BLF denounces court’s lenient sentence on white man for killing black farmworker

BLF denounces court’s lenient sentence on white man for killing black farmworker

Today the Modimolle Regional Court in Limpopo sentenced the white man Stefan Hepburn to a term of six years imprisonment for killing a black farm worker Jan Railo. Hepburn, who had been convicted in 2018 for culpable homicide hunted and killed Railo like a bush-pig in the Tuinplaas farm in 2017.

In a white supremacist society it is necessary to equate blacks to animals – to render them subhuman beings so as to secure the white power project. In the mind of white justice equating blacks to animals and killing them is not the same as killing human beings who are white. Black First Land First (BLF) is appalled by the disturbingly light sentence imposed on Hepburn whose conduct was clearly racist.

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BLF stands with Brazilian President, Lula da Silva!

BLF stands with Brazilian President, Lula da Silva!

Black First Land First (BLF) stands with the People’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of Brazil who is being persecuted by the west. In South Africa (SA) we have a similar situation where our People’s President, Comrade JG Zuma, suffers the same fate.

Currently, both our nations are under assault from western capitalist imperialism that is hellbent on securing and strengthening its stranglehold on our resources and our people. The only crime in the eyes of this enemy is that both Lula and Zuma want to liberate the oppressed people from its grip and ensure that they attain total freedom.

Quite evidently, the attack on President Lula is part of the imperialist plan to decimate the BRICS project through the vilification of its leaders. They execute their plan by employing internal reactionary agents within the political fabric of our respective countries.

The west is terrified by the prospect of Lula returning to office for a third term as Brazil’s President and continuing the programme of radically changing the lives of the country’s majority. Yet again, the same situation prevails in SA. With Lula out of the way in Brazil – just like with Zuma out of the way in SA – the right wing restoration via the collusion of the ruling party with imperialism is complete.

BLF rejects the finding of guilty by the Brazilian court in respect of Lula. There can be no real justice via colonial institutions like courts. Obviously the court erred both in its finding and its shockingly harsh sentence of 12 years imprisonment – deliberately so. The allegations of corruption against Lula were empty and moreover concocted by imperialism. Absolutely no court dispensing true people’s justice would have convicted Lula.

BLF recognises the role that the left has played in defence of Lula throughout these trying times. Your commitment to keep the peoples president out of jail, by literally stopping him from handing himself over, is admirable. We draw strength from the actions of the left led by the Workers Party (PT) and the people of Brazil in defence of Lula.

BLF sends its revolutionary solidarity to all of the progressive forces in Brazil. The struggle continues!

#HandsOffZuma #HandsOffDaSilva #DefendBRICS

Issued by the National Executive Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)

7 April 2018

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