests of Afrikans. It is in the interests of Mazzotti.

BLF also notes that a lot of Stellenbosch linked multinational corporations are dominating Afrikan markets. These corporations need the border to collapse so that they can freely colonise Afrika. What does Shoprite do in Nigeria? What is MTN doing in Zambia? Can’t the Nigerians and Zambians be allowed to control their local economies?

BLF supports the protests now happening in the different Afrikan countries against South African businesses. These businesses are destroying the local markets in the respective countries.

The Nkrumah version of a united Afrika is one free from imperialism. Nkrumah didn’t advocate for a unity of Afrikans in bondage. Nkrumah didn’t struggle for the unification of Afrika under the dictates of imperialism and neocolonialism. Malema wants Afrika to be united in slavery. We must defend Nkrumah’s vision and work for a truly liberated and united Africa.

BLF also notes that the so called xenophobic outbreak has been used by agents of WMC to divert attention away from the Ramaphosa leaks. The opposition parties that are bought by Ramaphosa are now hiding behind the current mayhem. Truth is, Ramaphosa is an illegitimate President who must go. The findings of the Public Protector, Busisiwe Mkhwebane, are damning. Also the emails showing that he was bought by R1 billion is evidence enough for him to go.

The current violence, including the violence against women, and Ramaphosa’s lack of leadership shows that he is a puppet waiting for London and Stellenbosch to pull the strings before he can show any movement. In the final analysis, the xenophobic violence is a direct product of the greed of those who bought Ramaphosa. That’s why there is no breakthrough.

BLF calls on those Nigerians who are doing crime, including selling drugs, in South Africa to stop. Furthermore, we ask Nigerians to make a revolution back home and take the oil fields to serve all Nigerians. Right now the Nigerian politicians are starving the people and taking the oil profits for themselves. This must end. Take the oil. Build a new Nigeria. We in SA are also fighting for Radical Economic Transformation to get our land back from white people.

BLF proposes the following way forward on the border and migration challenges:

i. Document all people entering the country for free without insisting on immigration status.

ii. Minimum wage for all employed people irrespective of immigration status.

iii. No employer can employ more than 30% non-South Africans.

In the long term, we need economic stability via economic integration. SA must show in figures what its contribution is to the front-line states.

BLF reiterates – NO to opening of the border for imperialism to exploit Afrika and her people. We say YES to a united Afrika, which is free of imperialism.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)

5 September 2019

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BLF condemns Anglo American Platinum’s dismissal of workers at Mototolo mine

Black First Land First (BLF) condemns Anglo American Platinum’s dismissal of  50% of the underground workforce at Mototolo mine.

BLF views the firing of the workers employed at the Anglo American mine as a direct attack by white monopoly capital on the landless.

Ramaphosa’s election has energised white capital and insulated them to the extent that they feel confident to hire and fire as they please. This new found confidence is precisely because they know it was Ramaphosa who sided with Lonmin and called for ‘concomitant action’ on that fatal day when mine workers were slaughtered in Marikana to protect white capital.

The likes of the Oppenheimers and white capital at large know that they can operate with impunity and have moved swiftly to fire the Mototolo based workers.

BLF demands that the Minister of Mineral Resources, Gwede Mantashe moves with speed to nationalise the mines, giving ownership to the workers in order to protect the landless from the abuse of white capital.

BLF further calls for unity of the workers in rejection of this outrageous attack by Anglo American.

Finally, BLF warns Anglo American Platinum, reinstate the workers, pay a living wage or face a mobilisation of the workers towards a shutdown!

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)

20 May 2019

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