BLF says reveal the funders of the FW de Klerk foundation and OUTA

The attack on President Jacob Zuma has assumed new impetus after the elections. Black First Land First (BLF) had warned the public that a vote for Cyril Ramaphosa is a vote for the continuation and intensification of the attack on President Zuma.

BLF is not surprised by the court’s decision to compel the Directorate of Social Development to reveal the donors of the Jacob Zuma Foundation. The strategy of white monopoly capital is to silence Zuma through a judicial lynching. As part of this process, the criminal case being heard at the Pietermaritzburg High Court has been turned into a kangaroo court by loading it with judges that are known to be anti-Zuma.

Amabungane are the bulldogs of white monopoly capital. If they are interested in transparency why target the Jacob Zuma Foundation only? What about the FW de Klerk Foundation? What about the Mandela Foundation? Who funds OUTA?

BLF shall be submitting requests for the donors of the above organizations to be made public as per the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA). Transparency must not be used as a political weapon to silence the perceived enemies of white monopoly capital.

BLF shall be in court on the 20th of May to stand with President Zuma. We shall continue to defend black people who come under attack from land thieves and white monopoly capital by any means necessary. The process of setting up the Private Litigation Unit is also at an advanced stage.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)

20 May 2019

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BLF applauds Venezuela for cutting ties with pro U.S. Colombia

President Nicolas Maduro did the right thing yesterday by cutting all political and diplomatic relations with Colombia by virtue of the support given by Columbian President Ivan Duque for a United States) U.S. military invasion of Venezuela. Duque is amenable to the U.S. using the territory of Columbia to attack Venezuela. This is an attack on the peace and sovereignty of the nation.

Black First Land First (BLF) condemns the call of the Colombian President for Maduro to step down from power in favor of the pro imperialist puppet Juan Guaidó and subject himself to trial by the enemy. In a treasonous act Guaido appointed himself as President of the country on 23 January this year. This is clearly in preparation for the U.S. invasion of Venezuela. We note that the U.S. had also imposed sanctions on the oil exports of Venezuela so as to deprive the country of its livelihood and thereby undermine Maduro’s presidency.

The U.S. under the guise of humanitarianism has this past week attempted to enter Venezuela via Columbia with the assistance of Duque so as to further its coup plot and to get its hands on Venezuelan oil. BLF denounces Duque’s assistance to the U.S. to carry out its imperialist agenda.

The recognition by other reactionary countries (like Canada and those with U.S. sponsored puppet regimes like Brazil and Mexico) of Guaido as President of Venezuela is in furtherance of the same imperialist regime change agenda.

The removal of former pro BRICS President Zuma and his replacement with the pro imperialist Cyril Ramaphosa was also in line with the said agenda. With the success of the coup its clear South Africa did not succeed in withstanding the economic sabotage by imperialism. We are currently witnessing the return of aggressive pro-white business policies. This is manifested in the increased privatization of State Owned Entities and Enterprises thus completing and perpetuating imperialism’s regime change agenda.

The U.S. sponsored coup has failed in Venezuela because the Venezuelan people are one with Maduro in ending ties with Columbia.

BLF calls on the Venezuelan people to continue defending their borders, freedom, sovereignty and independence. We stands in solidarity with you and President Maduro.


Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)

24 February 2019
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Zuma and Lula persecuted by the same enemy of the poor

Zuma and Lula persecuted by the same enemy of the poor

By Andile Mngxitama

The script of parliamentary coups against recalcitrant leaders is written in London and certified in Washington DC. The laboratory of this post cold war, ‘cold war’ is Brazil. The announcement today of the prosecution of Jacob Zuma brings this modus operandi into full circle. The war against the BRICS block is now almost complete. The removal of former President Zuma as President was the beginning of the end of the BRICS project.

Imperialism has now broke two legs of BRICS – Brazil and South Africa (SA). BRICS is not an ideology free block. The removal of the leftist President of Brazil and the black radical nationalist Zuma and the replacement of both of them by corrupt stooges of the West has broken the glue that kept BRICS together. China and Russian may as well speak directly with London, Brussels and Washington DC.

The move now firmly established is to use the media, corrupt opposition parties, politicians, the pro West/WMC faction of the ruling party, as well as the foreign funded and directed so-called civil society organizations – their uniting theme being the fight against corruption. These forces that claim to fight corruption are themselves corrupt to the core. This is true for Brazil as it for South Africa.

The last and significant tactic of these coups is the judiciary which is used for selective prosecutions. Again this method was tested in Brazil where the most popular Presidential candidate has been blocked from running via malicious prosecutions and convictions. Having perfected this method with Lula da Silva – the poor peoples choice – in Brazil, they are now doing the same with Zuma who is the father of Radical Economic Transformation (RET) in SA.

Lula and Zuma are being punished for choosing policies which serve the poor but threaten the interests of big capitalists. The prosecutions are calculated to intimidate all the forces that want economic redistribution to the poor. The judicial attacks are coordinated with the same forces in the opposition parties that are controlled by London and Washington DC.

We have seen how in SA the announcement to prosecute former President Zuma was preceded by attempts to deny him state funds to defend himself legally. Nothing is a coincidence. The program of suffocation is designed by imperialism.

Lula has been convicted in a Kangaroo Court. Zuma’s rights have been undermined severely in several ways. Just like Lula, Zuma will not receive a fair trial since the very process to prosecute him has been nothing but political persecution.

Zuma is being punished for standing out and supporting RET. Zuma would have been left alone had he not given presidential impetus to the call for land expropriation without compensation. He angered WMC immensely when he removed Pravin Gordhan from the position of Minister of Finance. The mining sector owners were greatly alarmed by the Mining Charter that sought to bring blacks into mining within twelve months.

The prosecution of both Zuma and Lula must be understood as persecutions by imperialism to set an example about what happens to leaders when they stray from the ten commandments of imperialism.

The forces of radical change have to appreciate these dynamics and organise even harder for the pro-people programmes that these leaders are being persecuted for. It is for this reason that Black First Land First (BLF) is agitating under the slogan, Defend RET! Linked to this defence of RET is the commitment to our ‘Hands off Zuma’ stance. It is up to the revolutionary forces to explain to the people what’s going on and to organise resistance from below through direct action.

Zuma must be defended and his persecutors exposed. The real criminals who steal billions like Markus Jooste, Christo Wiese and Johann Rupert are not prosecuted. Mass murderers like FW de Klerk and Adrian Vlok are peacefully enjoying their retirement. This hypocrisy must be exposed through the radical demands for RET.

Now is the time to organize, not to mourn. BLF stands with Zuma and Lula to the end! RET will be defended.

BLF calls on South Africans to Reject Black Monday 

BLF calls on South Africans to Reject Black Monday 

Black First Land First (BLF) calls on our people to reject both the so called Black Monday and the shutdown planned for Friday, 7 April 2017. 


The call for Black Monday is to defend white monopoly capital and land thieves. The white owned media is not telling the truth. Lies are being said about the reasons why President Zuma reshuffled cabinet. Our people are being misled by Pravin Gordhan and his gang who want South Africa to remain in white hands. Gordhan has shares in all the banks which exploit the poor. He has blocked many black banks from being licenced because he didn’t want competition for white banks. Similarly; Gordhan has blocked the licencing of a state bank. Gordhan was appointed after white monopoly capital assaulted the Rand as part of economic terrorism. Continue reading “BLF calls on South Africans to Reject Black Monday “